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Random Play: A missive from an ancient mariner

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  • merc,

    Mallard to boat wag: Gotta another beer?
    Boat wag: Yeah, but it'll cost ya 10 million.

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  • InternationalObserver,

    -- yachting is not big in China, you know --

    Yeah, it's not big anywhere, despite what Mallard and Team NZ PR would have us believe. This really is the stuff of 'bread & circuses' - the Govt are only supporting this because there is no public appetite for them not to. Mallard says that of the $34million given by the Govt they've got most of it back in taxes (GST etc). This is such BS! The same could have been said if Mallard gave $34million to provide breakfasts to schoolchildren!

    Mallard says he has a crack team of Trade & Enterprisers working out the net benefit of NZ's investment in the current (failed) campaign; and that will determine how much they contribute for the next campaign. OMIMFGOD! Does anyone think it won't come out in glorious support? AC is the ultimate junket and it's unlikely T&E are going to suggest downsizing their presence at Valencia for the next round. It's all about networking y'know, a great opportunity to forge relationships, build up 'Brand NZ', blah blah blah.

    As for the claim that kiwi sailors who sail for other teams are traitors -- when Hillary 'knocked off' Everest he was climbing as part of a British team!!

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  • Jackie Clark,

    Thanks for that Graham - I didn't realise that you had interviewed my Dad. That was an article that I hadn't seen yet. Dad loved his yachting, yes he did, and I spent alot of time with him on boats at various times, and in boat building sheds (the smell of epoxy resin still evokes powerful memories of when Buccaneer was being built). I was really pleased to see that they had finally scattered his ashes in Valencia. He would be really sad that the Cup remained in the clutches of those "Swiss" peoples. Still, at least he wasn't here to see it......

    Mt Eden, Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 3136 posts Report Reply

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