AFP 2019

Capture previews the Auckland Festival of Photography 2019 Read Post

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Image by Saurabh Narang

Loose As

Delaney Davidson & Bruce Russell pay tribute to rockabilly legend Charlie Feathers Read Post

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Image by Jonathan Ganley

Look! The Others Way 2018

Something old, something loud, lots of new. Read Post

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Image by Jackson Perry

AFP 2018

Capture previews the 2018 Auckland Festival of Photography Read Post

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Image by Roberta Thornley

Laneway 2018

For your photographic enjoyment. Read Post

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Jim's Truth

Access by Russell Brown

I've had a bit to say of late about YouTube, its algorithms and the escalating allure of certain facile "creators" to young men. I worry about this stuff. But I think it's also important to acknowledge that the alt-lite and…

School donations: a small step towards a level playing field

Speaker by Gareth Shute

Among the provisions in yesterday's Budget was new funding for schools: $150 annually per student. The money is availabe only  to decile 1-7 schools  and it's specifically intended to reduce the need for those schools to ask for yearly donations…

Rip It Up: A history of us, a history of me

Hard News by Russell Brown

I love the National's Library's Papers Past archive. I've used it many times for work and sometimes just for fun. The one thing I never thought I'd be able to do is vanity-search on it. And yet, here it is:…

You just need a sense of humour

Access by Hilary Stace

“You just need a sense of humour”. I heard this patronising and unhelpful advice from a panellist at an Autism New Zealand Conference many years ago. What about access to education and services, understanding, financial and other support? These words…

Music: Some deep belief

Hard News by Russell Brown

There's a strange thing about having songwriters as longtime friends. On the one hand there are years when you're mates getting in the same scrapes; they're smoking your weed and you're drinking their riders; you're all  fitfully growing up, not…

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