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    As someone who worked at Televsion NZ the last time Labour tried to organise TV along more Public TV lines it forgot one small thing. Replacing a few people at the Top of the Tree is not sufficient to ensure a change happens inline with Governement policy. It was obvious from day one that the depth of anti Labour feeling had permeated deep into the structure of TVNZ and line managers in the company had bought into the Right WIng policy of how it should be run. No matter what policy was develped at Board and CEO level line managers in important areas just ignored the instructions and joked about the CEO would soon be gone. Which of course did happen. And so the show continued. This is why it would be pointless to expect TVNZ to run a TV company that would serve a Public purpose. Radio NZ still has a strong sense of Public Radio and can better serve as both Radio and TV Public outlet for New Zealand

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