Child Abuse?

  • InternationalObserver,

    from the NZ Herald

    A 3-year-old girl remains dangerously ill in the Starship hospital after sustained abuse at a house in Rotorua, which one neighbour says included her being hung and spun on a clothesline and put in a tumble dryer...

    The allegations are disturbing and make you wonder if this an isolated incident or is society going to Hell in a handbasket? A fortnight ago in Texas there was a similar scare (of sorts) when a video emerged of what looked like a 3 y.o. on Ecstasy. There's debate (a good example here) about whether its real or not --- what do you think?

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  • InternationalObserver,

    Hmmm. Well that didn't embed. Until someone at PA fixes it, click on the LiveLeak link above.

    FWIW - I think the girl is definitely on something. Police have investigated but everyone in the car insists they were just pretending. According to this story the Police are doing drug tests ...

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  • Michael Fitzgerald,

    Untied Future having a go at Maori Bashing this time.

    Due to crimes associated with ethnicity all rich white guys shud be barred from the bar, the bank, real estate, property developement, oh and yeah Parliment.

    I didn't think Ohariu-Belmont had that many red-necks, must be senesing NZ Fist are weak at the moment and going for wider appeal or end up on the Dunne heap at the next election.

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