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Home and Away

Before I bitch about uniforms (it's Friday!) I would like to point out that TVNZ, TV3 and Sky seems to be doing something similar to what I suggested: jointly broadcasting the 2011 World Cup. While in reality my contribution was non-existent I'm still going to take some of the credit for it.

I really do have to rant at Canterbury and Adidas. First Canterbury decides to take its Wallabra concept to the cricket pitch with some god-awful design that ranks with some of the dumbest things New Zealand has worn over the years (though I suppose it's still never as bad as the stuff the Aussies wear).

(By the way I apologise that you have to click the links to see the pics. I tried embedding them but it didn't really work)

Beyond the robo-cleavage: that the fern logo looks like a corsage and you just know that grey side panel will be extended down the trousers. And I think we need to be clear on something, unless it's shiny, the colour on that uniform is grey not silver. Perhaps we need to send out the players in these. At least you know heat won't be a problem.

But Adidas wasn't going to be outdone. New Zealand's Super 14 teams will now have a home and away strip and Adidas sat down for what must have been a good five minutes before finally coming up with its designs (pictures of which were in the DomPost but don't seem to be online).

"Ok The Hurricanes what can we do here?"
"Hmmmm, why don't we take the yellow part and make it dark grey"
"Brilliant! Next!"

I'm actually all for home and away jerseys. Not only does it mean that uniforms colour clashes are less likely, it also gives dedicated followers of (rugby) fashion an extra option. Think you look fat in Otago navy, wear white. Don't look good in Western Force blue (and really, who does?) you can wear Western Force yellow (yes, the Western Force are the worst dressed team in the Super 14. I mean, black shorts? C'mon!). By the way all those people who say that fans will have to dip into their pockets for another $150 jersey are munters. If your team is playing in their road jersey or their home jersey they won't care what you're wearing as long as you're cheering for them (and I suppose that you aren't wearing the opposition colours).

But home and away strips also means you can do cool things like wear your away uni at home. And it also opens up the options for alternate uniforms. Alternate uniforms are crazy things. They can either be solid-colour oddities, interesting combos of shirt and shorts or they could be throwbacks.

The only New Zealand team that has worn throwback (as far as I know) is the Warriors who wore ten-year tribute unis. The best international team throwbacks may be the English football team's long-sleeved red jerseys with gold numbers. If anything would make me interested in English football, it's Peter Crouch in long sleeves.

Non-uniform item: I have just read that The Saveloy will replace Veitch on TVNZ. My opinion on this? It could've been worse, much much worse.

Ps. There will be second post from me today so expect his to disappear from the front page at some point

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