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  • Access: The Family Carers case – here we…, in reply to Hilary Stace,

    Julie Anne Genter

    is busy right now killing two birds with one stone.

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  • Access: The Family Carers case – here we…, in reply to Sacha,

    Thanks. Do you have all the policy/operational docs mentioned in the judgement yet? Sounds like a confused mess, to be charitable.

    Do I? Do large hairy beasties go poo poo in the woods?

    Right here. Ride the time machine...

    NASC Guideline-High Cost Community Plans.

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  • Access: The Family Carers case – here we…, in reply to Sacha,

    I’m hoping this new govt may finally do the right thing and instruct officials to get on with carrying out their actual legal responsibilities rather than dodging them in court.

    Trouble is that unless this Government repeals the part 4 amendment to the PHDAct they legally have no responsibility for people with disabilities living as part of a family.

    “70A Purpose of this Part
    “(1) The purpose of this Part is to keep the funding of support services
    provided by persons to their family members within sustainable
    limits in order to give effect to the restraint imposed
    by section 3(2) and to affirm the principle that, in the context
    of the funding of support services, families generally have
    primary responsibility for the well-being of their family members

    In my dreams, this Government would enter The House and the first order of business will be to repeal this amendment. Then they will ditch Funded Family Care and those few that are on it are transferred to IF and the family member can be paid as any other carer with an upper limit of say 60 hours per week. Then, this new Progressive Government will reveal ALL the redacted sections of the Regulatory Impact Statement that National thought was appropriate to support the PHDAct(2)...this would, in my book, go an awful long way to restoring just a little bit of trust in Government.

    Then, a complete overhaul of the NASC/DSS human beings preferably, rather than whatever manner of beast constructed the current one. No one involved at any level in any committee, stakeholder group, policy advisory etc contributing to the current system need apply.

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  • Access: The Family Carers case – here we…, in reply to Sacha,

    Thanks Sacha...I'm so busy discussing this elsewhere and with 'friends' I completely overlooked following it through MSM. I will listen to the interviews.

    About clauses 75& might be interested Sacha in a little OIA request I made late last year regarding what follow up the Ministry had done on a 1999 HFA discussion paper called Advanced Personal Care...

    You might find it interesting as you have mentioned before about risk aversion and such.

    Well...the result of my OIA?..Hmmm...put it this way, simply refusing to accept that certain DSS clients need certain 'Advanced Personal Care" procedures performed as a normal everyday part of their routine is not going to make these people or their need for APC disappear.

    However much certain Higher Ups within the Misery say "we don't fund X".

    This is what we are dealing with.

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  • Hard News: Waitangi: Just enjoy the day, in reply to Russell Brown,

    But some history is in order.

    The history goes way back...back to when Clarke was Minister of Health and Titewhai was doing time...the late eighties is when it was

    The treatment of patients at Te Whare Paia metal health unit was truly sickening and Titewhai was not only in charge...she participated.

    The jury also found Harawira guilty of a charge of threatening to kill. She was jailed for nine months.

    The sentencing judge said that the five had carried out a "vicious and violent" attack on the patient and that the offences were "an arrogant and frightening abuse of authority and power".

    He described Harawira's role as "outrageous".Imposing a longer prison sentence on Harawira, the judge told her "You were in a position of authority, you ought to have prevented what occurred."

    At the time Helen Clark was Minister of Health and Harawira got her own back in 1997 when she made the then-Prime Minister cry by refusing to let her speak on the marae at Waitangi.

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  • OnPoint: What Andrew Geddis Said, But…, in reply to Sacha,

    that’s what the PM is for :)

    I doubt that the PM would have much depth of knowledge of this...though I'd be delighted to be proved wrong.

    There are only seven sitting Government MPs who actually spoke about this in the House that day; Dyson, Faafoi, Logie, Lees-Galloway, Wall, Hipkins and Robertson.

    Peter and I have written (real letters, with paper and envelopes and everything!) to all of these, reminding them of what they each said about the Bill and the RIS, and indicating that we believe the title "Honourable" has to be earned... repealing the Act and revealing the redacted sections of the Regulatory Impact Statement would be a very good place to start demonstrating that this Government has more integrity than the last.

    There was a huge response on the blogosphere about this nasty bit of legislative work back in May 2013.

    Geddis' post on Pundit got a massive 56699 page views and three years later he wrote

    That still remains, I think, the most read thing I've ever written in any format. What the government did - explicitly prevent the judiciary from ensuring that government policy is consistent with the laws of the land - was pretty jaw-droppingly outrageous.

    This post of Keith Ng's had over 81500 page views, and I still think that Keith might just get how those of us personally affected by what happened that day felt at the time...

    Ours is a system of parliamentary sovereignty, with only an informal consitution. Parliament *can* change the Bill of Rights, and it *can* make the Government exempt from it. There’s no upper house to stop them, no presidential veto*, no supreme court which can strike it down.

    It’s only “not okay” in the sense that we have a reasonable expectation that the Government respects the principle of the rule of law, constitutional conventions, and the laws which make up our constitution. Because DEMOCRACY.

    When you say it out loud, it really makes our constitutional set-up sound stupid. And it kinda is. But it is, nonetheless, a system. And in this system, *we* are the check against Parliamentary power.

    To exercise our constitutional responsibilities, we need to start by getting really, really fucked off.

    ...and still feel today.

    "We" failed to respond to shit like this from the previous Incumbents by allowing them to get voted back in in 2014. Do "we" now have to get really fucked off with this New Bunch in order for them to at least make some 'we're going to move on this issue' noises?

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  • OnPoint: What Andrew Geddis Said, But…, in reply to Sacha,

    I doubt the RIS is Curran’s responsibility at all

    You could be right....and it is not immediately obvious who/which entity is responsible.

    However....Curran did jump onto this particular instance of nefarious government practise back in 2013, and has scored her 'dream' portfolio of Associate Minister for State Services(Open Government)....

    So, until some other MP is identified as the responsible party....

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  • OnPoint: What Andrew Geddis Said, But…, in reply to Sacha,

    Ms Curran does have responsibility for 'Open Government', and she did have much to say about the Regulatory Impact Statement....

    We have written to the Ministers of Justice, Health Disability Issues, and I understand others have written to the PM about the Public Health and Disability Amendment Act(2)...what Peter and I chose to do was to write to all the current Government MPs who spoke out against the Bill in the House back in 2013.

    There are only seven. Which is a bit of a worry...but one of them is Grant Robertson.

    Of course what they are going to say is 'We can't just repeal the Bill, we'll have to look into it...." Part of 'looking into it' will be, no doubt, hopefully, if there is any hope of justice here, will be to reveal what was under all those blacked out pages in the RIS.

    Which is Clare Curran's department.

    This will be a test of just how 'progressive' this Government is compared to the last.

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  • OnPoint: What Andrew Geddis Said, But…,

    Evening all.

    Just in case y'all thought this was a forgotten outrage, a vague scar in our memories of the Previous Administration That Wrought This Shit...

    I have written to the New Minister in Charge of Restoring the Voters' Trust in Government, to wit, Clare Curran.

    And I'm publicising the fact here...because way back then, Clare Curran cited this sterling post of Keith's in her blog on the Labour party website (which appears to have disappeared, but thank goodness, it has been preserved for prosperity by Scoop )

    And I have this really unreasonable expectation that politicians should do the hounourable thing and stand by their words and keep their promises.

    Just a few weeks ago Clare Curran took the opportunity to bask in the media spotlight and she shared her feelings on the issue of open government...

    Critics have said the OIA no longer functions properly and is widely manipulated to control information for political purposes.

    Ms Curran was somewhat half-hearted when asked if she agreed with that, saying oversight of the Act had improved under new Chief Ombudsman Judge Peter Boshier.

    She said the Labour-led Government would be more open than the previous government.

    ``A different approach to official information is going to ensue.

    ``Openness and transparency and doing things differently is important, so we've got to practise what we preach and actually do it.''

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  • Legal Beagle: On citizen’s arrests; or…, in reply to Rich of Observationz,

    Well, whew!

    Just as well I do travel at such a speed and following distance that I have hitherto been able to stop when some fwit decides the best place to stop is right in the middle of the road.

    And yes, thank god, I do take blind corners at stop dead speed...else on one more than one occasion there would have been at least 5 tonnes of Bus firmly inserted in rear of a rental car.

    Now, how to manage the road rage of the fuckwit behind me who is clearly prescient and knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that my precautionary approach to cornering is a complete and utter overreaction to the remote possibility that there could be said obstacle just around the bend.

    So, of course, this fwit passes me...because, like, I was driving too slowly... and any head-on fwit has with oncoming vehicle is my fault for forcing him to pass...

    And so it goes... top it off...I further provoke other motorists by having named my Bus "Patience". Acts like a red rag....

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