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  • Russell Brown,

    Courtesy fidelityboy, who says: "This is the induction video that new TVNZ staff are shown. Remember: everyone's really nice and don't be scared of the famous people."

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  • Lea Barker,

    Oh, so TVNZ only exists in Auckland now?

    Because I've usually left for other jobs after about 18 months, I've had three "first days" at TVNZ: at WNTV1's Wellington studios (strictly speaking, an NZBC first day), TV2's Shortland Street studios, and Avalon Studios in Lower Hutt.

    What I remember about the first "first" back in 1975 is that the clocks on the wall all stopped when there was a power outage on one of the circuits just as my cohort of new recruits arrived.

    That was in the rickety old Waring Taylor Street studios, where I often worked in a tiny room that had previously been a urinal in the mens club the building was converted from.

    As for the people, like one of my colleagues from those early days says on this video, "Not too many bastards!"

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  • Hayden Judd,

    Doesn't Rick Ellis look like Jim Bolger?

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  • andrew,

    aw.. simon, such a dreamboat.

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  • Felix,

    The funniest thing about this is the "Perfect Day" sound-alike music. Very trainspotting.

    Raglan • Since Nov 2006 • 26 posts Report Reply

  • Tom Ackroyd,

    Felix - they may have taken their cue from the Children in Need video the BBC made in '97:

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  • Nobody Important,

    Hey, it's 'nice' so I won't quibble ... but I will point out that when Rick Ellis talks about providing local content they show NZ Idol and Dancing With The Stars. I guess McDonalds must qualify as traditional kiwi kai now then. And how current is this clip? Has Ralston been deleted yet?

    CAN WE GET THIS CLIP SHOWN IN EVERY NZ HIGH SCHOOL? It might stop our teens from believeing the myth that TV is a glamour job!!

    expat • Since Mar 2007 • 319 posts Report Reply

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