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Hard News: Friday Music: Recalling the Rascals

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  • Geoff Lealand,

    wow, didn’t know that about John Harris. He is such a gentleman.

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  • Gareth Shute,

    A programmer from one of the stations that got zero started haranguing me on Facebook, saying that my approach was unscientific and that I should’ve simply got the official data for airplay, which apparently showed them at 13% kiwi content for the week leading up to 29 April (with the average of all stations being 16%). I went and listened to his station for two hours of the drive show and they only played one kiwi song. When I reported that back to him and questioned how they got to 13%, he deleted the entire thread.
    I kept listening and noticed their nights segment immediately played three kiwi songs in half-an-hour. I stuck with it for a bit longer and found the nights average seemed to be around two kiwi songs per hour.
    So … for ease of calculation, let’s say there’s ten songs in an hour. If you play one kiwi song per two hours from 7am-7pm then that’s 5% and if you play two kiwi songs per hour from 7pm-7am then that’s 20%. Average them out and you get 12.5%. I think you see what I’m getting at … though glad to see not all stations take that approach. For classic hits, someone pointed out yesterday that The Mix has a more solid % of kiwi tracks and their playlist for the last 1.5 hours is on their website, which makes it easy to see this is true. So I hope people do support the stations that try harder on this score or if they like a station that isn’t doing well then let them know it’s important. Most of the people at radio are music fans and probably just need a little nudge. Hopefully this article gave them that!
    (sorry for the excessively long comment!).

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  • Russell Brown, in reply to Gareth Shute,

    When I reported that back to him and questioned how they got to 13%, he deleted the entire thread.

    Oh dear!

    Average them out and you get 12.5%. I think you see what I’m getting at …

    Yeah, they've been doing that for years. That's the advantage of voluntary self-regulation.

    (sorry for the excessively long comment!).

    That is not an excessively long comment by Public Address standards :-)

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  • Bevan,

    Saw Mark Williams play with the Rodger Fox big band in Wellington last night.
    Unfortunately there were no gems from Heed The Call, but a fun gig regardless.

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  • Russell Brown,

    Damn, I just missed this on Friday, but it’s incredible. The video for Alien Weaponry’s musket wars song ‘Kai Tangata’:

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  • Rich of Observationz,

    radio programmers don’t believe that our local acts are legendary enough to have retro hits

    Do the easy listening /hits type stations have people who actually look up the charts for twenty years ago and playlist stuff accordingly?

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  • Sacha, in reply to Rich of Observationz,

    Reckon they'd just buy playlists from Aus or even the US. Less work.

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  • Ian Dalziel,

    I went to see the excellent ’Manifesto’ exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery today. Keen-eyed Roger Shepherd noticed that the drummer in the piece on ‘Stridentism’ – with Cate Blanchett as a tattooed punk – was Constantine ‘Dino’ Karlis from HDU (now living in Berlin apparently).
    I was also interested (and chuffed) to see ex Chchch Art Galllery curator Justin Paton get an acknowledgement as well.

    …and while you are out looking at art that addresses society and how we interact with the world, get yourself out to Te Tuhi (13 Reeves Rd, Pakuranga) to see Dieneke Jansen’s video installation
    90 Days + – a moving image exhibition about the Tamaki Housing Group and their 2017 occupation in Glen Innes. Exhibition runs 13 May – 22 July.

    - This is art you can sink your Teeth into! – and will make you want to change the world.
    Tell your friends and MPs to go see it!!
    Here’s a short clip about an earlier work she did on the same important topic – housing – at the Jakarta Biennale

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