April Come She Will

A mixed offering of images and musings from the month of April. Autumnal feels. Read Post

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Image by Jackson Perry

"Doing A Pretty Good Job"

From 1941 to 1943 Harold Paton was photographer for the 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force. "I mainly thought of my job as presenting to the people back home what the boys were doing, and they were doing a pretty good job." Read Post

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Image by Harold Paton

Aurora Australis

Guest post from Ian Griffin and Paul Le Comte, who managed to capture the St Patrick's Day Aurora Australis in all its glory. Read Post

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Image by Ian Griffin

'A Movement'

Ian Jorgensen's music photography Read Post

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Image by Ian Jorgensen

The greening of the red zone

Christchurch's condemned suburbs go back to nature Read Post

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Friday Music: The merry month of May

Hard News by Russell Brown

It's several years since New Zealand Music Month shifted from running a centralised, industry-focused event series to acting as an umbrella for anything anyone in the community might care to organise and associate with the concept. It works. Notably this…

Behind Baltimore

Hard News by Russell Brown

Away here at the bottom of the world, we have been experiencing this week's tumult in Baltimore, Maryland, in the modern way: through the real-time thrill, outrage and fuzzy context of live tweeting, brutal images and shaky Periscope streams. It…

Will the grown-ups ever arrive home?

Hard News by Russell Brown

You can see an extended cut of last night's Media Take discussion with Ali Mau, Gavin Ellis and Andy Pickering here. It covers both the topic we originally conceived – the nature and purpose of the gossip press – and the fiasco…

It’s just a bout of Chronic Sorrow

Access by Hilary Stace

I’m usually full of disability positivity but sometimes I have a bout of Chronic Sorrow. Chronic Sorrow is a term named by some wise person for the condition some parents of disabled children have. It can be just below the…

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