Aurora Australis

Guest post from Ian Griffin and Paul Le Comte, who managed to capture the St Patrick's Day Aurora Australis in all its glory. Read Post

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Image by Ian Griffin

'A Movement'

Ian Jorgensen's music photography Read Post

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Image by Ian Jorgensen

The greening of the red zone

Christchurch's condemned suburbs go back to nature Read Post

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A C!#& and Balls Story

MUSE goes looking for New Lynn's ratepayer-funded "priapic sculpture" and is disappointed by another giant dick that fails to live up to the hype. Read Post

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Image by Craig Ranapia (Vancouver, May 2012)

Headland Sculpture on the Gulf

A guest post from PA contributor Soon Lee, who visited Waiheke recently for Sculpture on the Gulf. Read Post

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Image by Soon Lee

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The other kind of phone tapping

Hard News by Russell Brown

When I was a lad, we didn't have your fancy smartphones. We didn't have mobile phones at all, which meant there was much greater need for public payphones and they were consequently more numerous. The funny thing was, there was…

The GCSB and the consequences of mass surveillance

Hard News by Russell Brown

Fewer whistleblowers, more corruption, less stability. That's the assessment of longtime Pacific journalist Jason Brown of the impact of the revelation that the GCSB has been conducting "full take" collection of communications in Samoa, Fiji, Solomon Islands and other Pacific…

Compensation for Teina Pora?

Legal Beagle by Graeme Edgeler

Teina Pora is innocent. The Government, having considered the matter, apparently agrees he should not be re-tried. It is not clear whether the Government agrees he is innocent, but I suspect they don’t. With no re-trial ordered, Pora’s involvement with…

Mind Your Language

Up Front by Emma Hart

I have to admit, I had some mixed emotions when I heard Clean Reader had been taken off the market. Delight, because the app was ridiculously stupid. Sadness, because it was hilariously stupid. I still think it's worth talking about…

The Power of N – Nutrient Caps and Peak Dairy

Speaker by Dave Hansford

Chris Lewis quickly backed down from the suggestion of a dairy moratorium in the Waikato, but environmentalists won’t let it go so easily. The Waikato Federated Farmers president now insists he merely raised the notion as a “straw man” at…

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