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    I met Laura at the Live the Dream social incubator earlier this year. She's an inspiration and her work gives me hope for our future. Much respect.

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  • Island Life: A Special Public Address Message,

    IMHO we don't need a cure - we need better communication interfaces. In the right environment i thrived and i can be 'me' in cyberspace.

    I think we really need to get the 'dis' out of the language we use for people living on the autistic spectrum and get people to see our abilities and gifts. After all we now live in a knowledge economy, where people like me are at a huge advantage.

    It's really good to see all the understanding and support here at PA, and I think New Zealand really is a great country for AS kids. Who could go on to be great themselves with the right nurturing.

    Hi Russell. Glad Leo has been diagnosed early, so you can focus on his identifying his strengths and helping him balance out his weaknesses. He might enjoy using the

    I will drop you a line and continue this conversation privately. I'm only recently outed myself as AS so am taking things gently. Good luck with the fundraising!

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