Te Arai - The Veil

Our journey took us through the rolling hills of the Waikato, past the Waikune prison, the Ratana Church, our marae and finally to the waters of the Whanganui River. Read Post

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Image by Tia Huia Ranginui

See Into the Trees

Winter trees are all filigree and shadow. Read Post

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One Of These Things
Is Not Like The Other...

Quake drama Hope and Wire polarized audiences in Christchurch and beyond. But one review in The Press should disturb everyone... Read Post

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Image by David Hockney ('Place Furstenberg #1, Paris, August 7-9, 1985')

PhotoForum at 40

A new book about the PhotoForum society also includes a superb collection of significant New Zealand photographs from the last forty years. Read Post

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Image by Murray Cammick: from 'Flash Cars', 1977.


A new series of photographs by Doug Richards - ‘Lost’ in the experience but at home amongst the concrete, steel and glass. Read Post

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Image by Doug Richards

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Why I'm standing in Ilam

Speaker by James Macbeth Dann

If you had told me the media were going to focus on a Canterbury Labour candidate invoking Shakespeare, I would have hoped it was me. The thing is, the James Macbeth Dann for Ilam campaign, superbly managed by Public Address…

UPDATED: Media Take: Election Songs

Hard News by Russell Brown

Last night's Media Take looked at the background to the Electoral Commission's advice on Darren Watson's 'Planet Key' song and video: firstly, that it is an "election programme" (probably correct under Part 6 of the Broadcasting Act, whatever you think…

The Big Bang

Hard News by Russell Brown

It was, it must be said, a bloody big bang. The All Blacks finished the haka ('Kapa o Pango' again) and a second later, BOOM, sheets of flame and a shockwave. Unexpected explosions thrill us because our bodies respond as…

If political parties were beer ...

Speaker by Grant McDougall

The election is upon us and given recent events, it’s enough to drive you to drink. Come election night, we’ll all deserve to put away some booze. For some, it’ll merely be to celebrate that the goddamn campaign is over.…

Didn't see that coming

Hard News by Russell Brown

Firstly: Kim Dotcom did not "admit to hacking" at the Internet-Mana campaign launch today, as both network news shows claimed this evening. His "teenage hacker made good" story is Dotcom Bio 101. It's on his Wikipedia page. It was traversed…

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