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  • Speaker: Part 11: Death and Weirdness in…,

    Thankyou Russell, Dan, Eddie and Hamish (top name that) for your lovely comments. I shall treasure them as Stu Gillespie must treasure his one test cap.

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  • Speaker: Part 14: My Mind’s Sedate,

    Teams of psychoanalysts working in shifts like coalminers could not come up with an answer for some of Fleming's behaviour. He is a glorious batsmen still, but I wonder if, as he gets older, as in fact any batsmen gets older, they rely on the stock shots much more than when filled with youthful joie de vivre and the belief they can cudgel any sphere anywhere. So now Fleming is trapped with the lofted drive over midwicket and the back cut. Oh and the wierd top edge that seems bound to be caught by fine leg but always seems to go one side or the other.

    He'll come right. Man of the Match in the World Cup Final if the itchiness of my corns is anything to go by.

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