A C!#& and Balls Story

MUSE goes looking for New Lynn's ratepayer-funded "priapic sculpture" and is disappointed by another giant dick that fails to live up to the hype. Read Post

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Image by Craig Ranapia (Vancouver, May 2012)

Headland Sculpture on the Gulf

A guest post from PA contributor Soon Lee, who visited Waiheke recently for Sculpture on the Gulf. Read Post

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Image by Soon Lee

Laneway 2015

Laneway returns to Silo Park for 2015, and was damn hot. Read Post

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Image by Jackson Perry

From the Road

Giovanni Tiso travels 2200km, or thereabouts, in the South Island with his family, and shares his photos and impressions From the Road. Read Post

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Image by Giovanni Tiso

Peak Pohutukawa

For the love of our favourite trees. Read Post

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Friday (Thursday) Music: Musical Vocabulary

Hard News by Russell Brown

For various reasons, I missed a lot more than I caught of the music of Splore last weekend. But a lot of what I did hear, I had a great experience with. None more so than the revelation that was…

Haphazardly to war

Hard News by Russell Brown

Here's the thing: what is happening now in the parts of Iraq and Syria controlled by Islamic State (or Daesh, or whatever you choose to call it) does represent the kind of proximate crisis that had to be fabricated to…

Sunday in the City

Hard News by Russell Brown

One morning the 1980s, a man walked into my bedroom and demanded to know what I was doing there. "Sleeping," I mumbled, which did not mollify him. He was from the Dingwall Trust and had just discovered that the rooms…

Stuck inside the Great Disruption

Speaker by Greg Jackson

Four years on from the worst Christchurch earthquake, we are still living inside the great disruption that Christchurch life is now. I've done big thinkings about the big picture  before in other places, this time I just want to do…

Friday Music: Christchurch, Legacy of Strange

Hard News by Russell Brown

On Audioculture, a website about music where images have become the stars, one of my favourite sets is this collection of photographs taken in 1980 and 1981 by my friend Gordon Bartram. They're just a teenager's gig pics, fading like…

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