Club Politique by Che Tibby

Taiho on the kaiawhina

With at least one person thinking my last blog was a suicide note I thought I’d best clear the air and say all is well in Wellingtown. Apologies for any scares. I admit that winter melancholy had settled, and this freaking heart medication means my sleep patterns are a little weird. But I’m not eyeing up the rohypnol just yet.

What I did decide to do was to tap that melancholy for a literary punt. While the elements of the blog were real (self-doubt, desire to be a better person etc.), I thought that I’d try to wring some emotion out of it. It seems I succeeded, and perhaps a little too well.

Also, I am finding that news-columnist stuff isn’t working for me any more. Other people are far better informed about things that I. But, I do have a little project in the pipeline that I’d like to pour this type of writing into. If I can actually turn this bright idea into reality, then maybe you all can come watch it sometime.

So, next week I promise to do ‘joy’.