OnPoint by Keith Ng


In my previous post I said that Deborah Coddington interviewed Lincoln Tan, Justin Zhang and Pansy Wong.

Pansy Wong's office has been in touch to say that she was, in fact, not interviewed by Coddington. The police had recommended that Coddington talk to Wong, and an interview request was made.

Wong: "I made it clear to Ms Coddington that my involvement is largely to do with working with victims of crime and assisting those who want to make a complaint about the justice system – much like other New Zealanders, Asians are also concerned about the number of Police and the need for swift action when investigating crime. While there are offenders within the Asian community there are also many victims of crime, which makes it no different to any other New Zealand community."

There was no subsequent response from Coddington. Wong has requested that I clarify that she was not interviewed, and that she had absolutely no input in the article whatsoever.

That is all.