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  • Hard News: A Stand for Quaxing,

    I have to give some props to Wellington City Council's Cycle Advisors who helped us get publicly funded bike stands in the Miramar shopping centre (including some right next to our restaurant) when we opened La Boca Loca. I'm not sure if other suburban businesses know they can ask for this, but if they don't I recommend it. It's a great service and our local stands are all used every day.

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  • Polity: Canada voted,

    This is a step sideways, but what, if any, significance would you ascribe to the election promise made by the Liberal party to undertake electoral reform if elected? I've been following the #votetogether strategic voting campaign run by progressive campaigning group LeadNow with interest - and part of the overall message of that campaign was that Canadians were fed up with FPTP elections and expect the Liberal Government to kick off the process of reform for a more proportional system. Do you think that will happen?

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  • Up Front: Stand for... Something, in reply to Hilary Stace,

    Me too, Hilary. As one of the people behind the ActionStation petition supporting Campbell Live, which currently has 76,000 signatures, and the #SaveCampbellLive video which was crowd-funded by and featured a range of people who signed the petition - the whole experience has been pretty heartening. I got to read many 100s of emails from people who signed the petition and supported the campaign and common themes in those emails included the following reasons to save Campbell Live, all of which seem distinctively NZ values:
    - because he asks hard questions of politicians on all sides of the fence;
    - because he gets out into our communities and talks to ordinary people;
    - because he stands up for the 'little guy' and the underdog;
    - because he tells the stories we need to know about (even when we might not really want to);
    - because he's real, approachable and funny (and swears a lot);
    - because he actually seems to care;
    - because, like any good friend, he'll tell NZ when we are being a dick.

    Cliches? Maybe, but when 78,000 people (more than 90,000 once we combined our petition with some started by other people) take the time to sign a petition like this, it's an interesting chance to take a read on what NZers think matters. I found this particular list pretty heartening, to be honest.

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  • Envirologue: The Agony of Vanuatu and…,

    Thank you. For articulating this so well. This whole business of giving aid with one hand while we advocate for non-binding emissions targets (and deliver mass data to the NSA) with the other is the worst kind of neighbourly behaviour imaginable.

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  • Hard News: The sole party of government,

    I think we’ll have to be the check, Russell. And by we I mean you, me and everyone reading and commenting here. I mean the independent media and – my part of the puzzle – a massive, unified movement of progressive citizens taking smart, effective action to hold the government to account. ActionStation was born because of what we’d seen GetUp achieve in Australia, LeadNow in Canada and 38Degrees in the UK – all under conservative governments. Tomorrow morning we’ll be organising and doing what needs to be done to become both a gathering and rallying point for the many progressive NZers who want to come together and take meaningful action to hold the government to account – and you can bet education will be on the agenda.

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  • Southerly: Sign this Petition, in reply to David Haywood,

    Thanks for clarifying that David, I am running ActionStation now, but Megan Salole - who got ActionStation off the ground before taking parental leave - is the person formally registered with the Electoral Commission for our promoter statements.

    Megan and I share a belief in the importance of informed and active citizen engagement in politics. So first and foremost, ActionStation is member-led, which means if our members don't like a campaign, and don't support it and share it, it won't go anywhere. We are also multi-issue, meaning we might be campaigning on a democracy issue one week and a social justice issue the next.

    We are non-partisan, but committed to progressive ideals: a fair and equitable society, transparent and accountable governance and a healthy environment. We believe there are New Zealanders right across the political spectrum who share those values and we want to provide them with new ways to come together to take action when those values are under threat.

    If people do join ActionStation - and I hope lots of you will - you'll get to choose whether you support each action. You opt-in and out as you like - and no-one's name will ever be added to anything unless they explicitly and actively choose to opt-in.

    Thanks SO much for sharing this petition David - when I read that Harold signed it I confess I teared up a little.


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