Those Racist Casting Call Blues

Tess Paras' pointed parody of Royals (and racist typecasting) has been blowing up the internet. But it's nothing new, as Kiwi director Roseanne Liang shows in her 2007 short 'Take 3'... Read Post

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Image by Steven Soderbergh (still from 'Schizopolis')

Sculpture Vulture

Don't miss the The Harbourview Sculpture Trail, which finishes this weekend, and we invite you to go capture sculpture in the wild. Read Post

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Image by Jackson Perry

Guilt By Association Copy

On the eve of the launch of the Internet Party, it's old media getting the usual suspects excited. And it's a game we all lose... Read Post

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Getting closer

“Take a trip and never leave the farm.” The world of macro photography, through the lens of Jos Van De Laar. Read Post

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Image by Jos Van De Laar

The Disappearing of Paradise

What if another Kiwi novelist was shortlisted for a major British-based literary prize and nobody noticed... Sadly, it's not science fiction. Read Post

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Jones: The contender leaves

Hard News by Russell Brown

Like John Tamihere before him, Shane Jones entered Parliament burdened with the promise that he might be first Maori Prime Minister. That promise had probably left him before it emerged yesterday evening that he was walking away from politics, but…

Who Are Disabled New Zealanders?

Access by Various artists

by Sacha Dylan Disabled people are part of every community and grouping in New Zealand. However, most surveys do not ask about us, and we’re poorly understood for various reasons. Let’s start fixing that together. How many Official Census results…

Sorting out our thinking on drugs

Hard News by Russell Brown

That we have a trade in synthetic cannabinomimetics is not, as most of the country currently seems to believe, a consequence of the Psychoactive Substances Act passing last July. That business existed before July and, indeed, was substantially larger and…

All of these things are quite like each other

Legal Beagle by Graeme Edgeler

The following scenarios, based on cases that have made the news, or which I'm aware of because I've been around the courts for a while have something important in common: A group of drunk high school students scale a fence…

I Can’t See You, But You Should See Me

Access by Jonathan Mosen

Being lost for words when you’re a talkback host could hardly be considered ideal. But back in September of 1992, I was hosting an evening talkback show on a fledgling radio station in what was then a newly deregulated, highly…

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