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  • Speaker: Are we seeing the end of MSM,…,


    Another Stuff-up from one of our biggest media outlets. This glaring typo is on Stuff's front page right now. And the same error is repeated throughout the story.

    Memo to Fairfax subs... the word is "Parapente" -- para refers to anything related to parachutes, and pente is the French for "slope", referring to the method of takeoff. It's pretty basic.

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  • Hard News: Behind those Herald…,


    Here's today's effort from the Herald. A nice young man who found that merely making his own lunches gave him enough money to buy his first rental. No smashed avocado and latté for this lad. While the story acknowledges that "...his parents had helped guarantee his loan" it adds...

    ...he would like to invest in one of his parent's dairy farms in the future...

    One of his parents' dairy farms? (Herald subs: note the corrected apostrophe placement)

    ...and had plans to travel to Europe for six weeks in July.

    The Herald are holding up young Scott as a shining example to the rest of us, although you'd have to ask exactly what kind of five star gourmet lunches were foresaken to generate that level of capital. He's doing a fulltime university course, has only owned the house for a couple of months and he can already afford a European holiday? Nice.

    By promoting the idea that there is no housing crisis, provided you're prepared to knuckle down to some hard work, self-sacrifice and (cough cough... have rich parents), the Herald's current batch of rich-to-richer tales really are pushing the ethical boundaries of what defines party political advertisements in an election year.

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  • Hard News: The next four years,

    In the unlikely event that you're a Trump fan (perish the thought) and you've been tempted to splash out $US200,000 on a Mar-a-Lago membership, you may want to read this first.

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  • Hard News: Behind those Herald…, in reply to Moz,

    It's almost the same prohibition on usury that Christians have. Not that you'd know that from watching the Christians.

    Didn't Jesus cast Goldman Sachs from the temple over two thousand years ago? Somebody obviously screwed up and let the buggers back in.

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  • Hard News: Dirty Politics,

    Posted in this thread... because Jordan Williams.

    A High Court judge has ruled that a $1.27m damages award to Taxpayers Union director Jordan Williams is too high.

    Justice Sarah Katz said a jury's decision ruling former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig had to pay the sum to Williams was a miscarriage of justice.

    In a just-released judgment Justice Katz said a miscarriage of justice had occurred, and that jurors appeared to have failed to follow her directions.

    "I am satisfied that the damages award is well outside the range that could reasonably have been given in all the circumstances of the case," she said.

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  • Hard News: Cannabis: The Experiment is Real, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    Oh, I see, you can type anything after the story number - I have a vague recollection of someone pointing this out before (perhaps you Alfie)...

    Yep... (takes a small bow). It's a feature with Stuff stories.

    It's nice when somebody notices. ;-)

    I think it is still being used in NZ...

    Indeed, but the NZ agent prefers to call it PQ200 because paraquat has... you know... a really bad rep.

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  • Hard News: Cannabis: The Experiment is Real,

    Maybe it's part of Fonterra's current farmers don't polute rivers alternative facts media campaign, or perhaps Fairfax have a new policy of offering airtime to bigots. Whichever... this "opinion" piece from one Jon Morgan -- editor of NZ Farmer -- is, like the rivers near dairy farms, full of shit.

    Under a headline which screams, "We're losing our judgment over cannabis" Morgan attacks Richard Branson's recent comments that NZ should consider cannabis cultivation as an alternative to over-dairification. And right from the get-go, Morgan proves that he's not a man to let facts stand in the way of a good rave.

    No one in their right mind would support the production of a dangerous mind-altering drug over milk.

    Er... correct. Especially when you slip in the word dangerous as a qualifier. And ignore the very real damage dairy farming does to our countryside.

    Drug-induced psychosis can also result from heavy and prolonged use of cannabis. Symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, memory loss and confusion, and can last up to several days.

    Now that sounds dangerous. Right? Morgan admits in the story that he was a regular dope smoker who is familiar with LSD. Could too much of the latter possibly have coloured his thinking on the former? Or merely distorted his ability to make any judgment, rational or otherwise.

    Just as much fertiliser and pesticides as any other crop would still be needed (unless we go to GM varieties), negating the excuse of replacing dairy's pollution.

    By way of mitigation, if Jon has smoked cannabis infused with pesticides that may go some way towards explaining the logic behind this prattle.

    In fact the humble hemp plant is being increasingly used around the world for soil remediation because it's great at rejuvinating soils exhausted from overuse and over-fertilisation -- a subject Jon may actually know something about.

    And he's completely missed the point that dope plants generally don't shit and piss in our rivers.

    But alcohol is not the same. One drink doesn't distort your senses and affect your judgment, though one joint does.

    I can imagine Jon propping up a rural bar with his farming mates, and all of them choosing to have just a single drink over the evening... so they can all drive home safely. Does that really happen, Jon?

    Morgan chooses to ignore the science and provides no sources for any of his wilder claims, even though they fly in the face of current research. Which leaves the reader in no doubt that he's just another misinformed schmuck spouting anti-cannabis nonsense. What a dick!

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  • Hard News: Dirty Politics,

    Staying true to the born-to-rule arrogance we've come to expect from this former tobacco lobbyist, the Dipton kid says he hasn't learned anything from his biggest self-generated ballsup to date. Actually, I'm paraphrasing. The actual quote is "I’ve got no regrets" -- but the attitude problem is exactly the same.

    You'll recall the allegations of Barclay bugging staff in his offices, some of the staff resigning and laying Police complaints and his subsequent "I will co-operate fully" statement regarding the Police investigation.

    We now know that he didn't cooperate at all and thanks to having friends in high places (can there be any other explanation?) Dipton2 apparently got away with it this time, scot-free.

    Can anyone recall other 10-month police investigations which have been dropped because the Police failed to even make contact with the person they're investigating?

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  • Top Gear and reality TV,

    Our same spammer is back again. It's confused writing makes it sound like a bot.

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  • Legal Beagle: A war crimes inquiry; or…, in reply to Rich of Observationz,

    Tony Blair? George W. Bush? Oh wait... they both got away with it, didn't they.

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