Laneway 2018

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Very Vintage

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Autumn, what autumn?

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Eat, dance, love

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Friday Music: The Shopping News

Hard News by Russell Brown

Tomorrow, Saturday, is international Record Store Day – you can tell by the appearance of solemn thinkpieces about how Record Store Day is ruining everything. This year, it's the Chicago-based reissue label Numero Group, which which published a blast about how…

Paying for the storms to come

Hard News by Russell Brown

When I wrote last week about the aftermath of the storm that struck Auckland, it was already clear that the storm's major impact was the widespread interruption of electricity supply. I noted that while we had our power back, my…

Friday Music: In troubled times, the people sing and play

Hard News by Russell Brown

As every domestic political debate seems to be escalating towards hyperbole and madness, a couple of new media-political tunes have come across my desk. I feel it is important to the nation that I share these. The first is a…

Big Night Outage

Hard News by Russell Brown

Our electricity supply returned about 2.30pm yesterday, ending an outage that began around 9pm during Tuesday night's storm in Auckland. I was grateful: our official resolution time was 6pm and I was prepared to be disappointed given the huge number…

We should stop being surprised about racism

Hard News by Russell Brown

Fourteen years ago last month, Bic Runga flew into a storm. Down near the bottom of a glowing profile headed Is this the next Norah Jones? in Northern Ireland's Belfast Telegraph, these lines appeared: She says her childhood was tough…

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