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  • Cracker: Hands in the Middle....,

    Let's not condescend and say 18 year olds are in a different class from 20 year olds.

    As the report points out (16.15 onwards): youth are disproportionately represented in A&E clinics and police cells on Friday & Saturday nights. People of all ages end up hospitalised or arrested of course, but under-20s make up a large proportion of those numbers.

    Wellington • Since Mar 2010 • 22 posts Report Reply

  • Hard News: Touched by the hand,

    As far as the iPad goes, I agree with this article from Fast Company where they say:

    Only lemmings with no self-control and excessive disposable income buy first generation Apple products.

    I have been that lemming (without the excessive disposable income).

    I got swept up in the iPhone hysteria and imported a first gen iPhone which I unlocked and jail-broke. It was okay but the 3G and 3GS are streets ahead. I should have waited.

    I'm torn between getting my hands on this thing or just waiting it out. From early reviews, there's so many ways they could improve this product that the next generation of it has got to be that much better.

    Wellington • Since Mar 2010 • 22 posts Report Reply

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