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The Orcon Great Blend 2011 in association with Mix and Mash!

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The ultimate conscious party is back: the Orcon Great Blend returns to Auckland on Thursday, August 4, in association with Mix and Mash 2011, Deep and Meaningful at The Edge, and Public Address.

Last year's event at the Civic Wintergarden was all about artistic collaboration -- this time, at the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber, it's the mash-up.

Digital NZ's Mix and mash: The Great New Zealand Remix and Mashup Competition will be officially launched at the event and the crowd can expect a treasure trove of art and data with it.

When the February earthquake made a planned event in Christchurch impossible, Great Blend curator and Public Address founder Russell Brown promised that the city would not be forgotten.

The Auckland event showcases two moving works of sound art based around the Christchurch earthquakes and their aftermath; Stanier Black-Five's Shockwaves: sound from the epicentre, which uses field recordings captured in Lyttelton in the hours after the February 22 quake, and the premiere of Blair Parkes' Chimney Book, a musical and visual work literally built from the bricks of the New Brighton artist's damaged home.

The Christchurch-based Public Address bloggers are coming to town too. David Haywood offers Towards an Understanding of Cranial Diameter in New Zealand Ministers of Finance Since 1975: Correlations and Predictions and Emma Hart presents P.A. Story - a shared tale crafted with the denizens of Public Address: System.

And because it really is a party, Shayne Carter, he of Straitjacket Fits, Dimmer and The Adults, has been lured out from behind the guitar to deliver a DJ set.

As ever, the Great Blend is a free event made possible by its sponsors: Orcon, Mix and Mash 2011 and The Edge's Deep and Meaningful public arts programme.

Anyone can RSVP until the event is full, here at the RSVP page.

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