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  • Cracker: P is for Politics.,

    I was also around the club scene when P arrived and I was lucky enough not to know anyone who got seriously fucked up by it. And I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one who heard all the 'if you smoke P once you will turn into a psychotic addict' bullshit and assumed that it wasn't any more dangerous than any of the other drugs the media and Jim Anderton had been having hysterics about. I mean, once you've been told that nitrous is really dangerous you tend to discount that source of information. It was only once my druggie friends started talking about how dangerous it was that I realised that there might be a real problem.

    I tried P a couple of times. It was pretty lame. I miss real speed, partly because doing lines always felt kind of cool, and partly because it was a lot easier to get to a good level, rather than straight up to 'letsgoletsgomustdanceoratleaststartmovingnoworIwilldie' and then back down again.

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