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  • Island Life: I'm Henry. Fly Me.,

    The only question that STILL hasn't been really answered for me is why we constantly have Australian carriers foisted on us with all their arrogance and incompetence...

    (as I was only too sure to note Craig their inability to disperse fog was a major crime)

    ....and aren't able to return the favour and foist our arrogant mob on them?

    The National Party I'm looking at you here...

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  • Speaker: Grand Theft Auckland,

    I have to go back and re-read the original blog after reading all this.

    There seem to be some strange reactions here. Such as 'how is this going to play?' Stop thinking about the game and look at what is happening here.

    This essentially reads to me like a call to arms. It says if you don't like your city- one with great character defined by the charm of being a series of diverse villages, and not one amorphous, hideous brand- being taken over in this manner what are you doing about it?

    The same could be asked of Russel, as I feel his party gave the Nats some of the political capital being spent here.

    But as this was posted on Sunday night it is several posts down. Is there anyway it can be bumped to the top of the queue?

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  • Speaker: Economics of the Waterview Tunnel,

    Josh I think you are looking at this far too much from a wicket to wicket point of view.

    The fact of the matter is that the decline in red socks has been of enourmoose concern to the barons of the red shoe industry.

    they can see that the blue meanie sock brigade will eventually triumph, but they know if there are no blue sock making machines it will be very difficult.

    During pillow talk at night they suggest to their life partner, who runs the sock factory, (maths not being this stories strong point) they suggest that it would be worth their while continuing red socks because there maybe be a technique coming out to create red dye out of existing green dyes.

    so the persuasive red shoe industry ensures that all blue sock machines are shut down and or completely limited capacity, so that when the red dye crisis hits its too little too late for blue sock manufacturing.

    by this time though the red shoes have been sold, and the owners have moved on, leaving the sock manufacturers high and dry and pregnant.

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  • Speaker: Economics of the Waterview Tunnel,

    National in Auckland: Bulldozing through half-written legislation, bulldozing your democractic rights and now bulldozing your house.

    Is any of the mainstream media gutting these guys like they deserve or are they all accepting that if they say it is it must be true?

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  • Speaker: Economics of the Waterview Tunnel,

    Exactly Bart.

    Rhema were you a candidate for the recent Mt Albert selection for Labour?

    This post is strident, to the point, informed and the type of strong opposition we need from a united left wing in parliament and outside to combat this.

    We can't afford to wait another 3 years, or another 6 years.

    I mean if Colin Espiner is waking up to these guys and calling them on their crap, what does it take for the Greens and the Maori party to realise that they are about as respected by National as Blair was by Bush?

    Russell Norman...grrr.

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  • Speaker: Economics of the Waterview Tunnel,

    Gee I remember when the truckies had to pay $500 extra a year they pulled the whole country to a stand still over that. Surely a bunch of pissed off Aucklanders can do better?

    how about we take the Arthur Dent option and put some serious non-violent direct action in front of these bulldozers?

    I mean these things which have had extensive consultation and planning right only to be ignored?


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  • Random Play: Out of a Clear Blue Sky,

    genius post

    you should have released this as a media statement first just to see the reaction. that would have been classic.

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  • Random Play: Hi-ho hi-ho it's off to…,

    and this man Holmes is the man we have doing our 'quality' political interviewing.


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  • Hard News: Of Monsters and Old Boys,

    Picking up on Russell's thread- the description by Roughan is very perjorative.

    However is it not natural that teachers should take an interest in what they are teaching, as they are trained in education and working in the field?

    We are in the bad reruns again. The opposite of the idea is that a level of middle management should control education after setting a curricula based on the requirements of local industry.

    Or to put it in a perjorative sense- schools and education should be run by despots who care only for growing their fiscal and sporting fiefdoms, answerable only to the fat cat business dollars who fund them.

    @James Green. Accept the cherry picking argument as I had a close view of that in action.

    I think as well that they imply that because Maori and Pacific Islanders are dropping in enrollments at Auckland Grammar, they are falling behind in social development and educational achievement. Which might be the case or it might not be, but Grammar enrollments surely aren't the clincher.

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  • Hard News: Of Monsters and Old Boys,

    Among the perverse social consequences of the profession's engineering is a reduction in the number of Maori and Pacific Island pupils at Auckland Grammar.

    James Green, Roughan quotes this in his article as above. I found this in part a bit racist- that the only sign of Maori and Pacific Island education achievement would be the percentage who were getting entry to Auckland Grammar.

    This is how Roughan is measuring the success or failure of zoning it would seem.

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