After Hollywood

Aldous Harding, Bob Scott and Hera Lindsay Bird at Hollywood Avondale Read Post

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On Ice

In which Damian goes to Antarctica. Read Post

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Laneway 2017 - Park Life

Laneway Festival NZ moves to Albert Park, throws some shade, and is awesome. Read Post

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Stories From The Centre

PJ Harvey at the Logan Campbell Centre Read Post

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Image by Simon Kay

Marshall Law

Dinosaur Jr and Hex bring the noise to the Studio. Read Post

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Image by Jonathan Ganley

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If this was ever funny, it's not any more

Hard News by Russell Brown

Two months ago, White Press Secretary in waiting Sean Spicer said in an interview that denying of access to out-of-favour media organisations – as President-elect Trump had done for much of his campaign – would take America from a democracy to a…

Mt Albert: Cooperating, competing and carpooling

Hard News by Russell Brown

In the week of the Mount Albert by-election, our household received four phone calls about voting. There were two from Labour humans checking that we were planning to vote and knew how and where (one on Saturday), one from the…

Friday Music: Nadia 2

Hard News by Russell Brown

It's a testament to the power and control of Nadia Reid's singing and playing that matching her studio recordings in session seems to hold no fears for her. And thus was the case with her BBC 6 Music Live Room…

Splore 2017

Hard News by Russell Brown
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I'm a fitful photographer at festivals: I kick off keen but by the time the party really starts, I'm happy enough to simply avoid losing my phone, let alone take it out and point it at things. And thus it…

Sky and 2020

Hard News by Russell Brown

On May 1 this year, it will be 21 years since Telecom launched its first real consumer ISP – Xtra – kicking off the mainstreaming of of the internet in New Zealand. The company had finally surrendered its stance that the country…

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