Very Vintage

The Very Vintage Day Out, Shed 10 October 29th. Read Post

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Image by Jackson Perry

Autumn, what autumn?

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Eat, dance, love

Auckland gets its culture on. Read Post

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It's been a while

Where have you been all summer? Read Post

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Pixies Heaven

Pixies play Vector Arena, Saturday 11th March 2017. Read Post

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Friday Music: Deep cuts from Aotearoa

Hard News by Russell Brown

If you like a bit of funk and disco – and more especially, if you're a DJ  – the reality is that you won't find many local classics to fill your crates. That's not to say there's no gold to be had,…

Powerstation II: It's complicated

Hard News by Russell Brown

My +1 came down sick shortly before Lorde's Powerstation show last night, which meant I was standing at the pickup desk at 8.30pm with a spare ticket to a hot gig. "What should I do with it?" I asked the…

Too Sexy for Your Site

Up Front by Emma Hart

Ever since the election, I’ve been pondering writing a column about the changes that would need to happen to MSD for us to be treating all our people like actual people. It goes much further than removing “excessive sanctions”. Thing…

#OrconIRL: That was 2017

Hard News by Russell Brown

Kia ora! We have one more Orcon IRL event for the year, and it's on Sunday, November 19, from 4-7pm at The Golden Dawn in Ponsonby. Our guests include RNZ Sunday mornings host Wallace Chapman, who will talk about making…

Lorde, the council and the Powerstation shambles

Hard News by Russell Brown

Two weeks ago, Unesco, the UN cultural agency, announced that it had approved a joint application by Auckland Council, Recorded Music NZ and Apra for Auckland to be named an international city of music, alongside the likes of Glasgow and…

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