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  • Hard News: The Day After Tomorrow,

    On a related note, the Taxpayers' Union had a full-page ad in yesterday's Herald. The promoter statement only had the promoter as the Taxpayers' Union. If I understand the rules correctly there must also be the name of a member of the organisation who is an authorised representative.

    "If the promoter is an unregistered third party promoter, and is an incorporated or unincorporated body, the promoter statement must also include the name of a member of the body who is the duly authorised representative of the promoter."

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  • Hard News: Labour's RNZ+ plan: largely coherent,

    Labour and anyone else who thinks it's a good start will now have to wait and see whether a new goverment gets a chance to enact it.

    And a bit further down the track another government to diseanact it. As with TVNZ 7.

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  • Hard News: The next four years,

    In the interests of accuracy, Andrea Merkel should be changed to Angela Merkel.

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  • Hard News: There in half the time:…,

    For several years, on and off, I have contemplated acquiring an e-bike. However, there are two features that I would prefer, without really having any solid basis for the preferences, that make the purchase somewhat more expensive.

    The first is a mid-mounted (the crank) rather than hub-mounted motor. It seems that would be more linear with applied pedal effort, irrespective of selected gear ratio.

    The other is a NuVinci (variable ratio) or similar hub, rather than fixed ratios or derailleur gearing. Partly also for ease of maintenance.

    If anyone has experience, for or against each of these preferences I'd be interested in hearing them.

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  • Hard News: All right, then – take me to Rio,

    Isn't Linda Villumsen openly gay as well? She also competed at the London Olympic games.

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  • Speaker: Colouring Girl,

    Very interesting. Thanks. Presumably it should be Bruegel or Brueghel instead of Brugal for the prints that were around earlier. Pieter Bruegel the Elder or Jan Brueghel the Elder or Pieter Brueghel the Younger.

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  • Hard News: The media awards are dead –…,

    Congratulations on the award. Sorry to hear that Media Take is ending soon. It seems like it's only just begun.

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  • Polity: Leaving only footprints,

    Unfortunately it's only within the last few years that I have started tramping, and arthritic knees and other commitments keep me from doing overnight or multi-day tramps. Fortunately there are numerous day-walk options within reasonable driving distance. To maintain an interest in tramping, and hopefully help others who may be looking for inspiration or further information about the tracks, I started a blog (see website) about 18 months ago with currently more than 60 walks described and illustrated.

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  • Hard News: Incoming: Summer,


    In the lead up to Christmas it was time to do the 3 longer walks in the Whakarewarewa Forest, starting from the Redwoods information centre. The first 2 on Sunday, the third one yesterday. Here's a photo from the lower Whaka lookout, on the Pohaturoa Track. Hope to do a few more walks in the coming weeks. Lots more photos and track descriptions on my Wordpress blog.

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  • Capture: Sunrise City,

    Matata was my old stomping ground, too. It's not Moutohora in the foreground. That's off image to the right. It's Motunau (Plate Is) on the far left. Taken at a distance of about 87.5 km from Whakaari, in the hills above Papamoa/Welcome Bay.

    The exif information should still be in the image files, showing that they were taken with a 35mm focal equivalent of about 150mm.

    If it was from Otarawairere the sun would be rising almost due north, instead of about 16 degrees north of due east. :-)

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