From the Road

Giovanni Tiso travels 2200km, or thereabouts, in the South Island with his family, and shares his photos and impressions From the Road. Read Post

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Image by Giovanni Tiso

Peak Pohutukawa

For the love of our favourite trees. Read Post

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Tell You What

A nonfiction celebration... and a holiday giveaway! Read Post

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Old Delhi

Simon Grigg visits Old Delhi with his Canon G1X, and leaves only footprints. Read Post

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Image by Simon Grigg


Capture is three. Enter our Movement photo competition to win a copy of 'Tell You What', a wonderful collection of New Zealand essays. Read Post

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Friday Music: Auckland Birthday Party On

Hard News by Russell Brown

The timetable and map for Monday's Auckland Laneway festival are out and besides the usual agonising scheduling conflicts there are one or two notable changes on the site. The most significant is a shift in the orientation of the smaller…

This Week in Parliament (in Recess): 12 January 2015 - 16 January 2015

Southerly by David Haywood

Public Address presents our weekly round-up of the important events in parliament. TOTALISATOR UPGRADED WITH VENTURI ORIFICE STEAM TRAP Despite parliament being in recess, there’s no holiday-making for cabinet rising star Nathan Guy. The uncircumcized former farmer and Minister of…

Absolute Genius: The New Paul Henry Show

Cracker by Damian Christie

For the past couple of years, as part of my teaching at AUT, I’ve given a lecture called “Writing for Television News”.  It was adapted a few years ago from notes from a lecture that I believe Mike McRoberts had…

We can make things better here

Hard News by Russell Brown

It was nice to get up this morning and see that the Herald's editorial today has acknowledged last week's post here about the walking and cycling infrastructure improvements going on around the the major transit projects on the edge of…

Funded Family Care from a recipient’s perspective

Access by Withheld

Eighteen months ago I was on a benefit. Shock, horror! Yes, I was on a benefit. I’d been on what is now the Supported Living Payment (SLP) for about 5 years. The washing machine was on its last legs, I’d…

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