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Field Theory: The Wonder Years

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  • nz native,

    I'm just happy the Aussies unbeaten run of matches has been brought to a sudden stop .................. I guess their not used to an opposition team that actually fields well and takes their catches.

    God bless Scotty who always looks rather pale like a grave digger to me. They cant leave him out of the team now and I think we can safely say that big Jake's injury has seen him play his last game for New Zealand, its a shame his form was down for his last couple of games but having Styris in for the remaining games is an improvement for the team.

    I get along to every NZ game at the cake tin and will usually go to a couple of days if theres a test match at the Basin.

    My sons into playing and likes going to watch NZ so nowadays when I get along to the cricket its usually with a group of teenagers ( who play in my sons team) and a few of my friends.

    I also like Wellington cricket crowds and it was a shame the blackcaps didn't fire in the first 20/20.

    Lets hope that when we next play them in Wellington in the last game of the present one day series that we've already wrapped it up or at the very least its 2 all.

    Go the black caps

    Since May 2007 • 60 posts Report Reply

  • Tony Parker,

    Living in the shadow of McLean Park you'd think I'd get along to the game but it never happens. I just throw the windows open and watch it on Sky. Best of both worlds....crowd noise, close ups and replays. Only thing is the Sky transmission is about 2 seconds behind the live action so the big cheers from the park always indicate something is about to happen on the TV.

    Napier • Since Nov 2008 • 232 posts Report Reply

  • Ben Chapman,

    This has to be one of the best Aussie NZ games of all time

    Yes! World Cup '92.

    Watched it round at a mate's and we never even considered the possibility that we might beat Aus, even after Crowe's century, so we played cricket in the hallway for most of the Aussie innings.

    Wellington • Since Nov 2008 • 135 posts Report Reply

  • James Millar,

    I was up at 5am to watch NZ's chase. Don't regret one minute of lost sleep :)

    I do, however, regret sleeping through the second Twenty20.

    His (Bond) highest ODI score (31) was an innings where NZ batted first and he got the runs in 15 balls. 3 sixes, two fours.

    One of the sixes went about 20 rows back at Eden Park. It was big.

    I remember this vividly - the six landed about 10m away from me!

    Bond's no Martin, for goodness sakes.

    If you haven't already seen it, check out Pulp Sport's 'How to bat like Chris Martin' clip. Brilliant.

    Tāmaki Makaurau • Since May 2007 • 20 posts Report Reply

  • Naly D,

    The other thing in his favour is that he’s not as embedded as the rest of them. How can Craig McMillan, Kiwi Harris, and Kyle Mills possible be objective?

    Wait, you're calling Smithy unbiased? Jesus, he's probably the most one-eyed of the lot. And that's why I like him. I want my commentators to be cheering for my team, why the hell should an all NZ commentary team have to remain objective in a NZ/AUS match in any sport? [And yes, I realise the commentators were split in this game, which was also awesome. Particularly when the Aussie talking about Broom said 'I don't know anything about him' and there was a deathly silence from McMillans end... Which never got filled. Macca, do some research bro.

    Wellington • Since Sep 2008 • 307 posts Report Reply

  • LegBreak,

    Smithy’s turned on Oram recently though...

    I don’t mind biased, but the embedded ones just need to choose their words so carefully.

    It’s hard enough as it is for them having no grounding and, as you point out, seemingly an inability to do any research.

    Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 1162 posts Report Reply

  • 3410,

    Sold Out.

    Anyone got a spare pair to sell?

    Auckland • Since Jan 2007 • 2618 posts Report Reply

  • chris,

    Smithy’s turned on Oram recently though...

    Well his single greatest achievement of the season was getting his coach axed.

    Taylor said he had "little problem" with Reeve as coach, adding "he's been really good".

    Re: Mcmillan commentating. I honestly feel someone needs to kick his ass back into international cricket. 3 years left in him.

    Mawkland • Since Jan 2010 • 1302 posts Report Reply

  • Geoff Lealand,

    Damn the Chiefs tonight! Sloppy handling when they could have beaten the Reds.

    Screen & Media Studies, U… • Since Oct 2007 • 2560 posts Report Reply

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