2017 ICT Policy Election Special

How each of the political parties see ICT Read Post

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Image by Mike Riversdale

Autumn, what autumn?

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Image by Nora Leggs

Eat, dance, love

Auckland gets its culture on. Read Post

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It's been a while

Where have you been all summer? Read Post

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Pixies Heaven

Pixies play Vector Arena, Saturday 11th March 2017. Read Post

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Election 2017: the Special Votes

Legal Beagle by Graeme Edgeler

The 2017 General Election has a preliminary result. The preliminary result is an unofficial count of all the ordinary votes cast at the election: votes cast on the day by people whose name appears on the printed electoral roll who…

Friday Music: With Pictures

Hard News by Russell Brown

Kia ora koutou. It's been a big few weeks, I'm tired and there's work to be done yet – so I thought I'd just whack in a few quality music-related videos for you all to enjoy. See the (very simple) instructions…

Part 5: The tide will turn if floater voters make enough waves

Access by Disabled Persons Assembly New Zealand

This is the last of the Disabled Persons Assembly’s (DPA’s) election blogs, and includes an overview of disabled people’s political participation, related questions for candidates, and a wrap up.  For marginalised groups everywhere, increasing participation and achievement in political life…

Disabled floater voters Part 4: Health and Support

Access by Disabled Persons Assembly New Zealand

This is the fourth of a series of blogs from the Disabled Persons Assembly (DPA).   We have used DPA’s strategic areas of focus, as identified by our members, as a guide to examine key areas of each party’s policies. We…

The Day After Tomorrow

Hard News by Russell Brown

The Westpac McDermott Miller consumer confidence index dipped marginally this week, but, said the bank's chief economist, "households remain in good spirits". In truth, our good spirits rely on us not looking too far ahead. New Zealanders' perception of their…

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