Going, Going, Global

Last night at Galatos, over three levels the Going Global Showcase was like putting on your favourite contemporary New Zealand music playlist. Read Post

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By Night

Music producer Angus McNaughton returns to his first craft, photography. Read Post

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The Colour Of Spring

Read Post

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Te Arai - The Veil

Our journey took us through the rolling hills of the Waikato, past the Waikune prison, the Ratana Church, our marae and finally to the waters of the Whanganui River. Read Post

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Image by Tia Huia Ranginui

See Into the Trees

Winter trees are all filigree and shadow. Read Post

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An Open Letter To David Cunliffe

Speaker by James Macbeth Dann

Dear David, I want to first congratulate you on the campaign you ran. You gave it your all, and did well in the debates. I was deeply disappointed in the result that Labour got on September 20th - but I’m…

A message from The Fabians

Hard News by Russell Brown

Dear Fabian Friend Narratives from the 2014 Election: what do we learn? A Fabians Reflection on Dirty Politics, Dotcom and Labour’s worst result. With Sue Bradford, Russell Brown and Kirk Serpes. Thursday 16th October in the Owen Glen Building, Lecture…

Science and Democracy

Speaker by Nicola Gaston

Science has a bad habit of asking – demanding, even – to be placed in a position of power.  To be referred to as an authority on all things.  To be trusted by the public. Not that this last is a bad…

Friday Music: The swimmer reaches the shore

Hard News by Russell Brown

When TheAudience launched as an NZ On Air-backed hype site more than two years ago, perhaps the the first song on it to really stand out for me -- and for a lot of people -- was by an artist,…

Compulsory voting and election turnout

Speaker by Alex Mackenzie

Rarely is there harmony on anything around election time. But everyone seems to agree that not enough New Zealanders are voting (see here, here, and here). That this election saw a rise in turnout since the last one is hardly…

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