Steal Magnolia

All hail, spring! Our annual petal pusher post. Read Post

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Sunrise City

The sunrises have been off the hook lately. A winter thread for all your sunrise (or sunset) pics. Read Post

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Pocket Edition

Take one Tiny Thing Read Post

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Bard & Band

On their first Auckland visit since 2011, David Kilgour and The Heavy 8s brought Sam Hunt along to play songs from their latest collaboration, 'The 9th' Read Post

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Image by Jonathan Ganley

'Lucky Stars'

Don McGlashan kicks off his 'Lucky Stars' album tour at Hopetoun Alpha Read Post

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Image by Jonathan Ganley

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Speaker by Rob Salmond

I just turned 40. The old saying (and song!) says life begins at 40. It’s an allure, with the promise of good times ahead. But the numbers say different. “Life begins” a few years later. For the average person around…

The First Day

Access by Fiona Mckenzie

Friday was the last day of the holidays. Not just the holidays – my holidays. After 17 and a half years of raising a child with special needs, I’m returning to full time work today. So. This is it. That unimaginable…

Friday Music: SJD, with strings attached

Hard News by Russell Brown

I'm pretty excited about going to the special SJD performance of the Saint John Divine album with a string quartet at Mercury Theatre tomorrow night. The version of this show they played in Wellington a months ago had Simon Sweetman…

Hug Reform

Hard News by Russell Brown

I'm not as suddenly pessimistic about the All Blacks' chances of winning the Rugby World Cup as some folk, but I can confidently make this prediction: whoever wins, there will be hugs, hugs and even more hugs. Rugby clearly did…

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