Laneway 2016

The last Laneway at Silo Park was a scorcher. Read Post

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The Chills - Rolling On

The Chills play Galatos, Friday 11 December. Read Post

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A Place to Stand

Our 4th anniversary post, with a chance to win the best prize ever! Read Post

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Steal Magnolia

All hail, spring! Our annual petal pusher post. Read Post

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Sunrise City

The sunrises have been off the hook lately. A winter thread for all your sunrise (or sunset) pics. Read Post

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A Better Man

Speaker by Grant Robertson

As a politician one of the most common topics I get asked to talk about is leadership. Not party leadership (though that used to come up a fair bit!) but the principles of leadership. What makes a good leader, what…

Correcting Auckland 2040's Unitary Plan befuddlement

Speaker by Ben Ross

The Unitary Plan debate has flared up again as Council and submitters prepare to present their cases before the Independent Hearings Panel into which zones go where across Auckland. We've seen reports and commentary on a meeting in East Auckland…

Listening Lounge 2016: Drugs and the dancehall

Hard News by Russell Brown

When the promoters of the Splore festival asked me to put together another Listening Lounge talk programme for this year's festival, they asked whether I had a dream guest I'd like to bring in. I did. And I'm pleased to…


Hard News by Russell Brown

On Friday night, I closed a long, occasionally difficult but undoubtedly valuable discussion thread spawned by my post about incidents of sexual harassment at the Laneway festival. There were two main reasons for doing so. The first was that the…

Mt Eden: Not a closing but an opening

Hard News by Russell Brown

Although I'm fond of the place, I hadn't paid a great deal of attention to the wrangle over the closing to motor traffic of the access road to the summit of Mt Eden. The car ban has been discussed for…

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