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  • Hard News: A Public Address public appeal,

    Done, with pleasure. I may not have time to post these days, but I read when I get a minute, and you (all of you) do an important thing by discussing everything here! Looking forward to the film on Jimmy too.

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  • Hard News: What did you do yesterday?,

    Hebe, Danielle - any Beatles fans - you should check out the prediction by this Beatle at the beginning of this video -

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  • Hard News: What did you do yesterday?, in reply to Sacha,

    NZ has signed up to the UN Declaration now – though it took a change of govt.

    So they did Sacha, thanks for that!

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  • Hard News: What did you do yesterday?, in reply to DexterX,

    Shamefull indeed.

    The really shameful aspect of this whole mess is the media's refusal to report the scale of the protests - although Rolling Stone has run this - Movement

    The extent to which fracking is going to harm water sources should be of concern to everyone. Canada's genodical history coming to light may have been the catalyst for this, but the Idle No More movement is the only one that will give any legal weight to challenges to planned industrial use of essential resources. And it has taken off worldwide
    Idle No More - Australia

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  • Hard News: What did you do yesterday?,

    The nearest parallel is possibly Canada, where they’ve handled both aboriginal peoples and the French.

    Canada? You're kidding, right?

    Canada may have a way of disapproving of people using racist epithets who claim to be "just joking" - which is something I suppose, but it
    is not a very good example of a place that has handled relations with First Nations peoples very well. Canada is all sweet and friendly on the surface but you do not have to look very closely to find a very racist country with an ugly and mostly hidden history.

    Canada is one of only 4 nations that refuses to recognise the rights of Aboriginal people. New Zealand, Australia and the USA are the other 3.

    There is a huge and now worldwide protest movement started by four First Nations women in Canada as a response to an bill (C-45) which will leave almost all natural resources unprotected from industry and strip First Nations people of the very last vestiges of their property. The protest movement is spearheaded by women, children and frail elders, which makes it hard to send in the tear gas and water cannons. One of the most compelling leaders is an 11 year old girl,

    Forget "blame Canada" - it's time to "shame Canada".

    Idle No More

    Buffy Sainte-Marie at the Manitoba Legislature

    Idle No More - Peace Arch (border between Canada & USA)

    Fractured Land

    Solidarité avec Idle No More

    First Nations activist Ta'Kaiya Blaney

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  • Hard News: Party on, dudes,

    Later still, but congrats on the milestone Russell - this is a valuable thing you do here, providing a virtual salon. Here's to another 10 years.

    I miss having free time to read, let alone post things!

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  • Southerly: Liveblog: Moving House (Literally),

    Here's hoping everything went beautifully for you & family & St Dalziel & crew!

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  • Hard News: War, now and then,

    I still, understanding the human pain, mourn for Peter Miller’s horse…

    (yeah, yeah, stupid- but_

    Not stupid at all – feeling some kinship with the animals that suffered in that doesn’t detract from the honour/tribute paid to the men that died in that conflict. The French writer Gabrielle Colette wrote beautifully (when she was a journalist, writing for a newspaper) about a dog that had survived the front lines – no man’s land to be specific – as the assistant to the ambulance men she had alerted the medics to which man was still alive among all those corpses, during the thick of it and under heavy fire.

    When Colette interviewed the dog handler & met the dog, the animal was a quivering wreck who hadn’t slept soundly or relaxed since the war (WW 1 , freshly over). The handler/ex ambulance driver was tearful and guilty about it, saying it had been his job to shoot the dog after her service, because the dogs never recovered from that job. And his dog sat there in front of them, quivering, miserably on her mat, starting violently at each and every sound and movement. But the dog handler had found himself unable to follow protocol and, had kept this animal, and was guilty because the suffering he was causing her was more for himself than for the dog. It was quite a moving piece of writing, but I can’t find it on the net.

    The emphasis put only the “men in uniform” who perished in wars seems a modern phenomenon, and more and more the focus of the commemorations or even recollections of just about any war.

    All the veterans I’ve known – from several different wars – were vehemently of the opinion that they did not suffer nearly as much as the innocent civilians who were caught up in the slaughter,

    Here is a poem written by Robert W. Service who was a soldier in the First World War, but shortly found he had no stomach for shooting men, and switched to ambulance driver/medic – which was a substantially more dangerous role, but at least did not require him to kill people – and the subject of Robert Services' poem is a little civilian boy in France. The poem was set to music by Country Joe McDonald.

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  • Hard News: One man’s Meat Puppets is…,

    Now there's a song brought to me by Casey Kasem ... but I'm sure it was as Nick Gilder.

    I'm sure it wasn't recorded or released until later, but it had been around as a song for a while I think. When Nick Gilder was in Sweeney Todd and they were playing sock hops and dances at my junior high school it was about 1972 or 73... they weren't even really my cup of tea so I don't know if he recorde them - but the only two songs I remember were Roxy Roller and Hot Child in the City. Sometimes songs are around for a while, often in different incarnations.

    Heart was around in Vancouver (though the Wilson sisters are from Seattle, but back then most of the USA lived in Canada) so they were on the high school sock hop/dance band circuit back then as well. Personally I would have been waaay more impressed if Toy Love or the Clean had played at my school, but they were from a later era and were in another country.

    My Dad went to school with Oscar Peterson, (in Montreal) and had the original Boogie Woogie Kid play at his school before Oscar became very famous and went to live in Toronto and have his own CBC radio show when he was about 14 or 15.

    Oscar Peterson criticises Canada:

    Oscar plays Boogie Blues Etude:

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  • Hard News: One man’s Meat Puppets is…, in reply to Jonathan Ganley,

    I have retained a loathing for classic rock that rocks, no repeat workdays, and the hits of the 70s 80s and 90s. It’s enough to send you postal.

    Jonathan I sympathise. I didn’t even like them when they were current and hadn’t yet been turned into a kind of aural torture that never, ever stops.

    This list should be the antidote – this tv show Soundproof was possibly the funniest tv ever made – completely by amateurs – and was the inspiration for the movie Wayne’s World, an iunbelievably popular for a cable access tv show.

    If you watch it, keep your eyes peeled for some very famous faces, including kd Lang driving an imaginary car and Margaret Atwood, just cracking up.

    Soundproof provided a very popular vehicle for “alternative” music, which eventually became the featured spot on the mainstream CBC tv shows.

    The bands are folks I know back home – these are some of their songs from the 80s and 90s – they were definitely not making classic rock.

    Soundproof – Alternative Music Videos in the 80s

    Suburban Cave Man – Bob’s Your Uncle (Sook Yin Lee)

    54:40 I Go Blind

    Sons of Freedom – The Criminal

    Sons of Freedom

    NoMeansNo Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed

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