Garden of Arcane Delights

A mid-winter trip to the Hamilton Gardens. Read Post

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Tribute - Dr Chris Ward

A photo blog in tribute of Capture and PAS regular Chris Ward. Read Post

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Image by Chris Ward

On the K

A weekend of it Read Post

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Sweet Jesus and Mary Chain

The Jesus and Mary Chain play Psychocandy, and other favourites, at the Powerstation. Read Post

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Auckland City Limits

CRS Management presents the first ACL Festival at Western Springs, and they nailed it. Read Post

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Friday Music: Down at the Crystal Palace

Hard News by Russell Brown

The electricity gods have been angry today, so I'll get straight to the point: Lawrence Arabia is playing at Mt Eden's Crystal Palace theatre this evening, with a string section – and a (solo) SJD in support. There's no way this…

What we think and how we vote

Speaker by David Hood

The data for the 2014 New Zealand Election Survey was recently released for the general public to make of it what they will, which in the modern world of home data analysis is like parachuting a gazelle into a pride…

The Unitary Plan and grown-up conversations

Hard News by Russell Brown

News media and interest groups have, of course, been immersed in the contents of the Independent Hearings Panel recommendations on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan since their publication yesterday. But perhaps we should also take a moment to consider the…

The Uncomfortable Silence

Speaker by Amberleigh Jack

The boy I lost my virginity to died shortly after. It was a motorbike accident. He was intense and pretty moody at times. But he was kind and wonderful and still one of the best people I've ever known in…

DNC 2016: Beyond weird, most of the way to scary

Hard News by Russell Brown

Where to even start? As the Democratic Convention gets underway in Philadelphia, crowds of disaffected Sanders delegates – motivated by a dump of Democratic National Committee emails which seem very likely to have been taken in a hack overseen by Russian…

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