Auckland Festival of Photography 2015

The Auckland Festival of Photography runs 28 May - 20 June. We look at Whitecliffe Festival Tuesday, a special festival event. Read Post

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April Come She Will

A mixed offering of images and musings from the month of April. Autumnal feels. Read Post

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Image by Jackson Perry

"Doing A Pretty Good Job"

From 1941 to 1943 Harold Paton was photographer for the 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force. "I mainly thought of my job as presenting to the people back home what the boys were doing, and they were doing a pretty good job." Read Post

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Image by Harold Paton

Aurora Australis

Guest post from Ian Griffin and Paul Le Comte, who managed to capture the St Patrick's Day Aurora Australis in all its glory. Read Post

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Image by Ian Griffin

'A Movement'

Ian Jorgensen's music photography Read Post

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Image by Ian Jorgensen

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I'm not laughing

Access by Chelle Hope

I’m sick of being patronised and infantilised.  Often things are said in a jokey way and because it’s all in good fun, I feel like it would be humourless or mean of me to react negatively.  I doubt people even…

The epitome of reason

Hard News by Russell Brown

Last week, Matthew Hooton trailered his forthcoming column in the June issue of Metro as being addressed towards the likes of me. The column, published this week, turns out to be part of a fairly large body of commentary comparing…

Friday Music: Out there in the world

Hard News by Russell Brown

Friday Music posts here don't generally have much to do with my day job helping make a media TV show, but next week's Media Take is an exception. We're putting together a New Zealand music month-themed programme and one of…

Mediaworks: The only horizon they see

Hard News by Russell Brown

When it emerged last month that Campbell Live was facing the axe, I ventured that Mediaworks had become far more Julie Christie's company than it was John Campbell's. And I think that's the reality behind the news that Campbell Live…

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