Sweet Jesus and Mary Chain

The Jesus and Mary Chain play Psychocandy, and other favourites, at the Powerstation. Read Post

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Auckland City Limits

CRS Management presents the first ACL Festival at Western Springs, and they nailed it. Read Post

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Words and Guitars

Sleater-Kinney with Mermaidens. Let's rock with the tough girls in this part of the world – take a photograph. Read Post

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Image by Petra Jane

Laneway 2016

The last Laneway at Silo Park was a scorcher. Read Post

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The Chills - Rolling On

The Chills play Galatos, Friday 11 December. Read Post

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A short history of half-baked housing blunders

Polity by Rob Salmond

Following Russell’s and Toby’s recent missives, both of which in-turn build on the Herald’s excellent home-truths series, I thought it would be helpful to lay out what our government has done to address the Auckland housing crisis so far. In…

Friday Music: Digging in New York

Hard News by Russell Brown

"Did you have lots of fun in New York?" people have asked. Well, kinda. I had a fun weekend in Brooklyn on arrival, but the week that followed, covering the United Nations, and getting together a TV story without a…

Confessions of an Uber driver

Speaker by Ben Wilson

My first confession is that I'm an Uber driver. Actually, it's my only confession. It's been 65 days since my first Uber passenger. It's a confession that has to be made, mostly because it surprises anyone who knows more than…

How the years flew by ...

Hard News by Russell Brown

Four or five years ago, there was a reliable social media set-piece associated with newspaper stories about couples struggling to buy in the Auckland housing market. A typical example was this 2012 story about buyers getting innovative to try and…

Lady luck smiles more than we think

Polity by Rob Salmond

The Atlantic has an excellent article about the undervalued role of luck in people’s success. It argues most successful people, in addition to working hard and being talented and righteous and all that, have also got as far as they…

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