Poll Dancer by Keith Ng

We interrupt your regular programming...

All 6,000 issues of this week's Salient are being held in an unidentified, secure location at Victoria University at the moment, after our Vice-Chancellor took out an ex parte High Court injunction against us. We got served.

Actually, we had to pick the injunction up ourselves. So it's more like self-service.

So much for all the cheap puns. It's been a grueling few days, after some hard partying at the Aotearoa Student Press Association awards on Saturday (we got served there, too, by Otago student mag Critic). There was much drinking and karaoke-ing.

The fun part was the next day, trying to prepare legal documents on a 4-inch iPAQ screen and talking legalese over a dodgy cell connection on the Desert Road in a crumby van while hung-over and sleep-deprived (damn daylight-saving). Our mobile HQ was wicked. Like the Turtle-mobile, except we were student journalists, rather than ninja-turtles, and we were fighting lawsuits, rather than Shredder.

Then we drove straight back to the office where we've been since last night, working in shifts to keep this media-train running. I used bound copies of Salient as my pillow - it was beautiful.

All this kerfuffle, of course, was over an article we printed saying that censored censored censored were going to injuncted injuncted injuncted because embargoed embargoed embargoed. That's all.

Ahem. Given they put an injunction on my ass, I guess you'll have to get the details elsewhere.

We're due in court at 14:15. It's all fun and games until the lawyer's bill comes...