There are many ways to open a beer bottle ...

  • Russell Brown,

    From Snotr, the new clips site from the Mininova people, and not identified as starring New Zealanders on their OE. But how could it be anything else?

    Does anybody know these guys?

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  • Mike Moller,

    the only difference between this lot and earlier generations is the tools available to open the bottles and the availability of home recording devices and the net to show off the results

    My generation learned to open bottles this way back in the '50s generally using techniques that our fathers had brought back from service in WW2

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  • InternationalObserver,

    The guy in the Black T Shirt is Scotty and the girl is Nikki. The other guy is Wayne, and the other guy is an Aussie called Bazza. I'm pleased to see that the younger generation aren't dumb enough to open bottles with their eye sockets. It can be done but the chance of f#$%ing your eye is 50/50.
    Oh yes, I made up the last two names, the first two are on the video! I predict Nikki won't be around too long - she's too hot to waste her OE on ex-pats. Unless she's already decided London is full of metrosexual a-holes and she wants a real 'bloke'.

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  • Jeremy Andrew,

    One of the blokes appears to be wearing a pounamu, that adds strength to hypothesis

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