Poll Dancer by Keith Ng

The Other God

If there's a God, he's must be a satirist. I mean, how else could you explain such diabolically delicious parallels?

I'm sorry - I know everyone's trying to ignore the glaringly obvious comparison because, well, it's so glaringly obvious and everyone's sick of hearing about cartoonists - but hey, I thought the thing about principles was that they had to be applied consistently?

So, in the interest of consistency (and, you know, testing tolerance), here's the torrent. Just in case you miss it on TV. (I can't get C4.)

And just to prove that yes, it really is offensive, here are a few screenshots.

Here is the website the Catholic group Family Life International have set up.

It's most interesting in that it's the case that the anti-Mohammed-cartoon campaign should have run. But it's also interesting for the slightly resigned tone and lack of faith (ha ha) in secular institutions.

I wonder if the Catholic church is, in a way, showing solidarity for the Muslims...

(Errata: In my last post, I erroneously refered to a communications company as TelstraSatan, which was very naughty of me. That name was used when TelstraClear was TelstraSaturn. The correct monikers for our telecommunications companies, according to current employees, are TestiCular and Telescum, respectively. I unreservedly apologise for any confusion caused.)