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  • Felix Marwick,

    out of curiousity (and I do genuinely want to know) what part of the politics of the economy, as relates to news coverage, do you feel are being missed due to the owners and management of NZ media companies?

    Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 200 posts Report Reply

  • Marcus Neiman,

    Felix: A short list might include advocacy of any number of simple redistributionary policies that might address growing wealth and income inequality, child poverty, etc... things like an increased minimum wage, increased provision of social housing...

    To take a topical example, there has been effectively no discussion in the media that tax rises may be more appropriate on some incomes than than tax cuts... This is not necessarily to say that tax cuts are a bad thing (although I hold that opinion), rather there is no consistant editorial voice in the mainstream national media questioning this for any number of good reasons.

    Sydney • Since Feb 2007 • 107 posts Report Reply

  • Matt Jeffs,

    Stephen. Yes the UK papers are rabidly partisan but you know that when you buy them. You wouldn't buy The Guardian and expect to have wall to wall stories telling us how brilliant free market globilisation is. The whole point is you have a choice. There isn't a be all and end all sole daily that sets itself up as being the all knowing gospel telling the general populous what its opinions should be.
    As for Felix using the The Sun as a guage of the UK media Thats a pretty lame attempt to exonerate the NZ media for its shortcomings. The Sun is a red top rag. It's a tabliod. It makes no pretences to be a daily broadsheet.
    Also I would have thought NZ is ripe for a more debate style or rival driven media given our defined divisions of right & left politics being far more acentuated than they are here in other countries. Our sized population shouldn't be an excuse either. Ireland with a population of 4 million still manages to have a relative choice of print media choices. We need more constructive debate on Govt and opposition polices through the media in NZ. Because at the moment I can't see it happening.

    UK - ex Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 36 posts Report Reply

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