Capture is three, I waffle on about Pay it forward photography, and we challenge you to a Movement Photo contest. Read Post

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Image by Jackson Pery

Sines of the times

Jakob play Auckland and launch their new album 'Sines' Read Post

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Image by Jonathan Ganley

Going, Going, Global

Last night at Galatos, over three levels the Going Global Showcase was like putting on your favourite contemporary New Zealand music playlist. Read Post

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By Night

Music producer Angus McNaughton returns to his first craft, photography. Read Post

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The Colour Of Spring

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Market failure in the research world

Speaker by Mark C. Wilson

The “serials crisis” has been a feature of research life for over 20 years. According to figures from the US Association of Research Libraries, during 1986-2007 academic journal subscription charges increased by 340%, four times the rate of inflation. Publishers…

Incomplete, inaccurate and misleading

Hard News by Russell Brown

The reporter of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security into the release of information by the SIS is now public, and it turns out to be largely about a democratic problem we've discussed plenty this year: the growing contempt in…


Hard News by Russell Brown

There are always candles at the memorial to Jan Palach and Jan Zajic, who immolated themselves in protest at the forcible ending of the Prague Spring in 1968, but there were more there than usual last Thursday when I walked…

Team Little: pretty good

Hard News by Russell Brown

New Labour leader Andrew Little has announced his first caucus lineup and, with one or two questions, it would seem to be pointing the party in the right direction. A clearout of a few of the usual suspects is offset…

Music: Watching on Twitter from afar

Hard News by Russell Brown

TV3's decision to broadcast the Vodafone Music Awards live to air was a great call. Not that I was able to actually watch it, but being able to read tweets both from Vector Arena and the living rooms of home…

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