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  • Hard News: Public Address Word of the…,


    I know I should feel more inclusive but man, this really has been the year where every village idiot discovered their inner megaphone.

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  • Speaker: Adventures In Gender Identity,

    That's quite beautiful, Shel. If only we could all accept people for who they are, the world would be a much nicer place. It wouldn't cost a bean and nobody would lose anything. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Hard News: ASA: Let's not talk about this,

    Back when media took their role more seriously, or at least some were less blatantly partisan, ASA decisions seemed more sensible. As the whole post-truth world changed the media landscape the level and speed of misinformation has drastically increased. The ASA has failed to adapt.

    By ducking for cover with this complaint, especially coming just before an important referendum, Raewyn Anderson has opted for the 'Let's not get involved' route when she could so easily have demonstrated the leadership which befits her role. Because it's surely time for all sectors of our society to take a stand on lies and misinformation.

    ASA... please do better.

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  • Hard News: An unhelpful column about cannabis, in reply to Russell Brown,

    If there was any way to block this WH person, I would. While today he's being an obnoxious prick his main role over years seems to be hijacking threads for his own extended rants. I’d rather just never hear from him ever again. Can we have a vote? Chur!

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  • Hard News: The cannabis referendum: the evidence,

    :... there is a large group of New Zealanders using cannabis illegally in ways that are at least as much therapeutic as “recreational”. Adult use of cannabis isn’t just one thing"

    Nailed it. What's not to like about a drug that sends arthritis to the background AND makes you feel a bit pleasant.

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  • Hard News: Cannabis research: there's a…, in reply to Shane Williams,

    Thank you for outlining what we need Shane.

    If I may return the favour, the Twitter link in your profile is broken and if we remove the space it's an account with photos of female bodies. Is that really the image you wanted to project?

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  • Hard News: The Scientology front…,

    And Russell. Thanks for putting this together and doing your bit to keep the evil forces away from our referendum. Much appreciated as usual.

    Now I'm off to read the Spinoff story about Aaron Banks playing cutesy with NZ First. Does NZ First really need another RWNJ scandal when they already have Shane Jones?

    Why is it that only bad actors want to interfere in our politics? Surely some good people could come to NZ and spread their light or vapourise cows or do something to make our collective lives better. But nah, we get Aaron Fucking Banks.

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  • Hard News: The Scientology front…, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    L Ron Hubbard’s ‘Fear’ inspired Philip K Dick to do what he did…

    O'K Ian. You made me look it up.

    In a letter to Peter Fitting written on June 11, 1970, Dick wrote: “What I am writing is really psychological fantasies, on the order of L. Ron Hubbard’s Fear, which impressed me very much, and still does. Without Fear I would never have come up with what I do.”
    ─ Phillip K. Dick.

    While I've consumed the odd Dick (that sounds worse than it is) I've never been able to bring myself to even look at a Hubbard. The experience of a friend in Auckland being indoctrinated in the late 70s -- the first one is ALWAYS free -- put me off the whole scientology shebang. Everything I've read since only makes them more evil.

    Tax-free evil... that pisses me off. Because any God invented by a scifi writer who specialises in psychological fantasies probably lacks omnipotency. He could be trumped by a lesser god such as Hebe, Eros, or in the case of National voters, money. Their "religion" is all smoke and unicorns.

    So thanks, Ian. That's another author illusion cruely shattered.

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  • Hard News: The Scientology front…, in reply to Johann Schoonees,

    I disagree with your disagreement. It's about health, not justice.

    I also disagree with Simon's disagreement. While "justice" has taken the lead for over 50 years, treat drugs as a health problem and justice naturally follows. And if our little country has learned one really important lesson lately, it's that following science can produce some great results.

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  • Hard News: Towards the referendum: this…,

    As a modest spokesman for the (just) over 65s I'm a little taken aback. While you'd traditionally expect older people to be more conservative, we're the generation who grew up rebelling, smoking dope and giving most things a shot. For that reason I would have expected if not a full-on vote for legalisation, at least a more relaxed attitude towards cannabis.

    There's been well-reported support from some Grey Power groups and for good reason. The older you get, the more little niggles like arthritis change your life in subtle ways. Cannabis is a pretty ideal drug for dealing with low-level pain because it sends it to the background with only happy side effects. And not an opioid in sight. Not all, but most friends around my age are smokers but maybe that's just because we tend to hang out with like-minded souls. We self-select our friends.

    Cardiom has a point. Even if they stretched credibility to its limit by portraying Paula Benefit as an anti-drug warrior, National's ongoing scare tactics will have an effect. Their people will probably vote tribally and it's a pity National couldn't put aside party politics to cooperate on an important health and social issue.

    So while there may be a bit of National bias to that poll, if that's the case it'll likely be reflected at the referendum.

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