Tell You What

A nonfiction celebration... and a holiday giveaway! Read Post

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Old Delhi

Simon Grigg visits Old Delhi with his Canon G1X, and leaves only footprints. Read Post

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Image by Simon Grigg


Capture is three. Enter our Movement photo competition to win a copy of 'Tell You What', a wonderful collection of New Zealand essays. Read Post

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Sines of the times

Jakob play Auckland and launch their new album 'Sines' Read Post

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Image by Jonathan Ganley

Going, Going, Global

Last night at Galatos, over three levels the Going Global Showcase was like putting on your favourite contemporary New Zealand music playlist. Read Post

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Feelgood Flicks

Access by Russell Brown

You probably know that it's characteristic of people on the autism spectrum to have particular fields of interest and sometimes particularly focused abilities. The dream scenario is that autistic people can be helped to turn these things into activities that…

The Sky is the limit

Hard News by Russell Brown

Let's start here: there is a good case for New Zealand to have a high-end convention centre with a large exhibition space, and central Auckland would be the only sensible place in the country to put it. Done right, it…

Friday Music: So much music I can't even

Hard News by Russell Brown

Here's the thing about all these best-albums-of 2014 lists -- I haven't even heard most of them. And I'm pretty sure that best-of-the-year lists never used to be 40 or 50 albums long, as they commonly are now. Perhaps that's…

We're in this together

Hard News by Russell Brown

A couple of months ago, the excellent Katharine Viner, deputy editor of The Guardian and editor of Guardian Australia, gave a speech called The rise of the reader: journalism in the age of the open web. It voiced many of…

Word of the Year 2014: #dirtypolitics

Hard News by Russell Brown

A transient political scandal which has been dealt with, resolved and thoroughly moved-on-from with no hard feelings at all has somehow been named as the Public Address Word of the Year 2014. "I honestly can't understand how this has happened,"…

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