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  • Southerly: This Week in Parliament: 20…,

    justice minister Amy Adams

    Ever noticed how eerily similar she looks to Vladimar Putin ? Put a blonde wig on him and you couldn't tell the difference.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: An accompanied korero, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    the Christa Paffgen storyI’ll be your memoir…I also just found my copy of the 1992 book Nico – Songs they never play on the radio by her keyboardist James Young, it’s yours if ya want it, lemme know.

    A hilarious, rip-roaringly-good read. Chocker full of brilliant anecdote after brilliant anecdote, though admittedly a few are of the "don't let the facts get in the way of a good story" whiff about them.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: An accompanied korero,

    This 1970 clip of Lilburn ”demonstrating the sounds produced for a modern dance performance that include the electronic reconstitution of the sounds of the extinct huia bird” is wonderful. In this part of his career he was our BBC Radiophonic Workshop, in a way:

    The 1975 three LP box-set prosaically entitled New Zealand Electronic Music featuring Lilburn, John Rimmer, Ross Harris, Ian McDonald, Jack Body and John Cousins is a must listen if you want to hear more of the same. It really is a most odd, yet enthralling listen.

    Basically, Lilburn and the other music academics at Vic Uni wheedled a whole lot of state-of-the-art electronic instruments and a revamped studio. To, in effect, test-drive it all, they recorded the pieces that appeared on the box-set.

    I doubt it was their intention, but if you didn't know any better, you'd swear you were listening to early Kraftwerk, early Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and their ilk. It's since been re-issued on cd, I understand.

    This one makes all sorts of references to the places people could buy pot in Wellington in the 1990s. Like the Black Power head quarters on what was Kensington St.

    When I lived in Wellington in '95 I wanted to, er, acquire some and asked a mate. He directed me to a street in Mt Cook and said "Go down [whatever the street was called] and you'll see a house with a car that looks like the one at the start of Once Were Warriors. That's the place you're after. Go to the front door, knock on it and ask 'Is the shop open?"

    The door opened and told me to come in. My eyes just about popped out of my head. I won't go into details, but it was immediately obvious they were doing a roaring trade.

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  • Hard News: Doing over the witness, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    I never liked Hell Pizza’s marketing approach – but that’s no reason to take someone’s life apart, just because you can.

    Agreed. But while Slater is odious, Hell Pizza aren’t exactly, er, saints, either. A couple of years’ ago on Campbell Live (iirc) there was a story on a couple that’d bought into the franchise and somehow ended up in dispute with it.

    The franchise responded with some pretty heavy legal threats, etc. It was real "using a sledge-hammer to kill an ant" stuff. Hell Pizza came across as rude, inconsiderate bullies. The couple were very, very pressured and stressed to a completely unnecessary extent.

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  • Hard News: Doing over the witness,

    Serious question: can anyone figure out why the police were there for 10 hours ?

    Hager's not a materialistic guy, so I assume he's got an average-size house. Let's assume two bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, bathroom and his office. So six rooms, for argument's sake.

    There is no way it'd take 10 hours to search six rooms. Maybe two or three at most. But 10 ? Why so long ?

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  • Hard News: Doing over the witness,

    It seems extremely unikely that the police will find the identity of “Rawshark”, the source for Hager’s book Dirty Politics and (presumably) the hacker, amid the property they have seized. Hager is meticulous about source protection and will have been especially so in this case.

    The actual legal rights and wrongs of the raid aside, this was my first thoughts, too.

    Hager's not silly. He must've thought that a raid was possible, so any crucial items / info sure as hell won't be at his house. They'll be safely elsewhere.

    According to Stuff he's also said he'd go to jail rather than disclose his source, so they're just not going to get anything.

    This will turn out to be like a smaller version of the Urewera raids: a fiasco that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and gained SFA.

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  • Hard News: Home advantage, in reply to Bart Janssen,

    As were numerous “tackles” during the game – most of which were ignored. That is the point.

    I'm not so sure. There may've been, but the Messam one was certainly the most blatant and reckless.

    Alan, that was certainly the biggest hospital pass I've ever seen from Conrad Smith, too.

    The reffing and video replay may also be a red herring as to why the ABs lost.

    At least twice, if not more, the ABs turned down easily kickable penalties. McCaw usually orders them to be attempted, as it's easy points - which often come in handy in tight matches.

    It's very unlike him to turn down easy points, maybe he was under orders from Hansen to go for a try in such circumstances.

    They were costly, poor decisions and I expect McCaw will revert to type next time.

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  • Hard News: Home advantage,

    I broadly agree with you Russell, but you're letting Messam off far too lightly. He basically committed a shoulder charge, his arms weren't making a tackling motion, that's for sure.

    It was stupid and ill-disciplined, simple as that.

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  • Hard News: History repeats: New…,

    Redmer Yska's New Zealand Green (David Bateman, 1990) is a really good book, on, as it's title suggests, marijuana use and laws in Godzone.

    I'd love to see it republished and updated.

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  • Speaker: An Open Letter To David Cunliffe, in reply to Hilary Stace,

    The next question was the inevitable one about Grant being gay. I recall his answer being along the lines that it was probably more of an issue for the questioner than the country.

    There was a good call on this by someone on Twitter yesterday about this. It said that the supposedly homophobic West Auckland and socially-conservative South Auckland didn't have any qualms electing Chris Carter or Louisa Walls.

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