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  • Hard News: Medical Matters,

    Neil: it's like the 70's all over again.

    I knew i remembered it from somewhere!!

    Or is it be my amalgam fillings bringing on early Alzheimers

    I am not sure?

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  • Hard News: Medical Matters,

    Oh Dear
    Energy crisis??
    Supply of alcohol in Auckland suburbs??
    Roll on 2009 when we can all get back to intelligent debate and away from this election madness at least for another three years.

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  • Hard News: Don Paul,

    There is no doubt that sometimes removing a dictator solves a country's problems, and a transition to democracy follows.

    So we agree with George Bush now. If you don't like their politics shoot them. Great philosophy Dislike even hate the actions of others but don't hate them.

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  • Hard News: Don Paul,

    Surely Brash is a product of his upbringing he was a involved in Presbyterian Church in the eighties according to my very Scots MD. He belongs tothe Sottish hair shirt brigade. As do other right wingers such as Rod Deane. Like Gordon Brown (British PM) his is the son of a Presbyterian minister.

    You really can't hate him.

    I hope Russell that we would never suggest hate as a suitable emotion for for any politician

    He does however have some excellent characteristics. I met him when he was Governor of the Reserve Bank. His action were indicative of a man typical of the type. I drew his attention to an article of economic interest. Some weeks later i received a courteous reply personally signed thanking me for drawing his attention to the piece and giving his opinion.

    I was left with the impression of a man who was the product of a different era. Better someone like him than some of our more odious politicians of both right and left. Yes, he was a deeply committed right winger, that many of us would disagree with,but not bad just committed.

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  • Hard News: Friday Fun,

    Mmm, whale

    Before we get a Hamish the Angus bull protest movement. Can I point that this bull is an impostor. He may be a Highland bull but he is not an Angus!! They look like this!!

    Definelty a colour prejudice at work here. What's wrong with black Angus bulls stephen.

    So don't believe all you see on the internet

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  • Island Life: Ice-cold rabble rousing,

    "It does provide for the waiving of double jeopardy where there is what is called a tainted acquittal. Then the High Court could order a retrial.

    Just what we always needed a method by which lawyers could charge fees, again & again & again.......
    Double jeopardy has been around a while I believe?

    Surely the coroners court is the answer. perhaps it should have gone first?

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  • Hard News: Shooting for the Moon,

    I went last night to listen to Mark Ratcliffe the CEO for Chorus. He was quite interesting and discussed the cabinetisation and the speeds possible with copper. He was asked lots of questions from the floor about the risk of preferred treatment for Telecom subsidiaries which he answered quite well.

    It would seem that given the degree of separation that has taken place that a purchase of Chorus would be a perfectly straightforward exercise.
    For anyone interested he is doing he same talk at a TUANZ after five in

    Hamilton - Skycity 22 May 08 5:00 p.m.
    Auckland - Crowne Plaza 26 May 08 5:00 p.m

    He has already done Christchurch and Wellington

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  • Speaker: You, Me and the DHB: Your Tax…,

    On lefties - my little joke as a baggy in the Army was on an official display hand my rifle over to various VIPs to fire (right handed) and they had some very hot bullet casing smack them in the face. Giggled like the devious baggy I was.

    I think the issue here is the strength of the eye not the hand.
    I am right handed and left eyed so I aim with my left eye. (hold a gun to my left shoulder)
    To find out which is the strongest eye look through both eyes at your forefinger and place the forefinger in front of an object. Close one eye (right or left) . Which ever eye is stronger will keep the finger on the object. The weaker eye moves it either left for a strong left eye or right for a stronger right eye. Interesting if you have ever had hand eye coordination problems.

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  • Hard News: Shooting for the Moon,

    The following is the most sensible suggestion in my opinion. It makes use of existing investment and provides the best long term return on capital.

    1 (preferred):FibreCo pays fair price for the existing fibre and copper access networks to FibreCo
    FibreCo takes over management of copper and optimises maintenance and migration as fibre rolls out e.g. copper switched off as fibre rolls out

    Paul I thought we would never agree glad to say that is not the case you quite probably are correct.

    There are alternatives to fibre ......... at this fixation on One Technology to Rule Us All.

    If this network is used to provide HDTV it would be the most expensive way possible to do it and I struggle to see an advantage with broadcast satellite and terrestrial digital TV (freeview) available.

    I agree we should build fibre with the fastest speed possible at the best return.

    It is good to see we are all copying Mr Key and making policy on the fly!! at least on a new technology I suppose. Of course no one in blogland asa vested interest!

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  • Indiana Jonesing,

    How about Hilary sounding as though she was just a home town girl from the mid west on Morning Report today. I love her new accent

    [url |link text] ]

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