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  • OnPoint: MSD's Leaky Servers,

    Thread would not be complete without this properly hatstand effort from a name familiar to some...

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  • Field Theory: Man Moments,


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  • OnPoint: MSD's Leaky Servers, in reply to Ross Mason,

    Checked Kiwiblog (for my sins) and pleasingly most people were quite happy with Keith's work - only the one huffy type who told DPF he didn't give money to "socialist losers" voluntarily. You can't please them all...

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  • Hard News: Irony Deficient,

    Was going to reply then wondered if Danyl had already said it better, and yes he has:

    It’s nice to see that Shane Jones still takes a casual interest in New Zealand politics. Bit of a shame the only thing that motivates him is his passionate hatred of Labour’s largest viable coalition partner, and not, say, National Party policy. But after four years of total silence on all of his portfolio areas, his vehement opposition to a satirical ad parodying a company he used to chair, and that paid him $10,000 during the last election campaign is a deft way to remind us all what Jones stands for.

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  • Hard News: Do me a favour ...,

    Was great to see the show on air again. It would have been great to hear more from Sapna Samant but overall definitely worth the watch.

    Hilary notes the motion on the screen in the background - I found this a little distracting with the old Media7 screens too, but otherwise no quibbles with the look (and actually I kinda liked the thumbs up from stage right at the very end of the credits :) )

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  • Hard News: Reputation and remuneration,

    Not on the web yet (in fact it’s just finishing the morning broadcast) but Mediawatch was rather interesting this morning on Sky City, former TVNZ & Mediaworks personalities and so on.

    Funny to hear, for one, that someone who made some now infamous comments in defense of Paul Henry’s equally infamous outbursts at TVNZ, has now ended up on the other side of Hobson Street in a broadly similar role (although we only got a “no comment” from them on Mediawatch).

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  • Hard News: That page doesn't exist ..., in reply to Hebe,

    What would John Key’s mother have done?

    404: The past you referenced does not exist
    The reason might be:
    - This past does not exist in the hubristic version required
    - This past is electorally out-dated and has been removed
    - The address (HNZ) is not correct

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  • Capture: Roamin' Holiday, in reply to Geoff Lealand,

    Sounds good to me. In the meantime, an exterior shot from the Silent Film Festival in Opotiki last year.

    The De Luxe is still up and running? Fantastic... I remember going there to see the first Lord of the Rings film - just about the perfect olden-days movie feel with vinyl seats and the curved screen etc.

    There were guys riding up the main street on horseback in dark cloaks - we found out later they were meant to be Dark Riders, actually we'd assumed they'd just ridden in for the movies...

    Bloody hell, that's a whole ten years ago now. Scary.

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  • Capture: Flash Cars,

    I think I'll need to get some family car-related photos scanned for deployment when the time is right - mostly the cars are too new for anyone but me to nostalgia out on and none of them are flash by any definition (well maybe, just, Dad's Mark 2 but I never saw that for real - in fact I was the reason for its departure - sorry boss!).

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  • Muse: Merry Darth George Hathos Day!, in reply to Sacha,

    Quiet year?

    I wish. It's been extremely busy and haven't had much time to contribute although I never stopped lurking. Hopefully in the next year I'll have enough braintime spare to not only post more but actually put thought into what I write (rather than drive-by snarkings against easy targets like Garth).

    Actually, Darth was never a neoliberal and has at various times railed against inequality and deprivation. It’s just a shame that most of the time he was blathering about homosexuals and stuff.

    Precisely, which was what made his run in print so frustrating - occasional glimpses of what we actually needed to read more about.

    I obviously jest in referring to it as an intentional troll, but oddly I'd almost rather believe it was that, rather than a seasoned journo managing to mostly waste a decade and a half of column space in a national paper for some mundane reason: maybe because moral panic was easier to write about to a weekly deadline, or because it drew more eyeballs and angry/supportive letters and emails.

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