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  • Hard News: Taking the stage in Mount Albert, in reply to Russell Brown,

    I think Labour knows that, but they see a way forward in how Roskill went – which is traditional, door-knocking campaigning.

    Sure, and practically this is a perfect time and place to be doing some stress testing on a general election ground game. Turn Mount Albert into a giant focus ground, and at least get some bang for your time and effort.

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  • Hard News: The next four years, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Big difference: the countries on Russia’s border are asking for NATO protection. They’re terrified by Russia moving nuclear-capable missiles into Kalingrad.

    I’d also point out a non-trivial number of these countries have already had Russian troops on their streets in living memory and didn’t much like the experience.

    Sorry for being harsh here, but there’s some serious False Equivalence Bingo being played from the other side of the world. It really has to stop.

    Russia has experienced multiple invasions

    Seriously, when the does Russia stop getting to use Operation Barbarossa as a free pass for being everyone’s neighbour from Hell? It’s been seventy-five years.

    I'm kind of missing the good old days, when winter was enlivened by the annual ritual of Putin's cronies at Gazprom threatening to cut off the natural gas supply of whoever in Europe was pissing off Putin the most at the time.

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  • Hard News: Taxpayers' Union: still…,

    They know this is aid money for an ongoing development project and they know quite well they’re constructing fake news

    They should also know that successive New Zealand Governments have been done this in partnership with non-governmental organisations for decades – and many which weren’t even close to being as thoroughly audited and scrutinised as the Clinton Health Access Initiative. But yeah, dudes, don’t let your Hillary Derangement Syndrome – and let’s be blunt that’s all this is – get in the way of a good story. Or actually save lives, even if they’re black people you don’t really give a shit about.

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  • Hard News: The fake news problem, in reply to Dennis Frank,

    A Hillary voter who admits to creating propaganda designed to discredit Hillary, but in order to infiltrate the fake news subculture. This guy evokes the old double-agent scenario that prevailed during the Cold War and was recycled from the 19th century.

    Or Jestin Coler could simply be lying about who he voted for, because that makes better copy (and gets him a lot more attention) than "Oh, I’m just another opportunistic scum-bucket who has made an awful lot of easy money.”

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  • Hard News: Friday Music! Mic drops and…, in reply to Russell Brown,

    She’s right that it’s a radio format, not a music genre, but the urban contemporary format and its name were the creation of the legendary black radio DJ Frankie Crocker. The format’s success was a crucial breakthrough for soul, funk and R&B artists in mainstream radio and it changed the American radio industry.

    Sure, and I agree with you that I don't think RMNZ is a clot of racists. Neither does Aaradhna -- what she actually said was a lot more complex and nuanced than the "Aardhna cries racist" headlines. Though I guess nobody should be expecting The Herald to be leading a discussion that (thank God) was happening on much more thoughtful level elsewhere.

    But "urban" does still have a baggage attached, and as I said on Twitter it's hard to believe a Frankie Crocker could make it in an increasingly narrow-cast commercial radio market today. But it's taking nothing away from the man's eclecticism (which included plenty of white artists) -- or the enormous influence he had on a dazzling array of artists -- to grant he played a lot of black and Hispanic music "white-orientated" radio wouldn't touch with the proverbial barge pole.

    Hell, about the only positive thing that came out of Prince death was a lot of history lessons being laid down. It's never quite as simple as black and white, but colour lines aren't irrelevant either.

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  • Up Front: Giving It the Bish, in reply to Emma Hart,

    Yeah, this is exactly how I feel. To get religious-based tax-exempt status you MUST proselytise, and I cannot see any justification for that. Do actual charity work, like Presbyterian Support Services or the Anglican City Mission, go for it. If you don't, fuck right off.

    Indeed - though I'd like to add another small (off-topic) qualification there. If you're claiming tax benefits and other public support for your charitable activities, you can fuck right off about turning around and claiming you have the right to exemptions from civil laws because... religious freedom. As Samatha Bee noted with typical asperity on Full Frontal a few weeks back, this bullshit from Catholic hospitals in the US (which incidentally receive tens of billions in direct and indirect public funding every year) is a death sentence for women for whom being driven hundreds of miles to get the termination that will save them isn't really an option.

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  • Hard News: The fake news problem, in reply to Tom Semmens,

    he US MSM is in a state of virtual melt down over Trump, often simply because he plans to do things differently.

    Uh, OK Tom. I’ll give you this, if you’re not an obsessive American politics nerd the minutae of any transition can seem petty and trivial. Especially in New Zealand where, if there’s a change of government next year the process is comparatively simple and nonpolitical.

    But yeah, it actually does matter when the Trump Transition is too busy throwing an internal purge to send over a memorandum of understand without which the Obama Administration staff can’t legally talk to them.

    It does matter when (apparently) a low-level staffer was asking about how to get Trump’s children top secret security clearances when the freaking Prime Minister of Japan’s staff couldn’t get a call returned about an up coming meeting.

    And it doesn’t inspire confidence when scheduled meeting at The Pentagon, the Department of Energy (that oversees America’s nuclear weapons) and the Department of State were blown off by Transition staffers.

    It seems to me that both of you read his post from a position of an angry liberal who then seized on a ’factual error” that allowed you to dismiss his entire point.

    No shit, Sherlock. Around here, when I’ve been careless on simple points of fact (please note the absence of sneer quotes around the F-word) I don’t expect to be taken seriously. If that FUBARs my otherwise solid argument, that’s on me.

    But thanks for unwittingly nailing the problem with “fake” news – if you think facts don’t really matter as long as you achieve a desired end, why the hell should anyone else? And they won’t. Never mind the end consequence of that is millions of people being left without healthcare. Or Trump making people promises he’s never going to fulfil because nobody can. Take credit for something that happened years before you went into politics? Pft…

    Reality doesn’t go away just because you choose to pretend its no longer there.

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  • Hard News: The fake news problem,

    And the Daily fucking Mail reported it as news.

    Of course The Mail did -- they were doing "fake news" before it became trendy. This is far from a comprehensive list, and while a couple of these are so damn stupid they're funny others aren't even slightly amusing. .

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  • Hard News: The fake news problem, in reply to Deborah,

    Hear hear! Radio NZ is part of the MSM, and we've all been relying on it heavily for the past 36 hours or so. And having dealt with Matt Nippert with respect to a few tax stories, I'm very impressed by the way he digs and digs and digs to get information out of government and big business.

    Sure, and I'm going to keep giving full credit where due but I've also literally broken a remote after a full day of Radio NZ (and everyone else) contorting themselves to avoid call Steve Bannon what he obviously is -- the publisher or an apologetic hate site now squatting at the heart of American Government.

    Yes, "fake news" is a terrible thing, but "real" news isn't looking terribly healthy either.

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  • Hard News: The fake news problem,

    But I will tell you one thing: think twice before you complain about the “mainstream media”. News organisations aren’t perfect, but they’ve been basically your only bulwark against all this.

    And they’ve got plenty of bullshit of their own to answer for, so can I do both?

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