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  • Hard News: Holiday Open Thread 2:…, in reply to Kumara Republic,

    She is, if you'll excuse me, sex on a stick.

    No; we won't excuse you, Paul.

    I haven't been keeping up with the thread since this, but PH on SP is the pits! Sure, I haven't always been PH's most fervent fan - but neither have I been an ardent critic. Until now.
    SP is a classic right-wing woman politician going hard out to prove she has a dick. Thatcher did exactly the same thing, though she was up against it, being a pioneer.
    Not so SP.
    These women tell men what they want to hear, dress as they know men prefer and ultimately give men what they want (war, guns, money).
    They are puppets (IMHO).

    However, Paul Holmes' pathetic fawning is likely to make things worse by revving up excess sentiment against SP to the point that her detractors end up turning her into some kind of icon for - godhelpus - commonsense.

    She's a performer. Ignore her and she will go away.

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  • Speaker: Pubic Address,

    Note to self: people prefer to discuss food than pubic hair. Some things one simply cannot know except through bitter experience.

    FTR, we had roast beef and veg (onions, spuds, carrots and kumara), plus steamed cabbage, and all five (people) sat around the dining table and ate it (the food, not the table). First dinner as a family for a while. I like a Sunday night wrap up; the trad roast lends itself admirably to such occasions, even with the cicadas doing their screaming thing outside. When in doubt (as a family), eat roast.

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  • Speaker: Pubic Address, in reply to BenWilson,

    Although there is a spot about half way up the back of my thigh

    Yes Isabel, at last I feel I have the strength to discuss thigh hair with you. Hope you haven't lost the will...I'd quite understand if you had.

    I'm not that familiar with the pubic blind spot you speak of but, I was recently introduced to the challenge - and sad necessity (I lap) - of shaving the backs of my thighs. So I relate. It did seem like some kind of final indignity, even worse than the V. But not so hard if you keep on top of it, easier said than done with everything else in the day.
    Do you use mirrors?

    At least most women aren't faced with the conundrum of shaving 'down there'

    I don't know about most but I think quite a few are. These things are notoriously hard to measure. But I take your point. I believe there is a popular 'grooming' option for men that is pretty brutal sounding (Bk, Crk and Sk). Indeed it does seem to be the case that one thing leads to another, when it comes to pubic hair removal.
    And that is the very last time I'm going to use that phrase.

    Now, off to deal with my very own conundrum: To cook or not to cook a roast on a sunny Sunday evening?
    Apologies to the vegetarians.

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  • Hard News: Holiday Open Thread 1: Beach…, in reply to Jackie Clark,

    Ian's my husband, Sally.

    Well I might have presumed; sorry about that, Jackie. Doubtless I have not been privy to PA dialogues for long enough.

    I Like ZZTop; the green fingers are a bonus :)

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  • Hard News: Holiday Open Thread 1: Beach…, in reply to Jacqui Dunn,

    Apologies for indulgently long previous post. It ran away on me. Hadn't known about the word limit til I tried to send it as one; oops ;)

    Speaking of your garden, Sally, I have some fantastic photos to show you of Ian's cucumbers and tomatoes.

    A very useful shape...thank you JC. And a special HNY to you :)
    Ian? ID? Sorry for inexplicable vagueness.

    And how does your garden grow?

    Totally deserved, tacky jokes about 'personal' gardening aside, HNY to you too, JD.

    My garden could be worse. As it turns out, leaving the care of fledgling plants to a 17yo computer nerd for three weeks is not top of the list of recommended treatments for fledgling plants in the manual addressed to that subject. Not to be too terribly down on my truly terrific teen. However the tomatoes, predicted to be unlucky, were sadly felled in the first storm that erupted just as we escaped Auckland. They, in their cloudy greenness, are hanging in there - literally - and may pull through, by sheer dint of will I think, not sure a gambler would back them. The rest of the garden survived, more or less. No sign of various underground plants, other than above-ground leaf, so am leaving well enough alone and hoping that no news is good news, for the time being.
    Lettuce is great, though dinner guest last night exclaimed 'It's gone to seed!' upon seeing it. But we ate it anyway. Tasted fine to me.
    Thanks for asking.

    One more thing, ever so quickly. Best Christmas-NY book out there, IMHO, the latest biography of Katherine Mansfield by Kathleen Jones. Her life and work proves in spades the productive potential of tragedy. This account is the most detailed and 'balanced', sympathetic yet critical, account I've come across. I'm no expert of course. But the surrounding characters in KM's extraordinary life are given much more flesh and bone, which in turn adds depth to KM's experiences and choices; the woman who thought of herself as 'a Writer first and a Woman after'. It was a present from M for xmas. On the road I nearly vomited driving round the bendy bends between Punakaiki and Nelson rather than put it down. Then M pulled the car up alongside a sign for a 'Rural Insurer', which produced much roadside mirth and merriment for the car-load of fierce 30Rock fans - and no vomit. Go M! Knew there was a reason I married you.:)
    But great book.

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  • Hard News: Holiday Open Thread 1: Beach…,

    Punakaiki on the West Coast was a revelation. The hostel was reminiscent of Titirangi and the coast of Muriwai beach in Auckland, only wilder, though we swept through and doubtless missed the southern subtleties. In the hostel we almost had an entire bush house to ourselves but for a Kiwi-Brit couple just landed from England (lots of bump in the night ;)). We lucked in with the weather (often rains), and got to see the Pancake Rocks, so called, in all their Mt Rushmore, Blue Mountains’, glory. Actually better than either because of the surrounding sea. There, on NYD, people enjoyed the sight of a lone surfer beyond the rocks taking on the big rolling waves, all before most of us had mustered our morning coffee.
    We swam at two beaches (near Lyttleton and Nelson) and two lakes (in Twizel and Taupo). Of course Taupo is north, but gets a mention for the Mediterranean warmth and clarity of its waters. We realised we had never been to or through Taupo in the summer and lucked in with a scorcher of a day that we had otherwise ill-chosen to drive home from Wellington on. We changed into our togs in the stinking hot – crammed with grubby camping gear – car (no changing sheds), and threw ourselves with reckless abandon into the cool water. Bliss.
    Twizel, we stayed with friends and I got drunk and swore off the bottle for 2011, but that’s another story (a pretty tired and tedious one too).

    Today is our anniversary: 23 years – not hundreds of years as previously reported. To commemorate, in addition to a card and book-clothing present, I swept and mopped the kitchen floor then cleaned the downstairs shower including the centre piece that collects all the slimy hair. I replaced our dark dreary sheets with lighter, cooler ones, and bought a fitted sheet so it doesn’t move about with us. To save the cost of a new underlay I (finally) sewed – yes, sewed!!! – the corner elastic and tightened it elsewhere by means of a simple knot. In return I received fancy chocolates, flowers and indoor painting of younger son’s room – two years in undercoat :)).

    New profile picture: a recent good hair day.

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  • Hard News: Holiday Open Thread 1: Beach…,

    Hello everyone, and a happy New Year to you all; if somewhat belated. I too am enjoying catching up with all the holiday news on PA.

    A quick apology to those who may have felt that my last 'story' was insufficiently Christmassy and rather bah humbug. My timing has been rather off with PA postings. I normally get into the Christmas spirit with great gusto. Not sure what happened this year (tempting to blame the government).

    Today has been a rather stunning day in Auckland, the city to which we recently returned, somewhat reluctantly, after a three-week road trip around the South Island. The trip meant a rather untraditional, but quite Kiwi, Christmas dinner of fish and chips on the Queenstown waterfront far from (extended) family and friends. Also, our eldest (17yo) was back in Auckland honing his independence while feeding the cats and watering the young garden – and Christmassing with friends. Our first xmas apart.
    I am writing a piece on our time in Dunedin (or plan to) for PA, so won't say too much else on the trip for now. There were many scenic highlights that I hope to bring to you in visual as well as narrative form in due course, though the scenery doesn't always 'speak' to me in so many words.
    NZ's south is great for geological diversity (if I may be so bold to say so from a point of view of relative ignorance, even now). The Franz Joseph Glacier was positively Gothic, arched in defiant retreat; an ice dragon with jagged jaws open wide and menacing (I wasn't high). Tourists abounded here as elsewhere on our journey, which kind of sucked a bit, though added to the sense of 'could be anywhere in the world', especially in the ‘hot spots’: Queenstown and Milford Sound.
    Great to hear so many languages; looked and sounded pretty much like every continent of the globe was represented. In Queenstown we stayed at the lake front Youth Hostel and jostled nightly for stove and storage space. The German woman working there and filming the hectic semi-communal dinner preparations on her pocket digi-cam, later explained, when I failed to turn up a wok for my stir-fry: “This is Queenstown. They know they don't have to make it good, people come anyway". And she was right. The hostel was full to capacity and under-resourced; we ate with plastic forks from our picnic set (cutlery normally provided) and watched with mild anxiety as a many-membered Spanish family was made to wait for hours for the BBQ to be re-fuelled so they could cook their massive cuts of meat.

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  • Speaker: Pubic Address,

    Okay, in my haste to get off Southerly's computer (that's not a metaphor), I forgot to wish you all a very merry Christmas. Consider yourselves warmly wished. And a big thanks to those who've bothered to read and respond with such intelligence and humour to my silly-sally posts. It's been a whole lot of fun :)

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  • Southerly: The Dalziel Salon,

    Well, as marvellous as ID most certainly is, my Christmas praise and thanks for PA person of the year must go to you, David. In my book your generosity and genius are second to none - with the possible exceptions of the other two members of your family. Never mind Bob the Baby, I say Bob the Brain!! WOW
    Thank you dude, and a very merry and mucusless Christmas to you all.
    PS: See you at home around 7pm?

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  • Speaker: Pubic Address, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    Okay, finally off road/water and with access to a computer (that's my excuse). This was posted at the last minute before we took off down south, taking some very woolly sheep with us across the Strait, as it happens. Caught the 2.25am ferry which must be the crossing set aside for the woolly. I was in good company.

    I'm not a gardener, in any sense.

    You grow girl!

    I have found that one can get a wig

    A wax and a wig? Where and why and WHAAAT?

    may you get happily half cut over the holidays

    ;- )
    Clever as ever, and I will be sure to, with you in mind :)

    Cheers guys

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