Nipped in the bud?

  • Joanna,

    Did TVNZ do a Sopranos number on Nip/Tuck as well this season? On Monday they said it was the season finale, but if that's the case, the season was really short (12 eps?) and finished rather unclimatically.

    I'm aware that there's this interweb thing in which I could look up fulll episode lists and stuff, but I don't want to risk getting spoilers, so can some clever reader please tell me - was the face transplant the last episode of the season or not?

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  • Russell Brown,

    I'll get the EpGuide Queen onto it when she gets home ...

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  • Fiona Rae,

    The answer is that it might have been Soprano-ed, but the programmers at TVNZ haven't decided when they'll play the remaining six episodes of season three. Yes, six, so you have plenty more gross-out surgery to come. The series was stopped for the holiday season (Christmas and New Year's Day are both on Monday), but a movie is screening on Jan 8, so it's not back by then. It's possible TV2 will screen the remaining six eps and then season four, like they're going to to with The Sopranos.

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  • Simonovtich,

    This series most definitely should end with a rather dramatic carver-ish storyline, says the boy in the corner who reads way too many episode synopses online and ruins his own fun in the process. WATCHING TV is passe - reading about it is faster and you get a series in a matter of minutes!

    Perhaps Ms Jane Wilson and Mr John Kelly thought it best to avoid carver references as families sat down for their festive meals?

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  • Russell Brown,

    The thing is, I half expect they'll be wondering at TVNZ why we're not grateful that they've decided how and when we should watch the last episode of the series.

    I interviewed Rick Ellis yesterday, and he really couldn't accept that it was an issue for viewers that they'd be waiting until next year to see the last four Sopranos eps so TVNZ could use them as a run-in for the last series.

    Try: because that's not how it was made, and because we don't want to feel like third-world chumps waiting around to see something that will already have been on re-run in the US.

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  • Joanna,

    Cheers guys, I thought it felt wrong.

    When Veronica Mars first started screening on Friday nights opposite ANTM I started reading televisionwithoutpity recaps to catch up with what I missed, but quickly realised I needed to step away from the computer as soon as I'd ordered the box set from Amazon. Stupid slow New Zealand. 80% of the reason that I was so into Rockstar this season was that I could finally participate in TWOP without getting any spoilers.

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