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AFP 2019

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The local bill to remove equal suffrage

Legal Beagle by Graeme Edgeler

There are four types of bills that Parliament considers: most bills are government bills, but there are also members bills, private bills and local bills. Members bills are relatively well know (some important ones have passed over the last few…

New Drug Harm Index, new problems

Hard News by Russell Brown

The New Zealand Drug Harm Index 2020 just made it into 2021: it was quietly posted on the Ministry of Health website before Christmas. And it contains some startling claims. Not the least of them, that cannabis is New Zealand's…

A submission on the repeal of the three strikes sentencing law

Legal Beagle by Graeme Edgeler

Just sent the following submission in on the law repealing the three strikes sentencing regime. You have until midnight tonight if you want your say. == The Justice Committee Three Strikes Legislation Repeal Bill Submission of Graeme Edgeler Introduction This…

Medicinal cannabis: 2022 will be a better year

Hard News by Russell Brown

The year we are about to depart has been a frustrating one for the New Zealand medicinal cannabis community. A cluster of companies established to produce and distrubute legal cannabis products ran up against a regulatory scheme that sometimes seemed…

Public Address Word of the Year 2021: Covidiot

Hard News by Russell Brown

The Public Address Word of the Year for 2021 is "Covidiot" – a word which seems to sum up a particular kind of frustration in 2021,  but which, oddly enough, is a word coined in 2020 – as a Professor of Linguistics…

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