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  • Hard News: About Campbell Live, in reply to Sacha,

    Fantastic result. I hope some political parties were taking notes.

    I think that they have, it’s probably why Campbel is under fire

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  • Speaker: We don’t make the rules, we're…,

    Kym: I'm all or paying for content - but what I wont do is pay two of you, twice, for content that is 95% the same - that's a waste of my money.

    When you make an exclusive contract with a studio you are contracting away my choice, and I don't get a cut of the money you make, instead you get to (potentially) charge me more - there's something wrong here, after all it's my choice that is being bartered away without my say so, not yours.

    You are trying to claim market share by creating small monopolies and then trying to leverage them, something that is illegal in New Zealand - that's far from "one of the most competitive marketplaces in the world" - it's more of a 1900s robber baron world view.

    So I'm in the market for a digital provider, right now, I am your target market - I wont be choosing you so long as your company behaves this way, I wont be choosing Sky for much the same reason - honestly my only real choices for providers are off shore. Or, as someone who has 10 years of cable and SVOD engineering under my belt, maybe I should just roll my own ....

    If you want to compete with the offshore sites provide the same service and the same price.

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  • Hard News: About Campbell Live,

    Seems to me that anyone pushing for a Fox News right slanted news sort of media world for NZ is probably making a commercial mistake - because you know that if they do, and labour and the Greens get back in, and they eventually will, they will retaliate not by making a competing lefty channel but by making a real independent public television network, probably merging it with Radio NZ - that's going to mean more, tax payer funded, competition for for-profit TV which wont be good for them in the long run

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  • Hard News: About Campbell Live,

    To be fair our politicians seem to on school holidays at the moment, it's probably hard to do political stories without politicians

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  • Hard News: About Campbell Live, in reply to philipmatthews,

    I’ve also been surprised at the number of entirely reasonable people who have said today that would stop watching 3 News if Campbell Live was axed. From the days of Ralston and Nightline on, 3 News always felt like the underdog and I think a lot of loyal people are feeling betrayed.

    I'm probably one of them, I only ever watch the TV3 news because CL is on after it

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  • Hard News: About Campbell Live, in reply to Robyn Gallagher,

    Serious question: who here regularly watches Campbell Live? And by that, I mean the full episode, live to air. Not occasionally watching a video someone has shared on Facebook.

    I do, a few nights a week (if I'm home), it's a grown up's show, mostly, I despair when they do the soft news stuff and look forward to them asking the difficult questions of the day.

    The thing is if they're not holding the government of the day to task they're not doing it right - if the real problem is that the current owners of TV3 don't like criticism of the Nats then they're becoming Fox News, they're not using the public airwaves for the public good and their broadcasting license should be taken back

    I fear that if CL goes there will no longer be any daily current affairs asking the politicians the difficult questions - remember when it used to be that the only way a politician could get on TV would be to come on TV and be put to the question, now they do their best to avoid it - getting their mates to shut down the last bastion of hard questions is probably the latest Crosby Textor master plan for mediocrity

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  • Access: Geoblocking, global mode and NZ…, in reply to Asinius,

    why don’t Customs have a website and an online payment system?

    They have. I think you’ll need to register as an importer with Customs first.

    yeah but you have to be able to get the invoice (normally it's someone at Fedex et al who call you, and wants their $40 for the privilege, if it's NZPOST you end up having to call some 09 number and wait on hold for an hour). You can't become a general agent for yourself,it seems you have to become a particular type of agent (be qualified in 'cars' or 'dishes' or some such)

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  • Access: Geoblocking, global mode and NZ…, in reply to llew40,

    Paul, it’s still definitely a content owners/sellers market. There are now lots of SVOD services competing/bidding for the rights which is driving up price.

    Yes but I think that's going to change - I remember when I was a kid - we have a very controlled economy in NZ - when someone was imported into NZ Customs took a cut, then the importer did, then the wholesaler, and finally the retailer - stuff was really expensive - now days chances are the retailer is importing directly, or maybe I am - one of the reasons things are still expensive here is that some of that system lingers on (try and get a high value item through customs without paying a customs agent - who, as far as I can tell exists to pass my money on to Customs and take a cut, why don't Customs have a website and an online payment system?)

    I bthink that the content creators will realise that they can make more money if they sell stuff themselves, directly to the end user - yes they'll probably pay a SVOD platform (like NetFlix or LightBox) to host it for them - but the world has changed - the very interconnectedness that the internet creates allows them to interact directly with their customers, we'll pay less, they'll earn more and the middle-people will be squeezed out

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  • Access: Geoblocking, global mode and NZ…,

    The US also has "must carry" rules which means that cable and satellite companies must carry local broadcast TV stations - the trade off is that they don't have to pay for the broadcast TV they use. Here, with so few broadcast channels, we could require NZ on Air content to be carried .....

    But you know internet TV kind of changes all that - no reason why I can't get TVNZ from TVNZ, TV3 from TV3, Discovery from whoever wants to offer it the cheapest, particular series from a film library like NetFlix. Rugby from the NZRFU, If I want the Shopping channel maybe they pay me.

    This whole bundling thing is another bit of history we no longer really have a need of - the wire coming into my house can feed me video from anyone, not just what the cable company, or the phone company, or the sattelite company wants to put on it - I'm no longer tied to a single physical provider - there's no real need for these distributers like LightBox - middle men trying to take an extra cut of the pie - Netflix started off as a video library we'll probably still need those - but the idea that all TV should be sold through a 3rd party seems like simple rent taking.

    In fact a lot of what we think of as a TV channel exists because of the way our wires have worked in the past there's no reason why they have to be a linear thing we subscribe to - a digital sports 'channel' will likely just be something a web site with streaming video and a video library

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  • Access: Geoblocking, global mode and NZ…,

    Yes but things are changing - I can buy my books from Amazon on my Kindle, or at my local book store, or as I used to, take an extra bag when I travel and fill it with books.

    The same happened with music - I could buy from my local CD store, if there still was a good one (Real Groovy bought most of the good ones in Dunedin then went bust), or from ITunes .... if they had a Linux client ..... sadly I used to buy a CD a week, now I buy maybe two a year .... I miss music, I don't really know how to buy it any more, its distributers have failed me, one of their better customers

    TV is about to go through the same paradigm shifts and we're seeing the various platforms jockey for position, bizarrely by doing exactly the things that most piss us off and alienate us

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