Laneway 2018

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Very Vintage

The Very Vintage Day Out, Shed 10 October 29th. Read Post

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Image by Jackson Perry

Autumn, what autumn?

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Eat, dance, love

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Friday Music: The Sweetest Sound

Hard News by Russell Brown

The first time I recall hearing Sandy Mill's voice is about 15 years ago, on Epsilon Blue's chunky electronic banger 'So Many Times' (later reprised as 'Sweetest Sound'). Who, I wondered, was behind that wild, digitally-distressed refrain? We're friends these…

A Small Official Information Act Fix

Legal Beagle by Graeme Edgeler

A few days ago, TVNZ journalist Andrea Vance tweeted an Official Information Act response she had received from David Parker, the Attorney-General. Vance had sought information about workload and funding pressures on Crown Solicitors, something he had apparently taken an…

SPLORE! The Listening Lounge 2018

Hard News by Russell Brown

As I've done for the past few years, I'm running the talk programme at Splore – the Listening Lounge – this year. And I'm pleased with what we have for Splorers at the Living Lounge tent on Saturday, February 24. Here it…

Cold Turkey, 2018

Speaker by Greg Jackson

I’ve been under Dr Lennon the last few days, taking tips from his detox ditty 'Cold Turkey'.  36 hours rolling in pain/praying to someone to free me again It’s junkie journalism at its finest as I retch and shudder my…

Waitangi: Just enjoy the day

Hard News by Russell Brown

It's not hard to divine the public narrative of Waitangi Day 2018: the Prime Minister and her party have enjoyed a positive, significant and possibly even historic week in the North. Something has changed at Waitangi wrote Simon Wilson in…

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