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  • Hard News: The crybaby philosopher,

    So...without wading through all 79 responses, I have a legal question. Which laws, specifically, are in question? Not Mr Whyte, nor any of the news reports, actually provide this detail, and without being snarky, I'd actually like to know.

    In a debate about racial prejudice in the law, it'd be nice to see the recial prejudice in the law. Please excuse me if I'm being naive, ignorant or just can't think straight.

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  • Muse: Worthwhile Literature, Worthless Newspaper,

    Ted Dawe was my english teacher for several years at Dilworth School in Epsom, one of his sources for life at boarding school (he certainly would have had some rich material from that environment.)

    He was a superb English teacher that inspired a real love of literature in me, but also devilishly funny and a breath of fresh air in the stuffy atmosphere that could pervade my alma mater. I thoroughly enjoyed Thunder Road, so I suspect I’ll have to go out and buy this. Thank God I’m too old to be easily corrupted anymore :)

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  • Hard News: We are all Twitter, in reply to recordari,

    Twitter is it's own community. It hardly represents the masses, although Twitter users believe that it does.
    Still, in this context I see it as being akin to gossiping over the water cooler - multiplied thousands of times over to be sure, but no more important. To attempt to prosecute it is to risk the law becoming an ass.

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  • Hard News: Doing battle alone, in reply to Steve Withers,

    Well, Steve, that's your opinion of course and I assert my right to dismiss it. I can wheel on dozens of other commenters with conflicting opinions that are equally valid. I bet you believe in Global Warming too ;-)

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  • Hard News: Like being there,

    BOXEE! Free for your laptop, or cheap to buy as an appliance. Free from the shackles of Apple! (check out the comparison between Apple TV and Boxee at

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  • Hard News: Public Address: Technical Profile,

    The stats (particularly unique users) are easily screwed by the heuristics being used - so little wonder that your internal log differs from analytics (which is likely to be more authoritative.) Still, glad to see Linux represented by over 3000 users!

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  • Hard News: Climate science and the media,

    Anyone that went into advertising after leaving school can have a laugh at the expense of the nerds that went into science, because they finally have enough data, from internet message boards, to strongly contend that perception and opinion are a more valid basis for decision making than truth.

    When will scientists finally get frustrated enough to publish a paper simply entitled, 'because we're smarter than you, you infantile morons.' :)

    This sincerely feels like a war of Jocks v. Nerds writ large.

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  • OnPoint: Bandwagon Hobos,

    A Westpac economist recently made the comparison that New Zealanders complaining about the price of milk was like Saudi Oil Barons complaining about the cost of filling up their hummers. Milk is making the country richer, at a low relative cost to the individual. Our other big exports are meat (the price of a cow has tripled in recent years) and, you guessed it, oil and gas. Welcome to the imaginary recession.

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  • Hard News: Buy now: spend the recession inside!,

    Don't be angry, Mr Brown. Make yourself an espresso, turn on your cool TV, and amuse yourself with the notion that even in a vacuum, people who have made a job around being opinionated will still have something to say. After all, it's your job too ;p

    But seriously, it does sound like you pissed him off royally. Like, more than professional disagreement kind of pissed off. More like, I-want-to-set-fire-to-your-new-TV kind of pissed off. Were you extra mean to him, off the record? Come-on, fess up.

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  • Hard News: Leaving the bunker,

    Whaleoil - Hilarious!

    Youtube comments - Also Hilarious!

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