Cards by Ian Dalziel

Go Postal!

  • Expose yourself to your friends...
  • Share your light artefacts...
  • Save the Post Office (& Jim Bolger!)
  • Flattery in 2 fabulous dimensions.

(No special glasses needed!!)

Turn your favourite images into either postcards or folded greeting cards.

  • Simply supply a high resolution JPEG
  • Plus any descriptive text
  • Printed on 310gsm card

Trimmed to either;

A: 145 x 105mm postcard
      (colour front with black personalised text back)

B: Folded from 145 x 210mm to a 145 x 105mm     
     greeting card in either landscape ‘tent’ or
     portrait ‘book’ format - blank inside, with
     colour front with text on back (of fold).

Image can bleed (ie cover entire surface) or have a uniform white border - note some cropping may occur as most images are not directly proportional to this size - or I can make them proportional and either leave white space or trim to closest size within given dimensions.


Printing Postcards (in multiples of 8) - Per card.  .50c
Plus set up (one off)    $10.00
& postage     $2.50
(ie: 8 post cards = $4.00 + $2.50 + $10.00 = $16.50)
Thereafter multiples of 8 @ $4.00 per...  

Printing Folded greeting cards
(in multiples of 4) - Per card.    $1.00
Plus set up (one off)    $10.00
& postage     $2.50
(ie: 4 cards = $4.00 + $2.50 + $10.00 = $16.50)
Thereafter multiples of 4 @ $4.00 per...

...and all plus GST 


Email highest resolution image to: along with any descriptive and copyright text, etc (plus an address for posting back to you) then a PDF proof will be sent to you before printing.
It would be good to put a link to Public Address: Capture on these cards as well, to spread the love...

(Please note: printed colour may vary from colour seen on your computer (go look at a wall of TV screens to see how various devices may resolve the same colour information), probably best to leave images as RGB as my printer's conversion from RGB to CMYK seems to be more sympathetic than converting to CMYK in PhotoShop or similar)

What could possibly go wrong...  : - )