Garden of Arcane Delights

A mid-winter trip to the Hamilton Gardens. Read Post

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Tribute - Dr Chris Ward

A photo blog in tribute of Capture and PAS regular Chris Ward. Read Post

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Image by Chris Ward

On the K

A weekend of it Read Post

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Sweet Jesus and Mary Chain

The Jesus and Mary Chain play Psychocandy, and other favourites, at the Powerstation. Read Post

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Auckland City Limits

CRS Management presents the first ACL Festival at Western Springs, and they nailed it. Read Post

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The Government you Deserve

Speaker by Adam Hunt

From the age of eight when I landed in my brown corduroy shorts and walked off the plane into horizontal sleet, England was my home. I was there for 18 years, joking that you don’t get that for murder .…

Four cents on Brexit, Fonterra, and New Zealand

Polity by Rob Salmond

 As readers know, there’s all manner of turmoil sloshing around the UK this week following the Brexit vote. The PM’s gone, the campaign to replace him is on already, Labour’s blown up, and Scotland could either scupper the Brexit or…

A Disorderly Brexit

Speaker by John Palethorpe

The United Kingdom elects 73 MEPs to the European Parliament every five years, from twelve regional constituencies. Each region has a number of MEP’s, proportional to their size. Proportion is important, because it’s one of the few election processes in…

Friday Music: The Soft Tyranny of Streaming

Hard News by Russell Brown

I discovered this week that the national album chart includes streaming results, which is both inevitable – streaming revenue is now the biggest single category in recorded music revenue – and a bit depressing. Until now, local and indie artists have been…

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