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Something up with Apple?

My guess is this means something: staff at Renaissance, the New Zealand distribution agent for Apple Computer, have been asked to hand back their apple.co.nz email addresses. A quick whois reveals that the domain details were last modified on October 7 - and that the "date billed until" is November 7: today.

So what happens after today?

With music industry goss that the long-awaited iTunes Store for New Zealand may even arrive this month (the itunes.co.nz domain details were changed on October 17), are the Aussies planning to favour us with an Apple Store too?

In other long-running-saga news, Sideswipe may be coming out from behind the herald's "premium content" paywall, but APN management seems determined to keep the rest of the paper's voice locked up inside a misguided subscription service that virtually no one buys and anyone with half a clue can get around.

For goodness sake: you get a TNS-TV3 poll that puts the party behind and you personally ahead of your rival amongst your own voters, and you still sit on your hands? Go John, go! Quick, while he's away! What are you - a girly-man?

Gaydar alert! Poofs all over the place are claiming to be on Pink Alert after this blog ran pictures of Ted Haggard's (former) management team at New Life Church. What say your built-in sensors, gay Public Address readers? BTW, nitty-gritty details on who did what in bed, if that's the sort of information you're after.

Time to get a little nervous as the opinion polls tighten in the US mid-terms. Meanwhile, the now-familiar grab-bag of dirty tricks, voter suppressions efforts and stuff that's broken is expanding. Most notable: in a string of states, the Republican National Congressional Committee has funded tens of thousands of robo-calls that seem to come from the local Democrat candidates. The idea - and it seems to have worked - is that Democrat voters resent the intrusive and incessant calls and are deterred from voting. Evil doesn't come much more mundane than that.

Still, nice that they could get that Saddam death sentence out in time for the vote - even if that did mean announcing the sentence before the actual verdict, which won't be completed until later in the week.

And last but not least, thanks to everyone for the kind words on Public Address System - and more particularly for signing up and starting the talk. There are some excellent discussions in progress, including one on Tze Ming's scrutiny of a Herald story whose headline - alleging local support for the odious comments of the Australian cleric Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali - appears to be the result of something other than an unwavering concern for the facts. Also, verdicts on the new series of Eating Media Lunch (nice to see they've picked up on Gollee from bFM Breakfast, whose salty wit dispels any number of stereotypes about Iranian women).

A handful of people are having registration problems, which we'll look into, and others have made some useful suggestions about tweaks for the site, several of which have been acted on already. I'll post a big-ass new debate question soon, but in the meantime, perhaps you could share your views about the apparent movement on the Apple front by clicking the discuss button below.

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