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  • Hard News: Vision and dumbassery, in reply to Bart Janssen,

    I said I wouldn't post again and I intend to honour that pledge. But it has been pricking my conscience that an apology is in order. I apologise for that remark that Sacha has called me an "arsehole" for making. But in no way trying to justify that remark, I think it's fair to point out the sequence of posts prior to that ill-judged remark of mine.
    In response to me pointing out that I bet Australians right now are welcoming the reality of mass surveillance in whatever form, given it is certain to have played a part in capturing those people who senior police affirmed were involved in a plot to behead somebody in the street, a PA contributor posted that on "Planet Key, there must be no toilets because I am full of shit."
    Check that out if you so wish. I think selective morality does kick in at times on this site, but that's probably to be expected when somebody like me backed himself to buck the prevailing anti-Key sentiment.
    But I repeat, I apologise for making a remark that has offended.
    I think this site is very clever as I know Mr. Brown undoubtedly is.
    I just wish that such a cabel of clever people saw some merit in Mr. Key's effort as PM but hey, that's tooth fairy stuff.
    Over and out.

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  • Hard News: Vision and dumbassery, in reply to Danielle,

    Don’t worry your twisted selves. I have no intention of ever evr contacting this site ever ever again. It’s too dmn depressing. And remember, th abuse I’ve received far outweighs ny givn back. Nw ll lnk rms nd hm.

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