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Take one Tiny Thing Read Post

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Bard & Band

On their first Auckland visit since 2011, David Kilgour and The Heavy 8s brought Sam Hunt along to play songs from their latest collaboration, 'The 9th' Read Post

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Image by Jonathan Ganley

'Lucky Stars'

Don McGlashan kicks off his 'Lucky Stars' album tour at Hopetoun Alpha Read Post

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Image by Jonathan Ganley

Auckland Festival of Photography 2015

The Auckland Festival of Photography runs 28 May - 20 June. We look at Whitecliffe Festival Tuesday, a special festival event. Read Post

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April Come She Will

A mixed offering of images and musings from the month of April. Autumnal feels. Read Post

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Image by Jackson Perry

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Living under bridges

Speaker by James Littlewood

Skypath – the cycle & pedestrian path on the Auckland bridge – is a good thing. I’m looking forward to using it. But some of those celebrating its recently-granted resource consent could show more sympathy to the people of Northcote point, some of…

Friday Music: Mixed Blessings

Hard News by Russell Brown

A briefer Friday Music today. After all, I've already spent hours this week researching and writing about the very mixed blessing that is Apple Music. You can hear me talking about that some more from 2pm on Radio New Zealand's…

The overconfidence man

Speaker by Rob Salmond

John Key has given a big interview to the NBR (paywalled, so no link) about how he sees the 2017 election shaping up. NBR called it “The Confidence Man.” Key’s right about some stuff, and off the planet about some…

Making a Killing – New Zealand Sea Lions on the Brink

Envirologue by Dave Hansford

 When is a protected species not protected? When it gets in the way of fishing industry profits.   Fishers call this frigid sweep of green SQU 6T. That’s because each summer, millions of southern arrow squid gather here, in the cold…

Apple Music: Taking a dump on a butterfly

Hard News by Russell Brown

In the development of the Macintosh computer, Steve Jobs infamously corralled the Mac team into something between a hostile faction and a cult, in the belief that the Mac needed to be created in isolation from the interests of the…

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