Club Politique by Che Tibby

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I almost choked on my coffee.

in the mythology of his own nation, Lange continues to be celebrated as a brave visionary, rather than as a poseur and dilettante who misread badly the pulse of history. [emphasis mine]

If you'd like to express to Tony Parkinson what you think of his opinion of David Lange, printed today in Melbourne paper, The Age, you can contact him at

That email is taken from the public domain by the way, here.

If you aren't familiar with Tony, he's the International Editor of The Age, and a more venal, petty, one-eyed columnist I've never read.

Feel free to tell him how inappropriate his column is, and what you really think of his opinions.

PS. Now I'm a little less shocked, I should ask you, do not to send hate mail to Mr. Parkinson. Otherwise...

PPS. Details on how to send plain old letters to the editor can be found here