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  • Legal Beagle: A war crimes inquiry; or…,,-lawyers-say

    Hager may be 'wrong headed' Graeme, but his whole legal team The book has already broken the silence on the deaths in Afghanistan and as you suggest good legal advice, in a criminal proceeding will probably shut the whole situation down for good. An inquiry may be a more productive avenue to explore.

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  • Legal Beagle: A war crimes inquiry; or…,

    The legal advice to STFU has been closely observed, from the grunts all the way up the food chain to the Minister. The conspiracy of silence, as you point out Graeme, has led to corruption of evidence, crumbling of memory and statutes of limitations being reached. The accused innocents with their right to silence will probably never get a chance
    to clear their names in a court of law.

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  • Hard News: The long road to Hit and Run,

    The response to Nicky and John’s book is sad, predictable and has become part of the case studies these journalists have presented us with.

    Unfortunately with each episode the stakes get higher. John being harassed and threatened by the military and government for his Metro article, Nicky being harassed by the police for Dirty Politics. I fear for what is in store for them this time.

    A common thread through these case studies are human failings within a powerful institution. The responses to them show a childish petulance and an unwillingness to take any kind of responsibility for mistakes, instead of using the good research in these reports to fix problems and restore honour to the institutions.

    The difficulty of the work and the pretty horrible responses to it is taking a visible toll on both of the authors, these remarkable New Zealanders deserve better treatment for their work.

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  • Hard News: What the wastewater tells us…,

    With the result of forcing the price of cannabis up or worse creating such a scarcity of NZs (illicit) drug of choice, that people turn to methamphetamine.

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  • Hard News: Fear of Cycling,

    Just the punchline.

    'Dunno but his face rings a bell.'

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  • Hard News: Fear of Cycling, in reply to Bart Janssen,

    I think if a cyclist is using a shared cycle path, which is prevalent in the West, they have the onus to be able to stop in time for any emergency. Similar to driving a motor vehicle with the 'what if ' principle, it's the heavier, faster vehicles that need to be ready to act. With the greater power comes the greater responsibility.

    Sure everybody needs to be aware of latent danger when traversing the city, its best not to test the braking capacity of a 55 tonne truck and daydreaming should be confined to your happy place,not when crossing the road.

    It's not that the people lower down the chain are dickheads, it's the fact that we are all dickheads some of the time. We all have to hope that the vehicles around us are travelling a bit more carefully at that moment. We have to look after each other.

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  • Hard News: Fear of Cycling, in reply to Chopper,

    "Pedestrians spill out onto the cycle lane with no consideration that there might be a cyclist coming. People cross it without looking, while talking on their mobiles"

    There was me thinking it was a linear food chain with Gerry Brownlee the apex predator followed by the trucking lobby, 55 tonne trucks, all the way down to toddlers, and some form of power gives way to sail spirit was the order of the day.

    Power commuting cyclists giving a little ping on their bell blasting through pedestrians and animals are just as arrogant as the one tonne metal sledgehammers.

    Many of us are pedestrians, cyclists and motorists at one time or another, why do we adopt intolerant and aggressive positions when we know exactly how and why
    others are behaving. Pedestrians do wander around on shared cycleways its written on the box.

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  • Hard News: Drugs, testing and workplaces,

    If sanctionable drug detection tests on job seekers produce such sparkling results why not institute sanctionable lie detection tests on politicians?

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  • Hard News: I tried Sativex: it was no…,

    My GP was recommending anti epilepsy drugs for nerve pain when I decided to quit the repurposed anti depressant that were clogging my brain for little relief. From what you report Sativex might be just as bad.

    A fellow sufferer told me recently that "bud was best" but only once you had "punched through the paranoia" perhaps longer term use of Sativex would provide the benefits of pain reduction without the acute effects of being drug fucked.

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  • Access: Murder – it’s not OK., in reply to steven crawford,

    Thanks Hilary, this needs to be said as it is true.

    Steven the obvious mitigating factor is the failure of support for the Mother but then in mitigation of the support services, we have a limit on resources because of free market ideas of health care floating around at government level. The (Neo) liberal democratic hegemony that we have is as hard to excuse as it is to get rid of, and this is the real trickle down; to this kind of cruel tragedy. That said, simply returning to a more social democratic form of government won’t get rid of predjudice but it might remove some of the economic constraints of helping people with the greatest need.

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