Going, Going, Global

Last night at Galatos, over three levels the Going Global Showcase was like putting on your favourite contemporary New Zealand music playlist. Read Post

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By Night

Music producer Angus McNaughton returns to his first craft, photography. Read Post

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The Colour Of Spring

Read Post

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Te Arai - The Veil

Our journey took us through the rolling hills of the Waikato, past the Waikune prison, the Ratana Church, our marae and finally to the waters of the Whanganui River. Read Post

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Image by Tia Huia Ranginui

See Into the Trees

Winter trees are all filigree and shadow. Read Post

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Election 2014: The Special Votes

Legal Beagle by Graeme Edgeler

We have a provisional result, and now await the official result after special votes are counted. Special votes are: those cast overseas; those cast on polling day by people voting outside their electorate; those cast by people who enrolled after…

Election 2014: the no threshold counterfactual

Legal Beagle by Graeme Edgeler

As I have done on election night of the last two elections, I present below the New Zealand House of Representatives, had the election been conducted with no threshold:  National – 57ACT – 1United Future – 1Conservatives – 5New Zealand First – 11Maori Party – 2Labour…

A live peek at your cray

Speaker by Tze Ming Mok

On Saturday morning London time, a rag-tag bunch of left-wing weirdos will descend on my flat to huddle around the glow of livestreams, making panic pikelets and schadenfreude pie, and wishing it was evening here so we could justify sinking…

Decision 2014: Where to watch and listen

Hard News by Russell Brown

There were quite a few queries on the wires last night as to where a person who can't receive New Zealand broadcasts might stay abreast of today's election results. Short version: you're spoiled for choice. As I understand it, none…

Good as gold

Busytown by Jolisa Gracewood

Everyone should have read the book by now. No, not Dirty Politics (although you should have read that too). The other one that came out quietly at the end of last year and has become the silent witness to this…

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