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  • Hard News: We are, at last, navigating…,

    Just had a quick check of the response on Facebook responses from a friend who works at one of the Math-testing companies.


    One of the people involved, Dr. Nick Kim loves to bring up the fact that is used in drugs such as it "must" be safe....
    I did a little research and found this article.

    The article (in a blog for a drug-rehab centre) tell us how bad Ritalin really is.


    Why is research like this ignored when talking about the risk factors of living in a meth contaminated property

    Note the article is entitled:

    Exposure and Risk Associated with Clandestine Amphetamine-Type Stimulant Drug Laboratories.

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  • Speaker: The Government lost the election,

    An example of FPP mentality I saw was Labour voters attacking the Greens for splitting the left-wing vote and allowing National to win some electorates.

    Of course there are a group of Labour supporters who don't really recognise the right of the Greens to exist and think Labour should be the only-party of the Left. I'm not sure how much that hinders the two parties cooperating.

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  • Speaker: The Government lost the election,

    I thought it was interesting that in 2014 National included 3 minor parties ( with 4 seats) in it's coalition when just one or two would have been enough.

    However this time around National instantly dropped ACT before negotiations even began. That doesn't seem a way to build up a long-term relationship with a potential coalition partner.

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  • Up Front: The Surprisingly Sincere Up…, in reply to simon g,

    Exit polls are common overseas, but not used in NZ. Is there anything to stop exit polls being conducted on Advance Voting?

    Well in 2014 I had a little run in with the Electoral Commission around an exit poll. full story here but the relevant threatening language is:

    Under section 197(1)(d) of the Electoral Act 1993, it is an offence to conduct a public opinion poll of persons who have voted (exit polls). Section 197(1)(d) states:

    197 Interfering with or influencing voters
    (1) Every person commits an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $20,000 who at an election—
    (d) at any time before the close of the poll, conducts in relation to the election a public opinion poll of persons voting before polling day

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  • Up Front: The Surprisingly Sincere Up…,


    I've photographed and published my unmarked voting papers several times. Not had problems with that.

    I have taken photographs inside polling place and been told off, even though Ive taken care to avoid photographs of other ballots. I would note it is common for photographs to be taken of party leaders when they vote so it doesn't look like the rules are consistent here.

    Also the design of some polling places isn't all that private. I voted in the Mt Roskill bye election at the Mt Roskill library and the "voting booths" were directly in front on windows to a public area at the entrance to the library. Anybody could have stood at the window 2m behind somebody filling out their ballots (photo attached)

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  • Hard News: This is bad – very bad, in reply to Chris Peel,

    Heart of the City just a press release around businesses...apparently, their solution is to eradicate homelessness by largely increasing security.

    What do you think they should should have said? They have inner-city businesses complaining, what should they do?

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  • Speaker: How StuffMe looked from the regions,

    Another outlet that seems to be following the regional model is the ODT. They appear to have reporters in at least half a dozen towns in their region filing stories daily. I found it a big contrast to the Herald when I'm reading it and they devote a page to Alexandra, Balclutha, etc.

    I'm not sure how well it is working (on a news or financial) level. Most of the complaints I hear about the ODT are regarding their coverage of Dunedin matters

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  • Up Front: For Your Own Safety,

    Whenever this topic comes up online you usually get a few people who clean the toilets in bars or schools who start state that women's toilets are often the worst.


    had a friend who worked in a bar, he said the womens washroom was always worse than the mens, used tampons stuck to walls and ceilings, ass paper all over the would piss on the toilet paper rolls, seats and floor on purpose, but he said the girls side was ALWAYS worse.

    I worked as a cleaner ("maintenance") at a mcdonalds and I always tell people how the female toilets were always much dirtier. They had the same amount of shit and piss events as the males but with the occasional added bonus of menstrual blood . I could never work out how the blood got to some of the places ( splotches on walls , floors , under rim etc) so I have since decided that sometimes females must stand in odd places while removing tampons and that sometimes engorged tampons are difficult to control.

    It might be just an american thing but apparently the toilets seats always have piss on them because women "hover" because the toilet seats always have piss on them because...

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  • Hard News: Obscuring the News,

    The things is that the Daily Mail is a lot better at these sort of stories than the Herald or Stuff. They usually have lots of great pictures attached to the stories and nice summaries that don't get picked up by the NZ sites:

    eg compare this Herald story to the Daily Mail original.

    Even something like this piece of gossip and Paparazzi photos ("sourced" from another publication) has lots of photos and videos that completely blow the NZ clones out of the water.

    Aside from the odd local "star" the overseas publications are always going to get the gossip stories first and do a better job presenting them.

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  • Hard News: About the King's Arms (updated),

    I'm note sure that the idea that they will use noise control to shut down the Kings Arms is real, this will surely take a few years even if they started building apartments tomorrow. More likely they added the KA property to the designation since it was a lot easier to do it now (and no real downside) than apply for a new one later.

    I'd wonder why they actually didn't apply for a larger area.

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