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  • Speaker: An Open Letter To David Cunliffe, in reply to Richard Aston,

    its more that those long serving MPs – like Mallard – are just stale and not open to new ideas or different ways of thinking.

    Fair call. There's a few stale MPs that haven't been around as Mallard, et al.

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  • Speaker: An Open Letter To David Cunliffe,

    It’s time for a new generation of leadership in the Labour party, one that is closer in both age and understanding with the people it needs to represent. It’s not just time for Grant, but also for people like me.

    This is the most salient point. Labour really needs to clear out the oldies that are there on reputation, not form. The likes of Goff, King, Cunliffe and Mallard all need to retire.

    There's probably a fair few backbenchers that have done nothing than make up the numbers for the past six - nice years that should hit the road as well.

    It beggars belief that someone as talented as Hamish McDouall languishes at #41 on their list, while old and untalented dead wood make it back into Parliament.

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  • Speaker: In Tribute: Peter Gutteridge…,

    Peter's service and wake were yesterday, there was an immense amount of love and respect for him shown at both.

    There was about 350 - 400 people at the service, which was led by Fr. Ivica Gregurec from St Martin's Church in North-east Valley, which Peter had begun attending a few years' ago.

    The priest was fantastic, he said he had no idea of Peter's status within music circles, etc, but he very clearly "got" Peter as a person and conducted the service with much reverence and humour.

    Chris Heazlewood, David Merritt, Christine Voice, Sersha Forde, Peter nephew Jack and one of his sisters paid tribute, then the Lord's Prayer and then the crowd united to read one of Peter's favourite prayers, 'Our Birth in Unity' from Prayers Of The Cosmos.

    Afterwards, as many of us stood outside, a very uncanny, quite amusing moment occurred. Andrew Johns, one of the biggest names in rugby league history (in town to promote the Auckland 9s), walked out of the stadium door, past about 100 of us and not a single person either recognised or acknowledged him. As Graeme Humphreys said "That's perfect for Peter, music has triumphed over sport, for once !"

    Peter's family and closest friends them buried him at Purakanui, then there was a wake at Long Beach town hall. There was a pretty decent-sized crowd there, too.

    Instruments were set-up on stage and The Puddle, Chris Heazlewood and others played songs in tribute. It was a fun evening, lots of old friends catching up with each other, lots of great memories shared.

    As I was leaving, Richard Langston noted the cloudless, bright, star-filled sky. We stood and gazed at it for a bit. Maybe Peter was looking down at us. If so, he would've been touched by the fondness to him we'd all talked about during the day and evening.

    Richard then said a line from 'Born In The Wrong Time' as we got in the car: "We're sending him away."

    We have sent him away, but we all have the memories, the stories and the music.

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  • Hard News: The sole party of government, in reply to Craig Ranapia,

    I wonder what Louisa Wall would have to say about that, Alfie.

    She is far less well-known to the general public than Dagg, Lomu and the gold medal rowing pair that also tweeted they'd voted National.

    All Blacks and Olympic gold medallists receive far more media coverage than netballers (er, I think that's what she played ?).

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  • Hard News: Five further thoughts,

    Regarding the Labour leadership, it needs to revert to a caucus only vote and quickly.
    The "primaries" method has been a lemon, leaving no one really satisfied. It is very, very divisive, pitting caucus faction against faction against party faction against party faction.
    It leaves Labour open to the "controlled by the unions" meme, rightly or wrongly.

    Labour needs a damn good clean-out of its old fogies. There's also far too many people on their list purely as a sop to tokenism of some kind rather than merit. Why talented people like Hamish McDouall are languishing at #40 or so beggars belief.

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  • Hard News: Time to Vote, in reply to steven crawford,

    I've got that art book on the shelf behind your jacket, it's really good.

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  • Hard News: Time to Vote, in reply to Paul Campbell,

    My son proudly harassed National’s Woodhouse at Uni over his anti-gay marriage stance

    Earlier this afternoon I was waiting to cross the Cumberland / Albany intersection. Nat list MP Michael Woodhouse, Nat Dn South candidate Hamish Walker and about 10 Young Nats were there, too.

    A van goes by and the driver shouted "F--k you, a--eholes !" at them; to their credit, they had the good grace to politely cheer back.

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  • Speaker: In Tribute: Peter Gutteridge…,

    Just a few corrections I've been informed of by Peter's sister, Mary:

    "A few corrections, he never had music lessons. We had a piano but he didn't learn it. His limp was from having one leg shorter than the other, it caused him pain from his teens on. When he finally gave in and wore orthotics for it things improved, he got clean and ha music gave him a reason to look after himself again."


    "he was alone when he died. Bloody tragic but I'm glad the focus is on the good memories as it should be."

    Sorry for getting these facts wrong, hopefully this will clarify things.

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  • Hard News: Time to Vote,

    rock on everyone.

    Ah, so it will be ok if I wear either my bright red Stooges t-shirt or my bright red Throwing Muses t-shirt tomorrow... ; )

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  • Hard News: A call from Curia,

    Which party believes in doing what’s right for New Zealand?

    Leading questions like this are always weird, as if some parties actually believe what they're doing is wrong.

    I mean, you can argue that some parties' policies are better or worse, but the parties themselves always genuinely believe what they're doing is for the greater good, as opposed to deliberately doing wrong.

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