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  • Up Front: Tomorrow Lives Forever,

    His forehead split open in a haze of golden light and Athena stepped into the room. “Huh,” she said, “I haven’t made an entrance like that since Hera and Demeter got fed up with Zeus and Hades and their all night drinking sessions.”

    Kicking the now unconscious Stud out of the way —well she is a goddess and it would be rude to be the death of your gateway to the mortal plain—Athena stalked across the room and hauled Tatiana off the bed. “You, missy, have a lot to answer for,” she snapped. “Get dressed. You’ve got five minutes. You left a heck of a mess in that bunker last night and if we don’t go back and shut that program down, Venice will be gone by tomorrow and Italy by the end of next week.”

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