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  • Hard News: Decidedly Undecided,

    ‘brand Key’ = 'trouble clef'
    Here's hoping a 2014 'lock out!'
    means no more 'Master Key'!

    Throw wide the doors of perception....

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  • Hard News: Hope and Wire,

    return to sender...
    If the intention was to send a 'postcard 'from the broken heart of Chchch to the rest of New Zealand, so people could 'experience' our 'story' I would rather redirect them to New Brighton musician and artist Blair Parkes' excellent 'Chimney Book' video, hosted on NZ on Screen, (and commissioned to public fulfilment by Russell for a Public Address Great Blend in 2011), and to 'When a City Falls' ...

    ... who will get to make the expose of just what has gone down in the wake of these events, remains to be seen, even if we will be allowed to talk about it is moot...

    I'm sure that Hope and Wire probably won't get too deep into the Government's hard heartedness, intransigence and culpability, otherwise they would have stopped its broadcast this close to an election!

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  • Hard News: Hope and Wire, in reply to Craig Ranapia,

    ... I found that analogy not only grossly excessive, but downright offensive...

    Coming from a master practitioner of the 'excessive and gross analogy'
    I find that rather rich.
    You don't think that this witty little riposte...

    ... “bugger the pollsters with a well-lubricated horse cock, we’re in this to win it.”

    and many like it ...might not be triggering and offensive for some?

    Take your rage out on those who withdrew the rape crisis centre's funding.
    With that I agree.

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  • Hard News: Hope and Wire,

    artistic differences...
    As pointed out, every individual in Chchch was the author of their own Earthquake Story/Experience.

    I think that to many Hope and Wire will be like seeing their brilliant 'novel' badly filmed by a committee bent on the 'product placement' of earthquake memes, most clunkily inserted.
    At times it felt like a collection of several years worth of Shortland Street season finales...

    To my tastes had they left the 'doco' aspects to just the 'sit-down-talk-to-camera' spots, that might have worked better, but the sudden breaking of the 'fourth wall' with asides to audience were just plain weird, and disassociative - it felt like singing and dancing might follow ... or an ad ... and Shakespeare aside, most use of this trope in the modern era is for comedic value, wrong message!

    I found the continuity was hard to keep up with, months would have elapsed between cuts it seemed to me, then cutting back to raw moments soon after an event - a problem of following one story, then another - or perhaps this is to keep a frisson of unsettling tension and uncertainty grinding along...

    The first knowledge of the February earthquake, is an 'after-the-fact' radio broadcast to the woman driving out of town - which she 'should have felt'... she can't have been that far away from Chchch by then - it was felt widely by drivers in the middle south island...
    and then it cuts back to 'the event' but it is robbed of the shock and awe - and that what was the most adrenalised heightened moment of that quake (as I recall it) that first massive shunt, the briefest of frozen moments and then a building, rolling-shake-shudder-lurch-jerk that you knew wasn't about to stop any time soon, or ever if it wanted, and it was dialling it up even more...
    I've never felt so mortal, insignificant, vulnerable or powerless, did I mention frightened...
    ... everything else was swept away - get outside - and 'where is the cat?' (filing cabinet fell over the office door)
    - outside, eventually,
    'where's Sally?'
    - Wham! Again!
    Road erupts and falls in on itself, street floods,
    glimpses of running dogs, piggy-backed pensioners...
    Much shuddering, silence, punctuated by alarms...
    and the hollow realisation that 'things were going to be very different now...' stow that thought, get through the day, and the next, and the...

    Found cats, found Sally,
    - and that was the whole world!


    I also don't think Russell is being fair to Vicki Anderson, she raised many valid points echoed by many comments here, her digs at NZ on Air and APRA were not exceptionally excessive, and I thought warranted in context.
    Nor was it any more rambling than she telegraphed it would be.

    Her review today: is pretty spot on too.

    Later I showed the first episode of Hope and Wire to a colleague for his reaction.
    "It's like they are raping the city," he said. "And what shocking acting. I'm off home now, I'll wade through old-school stereotypes and several skirmishes with skinheads to get there."
    It also needs more cones. Its people to traffic cones ratio was totally off.

    Personally it still rankles having a conveyor belt of folk from out of town quantifying our experiences, telling us what happened, what to do, what we can do, what we should be feeling, and when...
    Actually there's a lot of that no-one's telling us in any useful measure as well...

    But Hope and Wire does get the idea across that 'shit happens!'

    </one opinion>

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  • Hard News: Decidedly Undecided,

    How would you ever know if the people 'polled' are telling the truth...
    it does seem to be a rare commodity in the wild!

    There are many reasons an individual might give a response contrary to their true intentions, or even just to appear as if they had intentions...

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  • Hard News: Decidedly Undecided, in reply to Thomas Lumley,

    telegraphing the punchline...

    wherever Colin Craig is standing...

    ... is a pole!

    </flagging a dead horse>

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  • Hard News: Decidedly Undecided,

    a minor continuity cavil
    on the show, before the last break
    you say "...after the break Toi looks at Matariki"
    but he doesn't really,
    it's all about the theatre company.
    Matariki's just used as a segue pivot...
    ...bookending really...

    Which was a shame, as root vegetable
    planting aside, I wanted to know why
    giving things away was 'very Matariki'...

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  • Hard News: Good news for self-powered travellers, in reply to Russell Brown,

    two words...

    ...less irksome than that short, irritating climb to New Road from the main cycleway and then the second climb to Upper Queen Street

    Funicular railway

    or a big escalator...
    :- )

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  • Hard News: Fire and Earth Erowid: Drug…, in reply to Richard Aston,

    assay, assay, assay... absolute treasure.

    ...buried alive in Chchch, broken jewel of the vast alluvial plain.

    Thanks Richard, and thank (insert preferred deity) for disinter-net thing.

    ; - )

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  • Hard News: Fire and Earth Erowid: Drug…,

    embracing the Lay Chemist...

    The name "Erowid" was chosen to reflect the organization's stated philosophy of education. Using Proto-Indo-European linguistic roots, "Erowid" roughly translates into "Earth Wisdom" (er meaning 'earth,' 'exist,' and 'be born' and wid meaning 'knowledge' / 'wisdom' or 'to see')

    ...and by happy coincidence an anagram of 'weirdo'
    while sounding a lot like a Lord of the Rings character...

    what were they on?

    ...and where was 'Wind' ?
    the 'ear-borne' psychoactive music spokesperson...

    :- )

    Seriously, it looks like an interesting site!
    <cup of tea and settle in...>

    rank and file...
    I've been thinking about this...
    (with my Prebble-sized brain)

    the urge to collect, collate and curate
    is hard wired into our wetware

    the internet being the latest, greatest
    externalised tool to aid and abet a process
    that begins with simple evaluations:
    'Fits up nose,
    doesn't fit up nose'

    through to:
    Do I have a receptor for that!
    Or what?'

    always with the questions...

    ...rating, grading, pigeonholing,
    ordering, recording, filing...
    but craving novelty.

    Reductionist folly
    always chasing the smallest the fastest
    the oddest, taking it all apart...

    tearing through the weak fields
    the discrete, magnetic, gravitic
    with no particle place to be...

    all particles and fields it seems have an 'anti'
    so is it any wonder we have so many
    'defilers' and 'degraders' seeding 'disorder'?

    tinkering with the emotional fields
    (as Facebook has just done*)
    is an inhuman experiment...
    ...another step along from Google's targeted ads
    not much different to what ISIS(L) are doing
    or any news media really...

    I wonder who is running the experiment
    at The Herald at the moment?

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