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  • Hard News: The Future of the Future,

    it's so tiresome to be pigeonholed

    But if they can pigeonhole you then they don't have to treat your opinions as if they were from a real person.

    As for paying for single episodes. That will depend on a change in bandwidth most likely, that really is all that is needed all the other technology around security of payment already exists. As soon as bandwidth gets big enough to allow a quality episode to be delivered it will happen.

    The alternative method is also fairly easy as more people use a set top box (freeview or sky) to view TV. Those boxes could easily only decode if you have a key code that you pay for in the spot.

    What I think is interesting is what that would do to the market model. Essentially instead of TV Zektivs deciding what is or is not valuable, value would simply depend on sales. "broadcasters" would become more like book publishers. Entry cost would still be the limiting factor but as web shows are demonstrating entry cost can be very low.

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  • Hard News: The Future of the Future,

    Just a quick on topic comment.

    For me the issue around TV of the future is not about extinction it is about adaption.

    50 years ago when it got dark you read a book or watched TV or played scrabble/sex. That was it.

    What has happened over the last 25 years and with internet in particular is that the list of things you can do after the sun has gone down has dramatically expanded. And guess what different people, do different things.

    What was once a monopoly on people's time after sunset is now well and truly broken. Millions people play WoW after dark, or X-box, or playstation and if they watch TV it is only to see specific things. Millions of people surf facebook after sunset and if they watch TV it is only for specific things.

    People don't simply sit on the couch watching TV because it is only thing to do. Now they have choices and they actually exercise those choices.

    What is happening now is that producers of TV programs and advertisers are adapting to that change. Some of that adaption is to lowest common denominator programming. But some is to high quality specific target programs.

    How people will pay for that will change as well. We aren't very far from simply paying on the spot if you want to watch Dr Who and probably two prices with/without ads.

    But the age of the TV monopoly where advertisers and programmers could guarantee a set market is gone.

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  • Hard News: The Future of the Future,

    Arguing is about winning.

    I grew up with argumentative Dutch parents. For them arguing was about winning, and they were good at it. My father took particular pleasure in arguing full circle until his "opponent" was arguing against their original position.

    To me that defines trolling.

    If your intent is simply to "win" an argument you are a troll. Learn to live with that and what comes with it.

    For most adults arguing is about comparing ideas worldviews and sometimes, hopefully, knowledge . The purpose is to end the discussion with more knowledge than you started not to "win".

    By all means bring your differences of opinion and better yet differences of experience and knowledge. But for me I'd prefer if you left behind competitive argument.

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  • Hard News: Blog About Cat,

    when they're doing that strange human mutual grooming thing

    It has been a while since Emma posted hasn't it.

    Our cat love laps, but really doesn't like naked laps (shorts). I think she is a bit freaked out by the idea we can take our fur off.

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  • Hard News: Blog About Cat,

    Yay for more cat blogs - except you need pictures.

    Will make a beeline for the lap of whoever in the house is most unlikely to want him

    Isn't this a truism when it comes to cats? :)

    Cats, like most animals, see eye contact as threatening. Humans are the reverse. So cat lovers will look directly at the cat, who decides s/he won't have a bar of it. Cat haters will avoid eye contact, signaling to the cat that they are not hostile and hence have a perfectly good lap.

    Maine coons are bred in NZ

    Our cat is also 95% indoors, but that's because she is a woos. She also has cancer and has monthly blood tests and daily pills. But after 18 years she is a family member and gets as much love and care as any other family member regardless of the cost.

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  • Southerly: Golden Lads and Girls All Must,

    Thank you David for again allowing us into your life.

    My deepest sympathies and yes I too, will abuse your personal space and line up to give you a hug. You better get used to it.

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  • Speaker: Seeking Better Science,

    Ban alco-pop.

    Actually I'd probably just tax the hell out of sugar that way you'd hit both alcho-pop and carbonated sugar water drinks as well as a whole slew of really shitty "foods" with incredibly high levels of sugar.

    Most kids don't really like alcohol drinks unless they are sweet and you nail some of the worst offenders with respect to obesity and diabetes.

    Make the tax only kick in when you went over a threshold of sugar x% by weight and make sure you define sugar to include all the fruit and grain sugars.

    Treat it the same way you treat tobacco and alcohol taxes - essentially as a tax on products that result in extra stress on the health system.

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  • Up Front: Feeling Like Death,

    I went for a walk and I felt better

    Well yes ... but it was 4 years after the walk. After my father died I walked over a significant chunk of central Auckland ... it wasn't the solution but I got a bit fitter.

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  • Speaker: Seeking Better Science,

    And to change the topic completely I loved this science/paparazzi headline.

    Heavyweight runaway star captured and no it isn't Kirsty Alley again.

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  • OnPoint: Budget 2010: What’d you expect?,

    I'd also point out that it's been tried before

    Doing the same thing and expecting different results ... isn't that definition of something or other...

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