See Into the Trees

Winter trees are all filigree and shadow. Read Post

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One Of These Things
Is Not Like The Other...

Quake drama Hope and Wire polarized audiences in Christchurch and beyond. But one review in The Press should disturb everyone... Read Post

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Image by David Hockney ('Place Furstenberg #1, Paris, August 7-9, 1985')

PhotoForum at 40

A new book about the PhotoForum society also includes a superb collection of significant New Zealand photographs from the last forty years. Read Post

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Image by Murray Cammick: from 'Flash Cars', 1977.


A new series of photographs by Doug Richards - ‘Lost’ in the experience but at home amongst the concrete, steel and glass. Read Post

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Image by Doug Richards

Still Life in Mobile Homes

We venture into Still Life Photography, with inspiration from a favourite R.E.M song. Read Post

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Image by Jackson Perry

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Friday Music: Why anyone does it in the first place

Hard News by Russell Brown

Florian Habicht’s Pulp film is warm, funny, satisfying and true. And its first few minutes are just brilliantly, awesomely exuberant. They're why people buy records and go to gigs and obsess over bands, and why people play in bands in…

Fulminating and fermenting

Feed by Russell Brown

Longtime readers of this site may be aware of my occasional bursts of fulmination about overhopped stunt beers -- and my calls for New Zealand craft brewers to produce more sessionable brews in the classic best bitter style I think…

Te Reo Māori in schools: let's just start

Hard News by Russell Brown

I was born 52 years ago today, on a date that seems unnervingly close to the 1950s. I caught the end of the free school milk years (they really did just leave it out in the sun) and I like…

Power to (all) the people!

Access by Ezekiel Robson

The society we live in today has been shaped by many struggles, social movements, and revolutionary forces, most aiming to create a more egalitarian existence.  Women, indigenous peoples, LGBT communities, and even animals have secured hard won recognition of their…

Tomorrow Lives Forever

Up Front by Emma Hart

A while back, I promised you that next time I wrote, we'd have more fun. In that time, the world in general and my life in particular have become much grimmer. Therefore, in my opinion, the Fun is even more…

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