About Chad Taylor

Chad Taylor is the author of the novels Shirker, Heaven and Pack of Lies and the short story collection The Man Who Wasn't Feeling Himself.

Shirker was published in the UK and US and was translated into German, Italian and French editions.

In Germany, Pack of Lies was published as Lügenspiele. Heaven was made into the 1999 Miramax feature film of the same name.

Chad Taylor lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand. He was awarded the Buddle Findlay Sargeson Fellowship for literature in 2001 and is the Auckland University Literary Fellow for 2003.

His latest novel, Electric, was published in January 2003 by Jonathan Cape. The paperback edition will be published by Vintage UK in January 2004; the French edition is published by Editions Christian Bourgois.

His forthcoming novel is Departure Lounge (Jonathan Cape).

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