Garden of Arcane Delights

A mid-winter trip to the Hamilton Gardens. Read Post

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Tribute - Dr Chris Ward

A photo blog in tribute of Capture and PAS regular Chris Ward. Read Post

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Image by Chris Ward

On the K

A weekend of it Read Post

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Sweet Jesus and Mary Chain

The Jesus and Mary Chain play Psychocandy, and other favourites, at the Powerstation. Read Post

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Auckland City Limits

CRS Management presents the first ACL Festival at Western Springs, and they nailed it. Read Post

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Friday Music: Back on the K

Hard News by Russell Brown

One of the best things that happened on Karangahape Road last year was Flying Out's The Others Way Festival. The multi-venue event showed that it was possible to present a diverse lineup for a range of demographics and sell the…

Darkness in New York

Speaker by Graeme Tuckett

I'm a New Zealander who recently moved to New York City. I really wonder if anyone who isn't here understands just how nuts this place is right now, or how close this presidential race is going to be. The Republican…

The most important graph in the world

Polity by Rob Salmond

Here’s the chart that should be at the centre of every debate – in New Zealand and elsewhere – about trade and globalization: It comes from the World Bank, and shows changes in income around the world from the fall of communism…

RNC 2016: A literal shitshow

Hard News by Russell Brown

There is a norovirus outbreak at the Republican National Congress. To be fair, uncontrollable vomiting and loss of bowel control would be a reasonable response to the contents of the convention's first day. You may find some irony in the…

The Best Possible Taste

Up Front by Emma Hart

The Broadcasting Standards Authority used to do this fantastic test of community standards when it came to language. They would knock on people’s doors, hold up cards with words like “Arsehole” on them, and say, “How offensive is this?” Disappointingly,…

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