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  • Hard News: The GCSB and the consequences…,

    A reminder from ABC of closing submission deadline:
    Get Your Submissions In To
    The Independent Review of Intelligence and Security
    Submissions deadline: 5.00pm this Friday 14 August 2015

    In brief the terms of reference ask:
    1. whether intelligence and security legislation is ‘well-placed’ to protect security while protecting individual rights and

    2. whether current oversight provides sufficient safeguards.

    How to access the site:
    Go to , then ‘Intelligence and Security Agencies Review Terms of ..

    then go to ‘Consultation Material’ and finally, ‘How to have Your Say’ (

    Your submission:

    Use the online submission form or
    Email a written submission to

    A. Using the online submission form:
    The online submission form is nine pages but is quick and easy to use. It does require some thinking if you want to make comments. The notes below outline where some pre-thinking would be useful. [The submission can be put on hold while thinking if necessary]
    Note that some comments requested require specialist knowledge but comments are not obligatory.
    In particular, Q17 asks if you think the balance of agency effectiveness and peoples’ rights is appropriate, then Q18 asks you to describe strengths and weaknesses of the system.
    Q19 asks your opinion whether there are adequate checks and balances in the system and if you reply ‘No’ Q20 asks what other checks and balances you want.
    Q21 asks if you think the legislation has kept up with technology and Q22 asks for suggested amendments if you think it hasn’t.
    Q23 asks for any other comments about the legislative framework of the GCSB/SIS.
    Q24 asks if you consider there is sufficient oversight of the 2 agencies, followed, when you answer ‘No’, by Q25 which asks you why you think this.
    Q28 asks for suggestions to improve oversight.

    B. Writing your own submission.
    Writing your own submission will give you much more scope for expressing your ideas about the GCSB and SIS. Evaluation will stick closely to the terms of reference, but innovative or incisive points might get noted if they are clearly relevant and provide new information or suggestions. Quotes from authoritative sources and clearly relevant cases are very useful. Try to relate your points to the terms of reference. Well-written individual or organisation submissions will carry more weight than online ones.

    Final Note: The above represent a personal overview of the proceedings and other comments on the process are welcome. The essential point is to get as many submissions as possible so that the government cannot claim people are happy or uninterested on the issues.

    A few points to consider in submissions: [add your own]

    Cost issues:
    Huge increase in GCSB budget over ten years. Now about $90m p.a. SIS steady about $45m

    Privacy/rights issues
    Loss of hard won rights to privacy and widening invasion of privacy. Likelihood of outage of personal information.

    Political issues
    Potential use of information for political gain.

    Legal issues
    Legislation often broad and ill-defined.

    Oversight issues
    Failure of past oversight and lack of direct Parliamentary control

    International issues
    Impact on NZ reputation and trade

    NZ policy is controlled by Five Eyes and works in their interests

    GCSB not the organisation for cyber-security

    Anti-Bases Campaign
    Box 2258, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand

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  • Capture: Sunrise City, in reply to David Hood,

    veni, vedi, icy....

    Cat prints in the frost

    Hoar paw-spoor... ?
    (claws and effect)

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  • Capture: Sunrise City, in reply to artig,

    Magma Carter...

    Whakaari/White Island ‘eruption’ this morning

    Luckily I speak Vulcan so know what's going on.
    The God of Fire wakes once a day...
    :- )

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  • Speaker: Saudi sheep: Misappropriating…,

    The Bellwether leads us astray...
    McCully should be sheepish about being 'cowed' by foreign bullies.
    He should fall on his 'Saud' - (as it were)...

    Now if Saudi Arabia were party to an agreement with us (such as the odious TPPA) they may well have had every 'right' to sue NZ for making changes that affected their bottom line - (which assumes that Companies are too big to change, something history does not bear out - everything changes... everything passes...)

    Surely governance and business are separate beasts, with different priorities?

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  • OnPoint: My last name sounds Chinese, in reply to Paul Campbell,

    I thought it was a planet

    it definitely looks organic...
    (hell would make a nice new world flag ...)

    and thanks for the Key link, too, David.

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  • Hard News: Deep Dream: Looking at clouds, in reply to JacksonP,


    I’m going down the rabbit hole.

    Looks like more of a Woodring...

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  • Capture: Upside Down, Inside Out,

    Attachment Attachment Attachment


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  • OnPoint: My last name sounds Chinese, in reply to David Hood,

    Is there a Country Key?

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  • Speaker: Why we need to stop talking…,

    One Planet / Three worlds / One future?

    Venezuelans are facing the prospect of a heat wave without their favorite beer, the latest indignity in a country that has seen shortages of everything from disposable nappies to light bulbs.
    Cervecería Polar, which distributes 80% of the beer in the socialist South American country, began shutting down breweries this week because of a lack of barley, hops and other raw materials, and has halted deliveries to Caracas liquor stores.


    French supermarkets will no longer be able to destroy or dispose of unused edible food, after the French National Assembly unanimously passed a new amendment to a green energy law yesterday - ...(it) will require supermarkets over 400 square metres in size to enter into formal agreements with food redistribution charities by July 2016.


    Leafy greens grown on space station now on astronaut menu! It might sound unbelievable, but, NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) are ready to sample fresh veggies grown in space microgravity.

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  • Capture: Sunrise City,


    Occultation - le Roi-Soleil...
    Louis XIV horsing around at Versailles.

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