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  • Speaker: The Audacity of Hype: John Key…,

    More than anything Key's political star has risen at the expense of Helen Clark's. Rightly or wrongly, she is perceived by enough voters now as the figurehead not only of a certain party, but of a style of politics – interfering, overbearing, feminist, socialist, politically correct, the nanny state embodied.

    For whatever reasons, a large enough chunk of the electorate has tired of her. This aversion to her style, personality, gender even, strikes me as irreversible. And while she cannot reinvent herself, others have been busy inventing John Key.

    I can't argue with what you've said but I offer the following prediction:

    The Global Economy will sink further into the mire (another crisis?) by election time and the NZ electorate will get cold feet. "Better not to switch horses mid stream" they say (no Yoda jokes please). Labour will just get enough votes to cobble together another coalition. Key will be shocked and stunned and gone by Xmas. English will prevail.

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  • Hard News: Piled in bins like summer fruit,

    (And farmers all over the country curse me)

    It's worse than that Kyle. As we speak they're grabbing their pitchforks, climbing aboard their tractors, and they're coming for you Kyle.

    Dunedin is a small place, they know where you live ...

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  • Hard News: Piled in bins like summer fruit,

    Working collectively is a very poorly defined concept.

    Working is a very poorly defined concept.

    people in rural China live in a totalitarian state where the ability to move from rural areas to urban areas in search of new opporunities is subject to central government planning controls on internal migration.

    Hmmm, maybe that's something we can implement here as part of the new FTA. I propose that anyone who's ever said a bad word about Auckland be refused entry into our great city. That should slow growth and make housing more affordable.
    We could also solve the employment problem in the provinces (a.k.a. anywhere not Auckland) by employing people as spies to rat out anyone badmouthing Auckland.

    One went shopping with my mother-in-law and noted that butter and cheese prices for the same New Zealand branded products were substantially higher here than in Singapore. "Meeting the international market" my arse.

    Don't blame the farmer (as you go on to do) for local diary prices. Fonterra have set up a multi tiered platform to sell their products. They've created (I think it's called) Fonterra Brands who sell the Fonterra products to supermarkets etc, at a mark-up. 'Brands' have to pay Fonterra a price reflective of the global commodity price, and then on sell to the supermarket.
    But overseas markets don't buy these same products from 'Brands' they buy direct from Fonterra for substantially less. That's how NZ dairy products end up on overseas shelves far away for the same or less than in NZ. It's a rort by Fonterra on local consumers.

    Would it be "politics" if one of the javelin throwers was a psychopath who'd impaled a rival sportsman when last released from jail to compete?

    Ah, so it's you who writes those TVNZ7 banner ads?

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  • OnPoint: Dear Peter Brown: *Hug*,

    I read the blog you linked to Keith and I couldn't help chuckling when I came to this bit:

    One woman came to his aid. In hindsight, I wish I had done the same. Eventually, he was led to safety inside the Law School. The man guarding the door asked the people chasing Olsen to back off. One replied: "But he's a fascist!"

    For some reason in my mind I heard Eric Idle (__a la__ Monty Pithon) follow the last bit with "killing's too good for 'im"

    Speaking of comedy, even Michael Laws had to cut off one of his callers this morning when she insisted that the Asians would be decimating our dog and cat populations. His initial response was that they only ate dog in their own countries, not NZ, but she insisted that any increase in Asian immigration would force them to eat our pets.

    Some European countries consider horse a delicacy.

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  • Hard News: Episode One,

    An interesting show. I can imagine the pitch: "it's kind of Hard News meets Eating Media Lunch but without the jokes.

    I need to loosen up in front of the autocue, but you get that.

    You need to experiment with certain 'relaxants' to see how many you can take without looking munted on TV. It worked for that TV3 newsreader.

    Failing that, just do what every other TV presenter does: Stand in front of a mirror for ten minutes before going on and repeat the mantra "I am on TV and you're not, I have my own show and you don't,"

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  • Hard News: Ya rly,

    If you use Gmail (hotmail, etc), everything like that is done inside Google's website.

    The only way your ISP could affect this process would be if they have some sort of "security" feature that strips attachments out.

    Do you get an error when you try and add an attachment, or do they just not appear at the far end?

    I tried using Gmail too, but same result. Both Gmail and Entourage give me an error message. Gmail's is more polite: "oops, due to a server problem your message could not be sent - please try again later". Of course the message can never be sent.

    I'm wondering if it's a problem with my US Robotics ADSL box?

    My apologies for threadjacking -- it's been a year so I really should invest some money in having someone come and look at it. Abusing Telecom and switching to Orcon only solved the problem for a month. Maybe its the exchange (Ponsonby/St Marys Bay) - when it rains the internet connection always goes down!

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  • Rove/Republicans Take Down Don Seigelman,

    Mike Havoc was discussing this with his US correspondent the other morning. What a pity he doesn't read PAS. (Or maybe he does but didn't read this bit)

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  • Hard News: Geekstravaganza,

    I requested to keep my current phone number but instead they allocated a new number

    Thanks for this info, and the rest. I guess it's another tech co that can't keep up with or manage demand for their new services. (Is Orcon providing baggage handling services to Terminal 5?)

    Heh heh - while searching for the above link I found this one! It's no good updating the page itself, if the google search result still reads:

    At London Heathrow Terminal 5 we’ve created a natural, logical journey that’s so calm, you’ll flow through. It shouldn’t take long to get from Check-in to ...

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  • Island Life: Get over it,

    I was far too busy gagging at ballocks

    --"When Blow Jobs Go Wrong"


    Who else is it that owns all the property in Herne Bay?

    </putshandup> I own two. And one in Westmere. </runs>

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  • Random Play: Politics on the pages,

    I think a better analogy would be DB hearing about said ad, then sending employees out to unilaterally prevent distribution of Craccum.

    Heh heh.

    Why would they do that when all DB need to do (after hearing about the ad) is call AUSA and have them unilaterally prevent distribution of Craccum. (Distribution was delayed 2 days while the pages were being glued together).

    Heh heh. Maybe China learnt from DB?

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