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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Nadia 2,

    I've been streaming a pre-release of the new Nadia Reid album this afternoon and it's quite wonderful on first listen. Much more lush and textured than her debut… dreamy and with a touch of Lanois-styled production to the songs.

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  • Hard News: Some things just don't let…,

    Listening to two Melbourne bands a great deal at the moment – Twerps and Dick Diver – both on Chapter Music and both with a strong Bats/Clean influence woven into their sound. Highly recommend you check them out.

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  • Cracker: "It says 'Let's b friends', and…,

    I grew up listening to bFM through the late 80s and 90s and after living in Sydney for the last 12 years I still choose to listen to b over local stations here. It isn't a nostalgic grasp at my youth but merely down to the great DJs, music and general sense of humour that pervades pretty much everything the station does.
    When I first got here TripleJ was pretty good but it has changed (or I have) and the only other contenders are community stations like FBi and 2ser, both operating a similar model to b in terms of specialist shows. Where they fall down (musically they are generally great) is a complete lack of humour, grit and niggle that gives a station its attitude. I'm not aware of any DJs from the community stations that have gone onto other areas of radio or TV.
    It is a shame to see Mike getting defensive about the changes (though the only public debate I've seen is here on PA) but I think Drive is the best fit for his music and energy. Enjoy the sleep-ins Mike... I look forward to new legacies being created by new hosts, regardless of age.

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