Random Play by Graham Reid

And the band played on

Well, that seems to have found an audience!

Within hours of my last blog announcing the Music From Elsewhere section I am posting every week on my website here, there was a huge groundswell of interest.

I almost felt the need to alert Civil Defence, but then . . .

And there were some very complimentary messages, some along the lines of "about time". Thank you. I shall take that personally.

I also sent out a press release which started “welcome to my first press release” but could equally well have read “welcome to my last press release”. I used to receive these things by the dozen (still get a few) and I know how annoying and ignorable most of them are.

My thanks to all of you who read the blog and/or release and turned your attention Elsewhere.

So this is just another naked and unashamed plug for Music From Elsewhere -- weekly pointers to interesting or very cool albums you are unlikely to read about in the mainstream media or hear on radio.

I post a sample track from the album too so you can get an even better idea of the music -- and there is a link to Marbecks Records so if you like what you hear and want to buy it you can do so on-line. No messing about.

(Most stores, unless they are Marbecks, are unlikely to have these albums anyway. This isn‘t music found in mall stores.)

By the way, soon there will be another diversion for you at my site. Something pretty stupid, actually.

So stay tuned, bookmark Elsewhere, poke around and read the travel stories or look at the pictures when the boss isn't looking, dream of holidays in Elsewhere, and tune in to the music.

I figure if I’m enjoying doing this (and I certainly am, although it is difficult finding only Really Good Albums to put up -- there's a lot of rubbish out there, right? ) then that will come through and you’ll enjoy it too.

Cheers. From Elsewhere.