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  • Legal Beagle: Mana update,

    Davis and labours better organisation will see them win by less than 500 votes.

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  • Hard News: Time to get a grip,

    In the recent Baden Wurttemburg state elections ( where the Greens will lead the new government in spite of coming second),
    Wikipedia says B-W doesnt have a list at all ( uniquely in german state elections), The supplementary members are selected from the defeated electoral candidates , by party and by the highest numbers of votes they received.

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  • Random Play: Life in the New Republic,

    One more thing . The parliament has been renamed as the Duma to more properly reflect its new role.

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  • Legal Beagle: He is Henry the Eighth, he…,

    So the Minister could order the election of Jim Anderton as Mayor of Christchurch to be nullified- and no one could do a thing about it

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  • Hard News: The truth about "Party Central",

    Do all the Stasi like rules about sponsors apply to 'fan zones' as well. Which I think covers up to 1Km around the playing venues.

    Tell me again how many extra visitors we will getting for this over priced RWC, was it 50,000 - when we all ready get 2.5million for the year just passed.
    That makes it 2%. Im speechless

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  • Speaker: KICK IT! The Highest Mountain,…,

    I thought the Iliad was the Desperate Housewives of its day-

    Patroclus can stand to watch no longer, and begs Achilles to be allowed to defend the ships. Achilles relents, and lends Patroclus his armor, but sends him off with a stern admonition to not pursue the Trojans, lest he take Achilles's glory. Patroclus leads the Myrmidons to battle and arrives as the Trojans set fire to the first ships. The Trojans are routed by the sudden onslaught. Patroclus, ignoring Achilles's command, pursues and reaches the gates of Troy, where Apollo himself stops him. Patroclus is set upon by Apollo and Euphorbos, and is finally killed by Hector

    To be continued....
    The plot summary leaves out the Dactylic hexameters..

    I myself prefer the Broadway musical version The Golden Apple

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  • Legal Beagle: Because it is a big deal,

    Well the Auditor general has all lready looked at the 'unauthorised expenditure' angle - and doesnt see an issue

    s95) For Vote Ministerial Services, we note that the expenditure by Ministers on the accommodation and meal costs of spouses or partners will be unappropriated if it is outside the rules. We will work with Ministerial Services during the remaining parts of our inquiry to determine whether there is a widespread problem resulting from the way the particular rule is written, and its application in practice, before considering what remedial action may be needed.

    AS the A-G says as well they going to 'fix' the problem of unauthorised expenditure for childrens travel for ordinary MPs

    "Parliamentary Service had already identified that the incorrect way it has been administering travel entitlements for children under five years will have resulted in unappropriated expenditure."

    The web of unauthorised spending will have caught a lot of MPs.

    Dont expect any prosecutions.

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  • Hard News: Ready for the Big One?,

    For the HB earthquake , even in 1931, there was a constant stream of cars heading into and out of HB by the evening of the quake.
    My worry is the electricity network through the north island is vulnerable to volcanic eruption/quake as there is a concentration at Whakamaru, which has Auckland's lines concentrated for about 1 km wide.

    Replacement could take months

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  • Island Life: So, what do you think of…,

    Just what we need , another piece of infrastructure unused for 9 months of the year.
    Unlike the airport.
    My guess is that the pictures are not of the Princes Wharf cruise ship terminal but the temp one when more than one ship arrives at once.
    Gee I have seen Napier with 3 ships in at once. Would they spend even $2 mill for some fancy steps ?

    We have stadiums galore, mostly empty , dont add to the the waste.

    Considering that Ports of Auckland isnt adding one cent to the cost of this proposed feature its about time some one said NO.

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  • Hard News: Auckland: where only one man votes,

    Sarah Horth asks about lower water bills in Waitakere

    The reason Auckland City water bills are higher is they include the cost of the waste water disposal while Waitakere doesnt. But they do add a charge on to the rates.
    You will find Auckland City rates bills are way lower.

    I would say the new system is likey tol charge everybody for fresh water and waste water based on their consumption.

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