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  • Hard News: Speaking freely,

    ...working in fields where he clearly isn't expert"

    Like Mann the climate researcher who was caught big time by the Statistical experts at the AAS as working in a field where he wasnt an expert namely statistics.

    Still Mann and his colleagues publish without co authors who are experts in all the fields that his papers cover
    Note no statisticians around
    Same crew repeating the same errors

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  • OnPoint: Brownlee: Now 93.5% fact-free!,

    Was there allmost a 'chuck you down the stairs moment' in Brownlees comments?

    "..With all due respect – we can terminate this interview if you want – but you've got to sharpen up a bit here.."


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  • Hard News: Electrickery,

    Note too that the Rev Wright is now 'retired' as head pastor of TUCC, this happened in February this year- right after Super Tuesday is my guess.

    Hitchens comments are not about Clinton which are my own views, but not having a copy of Audacity myself , Ill take his word on what it contains.

    Remember too that good judgement doesnt come with calculated judgement as Obamas choice of home loan finacier much much more recently shows

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  • Hard News: Electrickery,

    Well this from BO biography... Wikipedia
    Obama completed his law degree magna cum laude in 1991, then returned to Chicago where he headed a voter registration drive and began writing his first book, Dreams from My Father, published in 1995

    Starts his first book in 1995... the guy is a political animal right from the start and his first elected post covers the .... you guessed it .. South Side of Chicago 'Wright' slap bang in the middle of the Trinity United Church of Christ

    Some sources say he first began attending in 1988, which was when he went to Harvard Law School at age 27. I would say political calculation comes into it for an activist of this age.

    Hitchens actually gives the page numbers from Audacity of Hope to support the shallowness of his beliefs

    And what a shame. I assume you all have your copies of The Audacity of Hope in paperback breviary form. If you turn to the chapter entitled "Faith," beginning on Page 195, and read as far as Page 208, I think that even if you don't concur with my reading, you may suspect that I am onto something. In these pages, Sen. Obama is telling us that he doesn't really have any profound religious belief, but that in his early Chicago days he felt he needed to acquire some spiritual "street cred."

    Hillarys faith was at least consistent as she was strong church goer from College onwards

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  • Hard News: Electrickery,

    The whole Obama/peacher thing is a sham.

    Obama has basically very little religious beliefs and attends church to advance his political career.

    At least Bush doesnt attend church regularly for his shallow brand of Christianity
    As for the dodgy pastor for Hillary. What nonsense.
    She has allways followed a liberal Methodist line and her principal spiritual advisor Don Jones

    Aside from her family, Hillary’s Methodism is perhaps the most important foundation of her character. As one of her aides said during the winter’s night of the Lewinsky epoch, ‘Hillary’s faith is the link.' …It explains the missionary zeal with which she attacks her issues and goes after them, and why she’s done it for thirty years. And, it also explains the really extraordinary self-discipline and focus and ability to rely on her spirituality to get through all this [Lewinskiy, impeachment, etc]….She’s a woman of tremendous faith. Again, not advertised

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  • Legal Beagle: If it's Sunday...,

    How come no mention of PBS, which we get on Triangle Tue to Sat at 10pm( with dodgy satellite feeds thrown in for fun)
    The gravitas mostly done with talking heads and an even handedness to make the BBC look like scarlet woman.

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  • Hard News: Don't call it a consensus,

    Kracklite the reason I said Geophysical Review Letters is first rate, is that the peer reviewers know what they talking about and a few journals have a much higher reputation for the quality of the reserch published.
    But you have found a glaring error anyway, its an abstract and we all know that that they twist the results.
    I have produced actual data to support what i have claimed, only in regard to seal level and temperatures in NZ.
    You have produced nothing except to deconstruct what "truth " means.
    or as Romm says .."What matters is scientific findings -- data, not opinions"

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  • Hard News: Don't call it a consensus,

    I see the Otago University research ISNT called ...A selective presentation of an isolated phenomenon from second-hand sources with all inconvenient data removed, scientific illiteracy"
    All though an" Inconvenient Truth" did fit that discription.
    The adjustment to temperature records is a fact. Worldwide there is a lot of questioning about these adjustments, yet the process is shrouded in secrecy, definitely not put into the peer reviewed literature.

    Well take the NZ records discussed, and please dont wave around red herrings about global conspiracy and illiteracy you need to provide concrete facts and sources yourself. Your opinion doesnt count any more than some wacky US Senator. And yes I used a large font , since for some strange reason the actual conclusions are too often ignored. ( yes other places in the globe can show warming, but lets know more about our own backyard)

    Yes there reasons for "adjusting" previous records, Albert park Auckland is in the centre of a large metropolis, so an urban heat island effect could be possible, but Hokitika ?

    Even the IPCC , which indicated a sea level rise of of 70mm since 1950 in NZ , seems to have used scientific illiteracy and not mentioned that this was similar to the sea level rise from 1900 to 1950

    And no Cindy just using the blather from Real Climate such as "one tiny piece of the puzzle, and trying to use that to argue the big picture - it just doesn't work like that", doesnt cut it.
    Especially since a tiny piece of Antartica is allways used to show, warming, loss of ice, collapse of ice shelfs etc when the other 90% is getting colder.

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  • Hard News: Don't call it a consensus,

    Forgot to mention that the "warming" from the historical climate records in Auckland seems to come from adjusting the previous temperature records ... downwards

    Check out the graphs, where the raw is blue the adjusted is red.

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  • Hard News: Don't call it a consensus,

    Climate Science is the longer term analysis of weather data.

    Interesting to find this 2004 paper in a first rank science journal from an Otago University School of Surveying

    The original analysis of long-term sea level change in New Zealand is updated with a new and extended analysis.....
    These new results indicate that relative sea levels in New Zealand have been rising at an average rate of 1.6 mm/yr over the last 100 years ....
    There continues to be no evidence of any acceleration in relative sea levels over the record period.

    Ill repeat the conclusions for the scaremongers

    There is also a nifty NIWA site which allows you to display historical climate data for various locations in NZ

    I see the residents of the Alaskan village of Kivalina want $400 million from some oil and coal companies due to their unstable geomorhology.
    Just a quick check on google earth shows the village is on a snad bar between a river estuary and the sea. And as we know subject to coastal erosion AND settlement of alluvial sediments.
    But IF the sea level is rising in that area that could be it too.
    Dont count on the villagers getting any of the $400 mill.

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