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  • Hard News: This is what we have to work with,

    paying attention to the councilors would be nice. I'm finding it a little hard to do given the apparent dearth of information regarding them available.

    Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.

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  • Hard News: KGB yeah!,

    Looks mostly good. Mr Brown could be good, and am particularly looking forward to hearing Nat Torkington. given that he wrote what was for a year or so, my most used cookbook.

    A little dismay at the inclusion of Cooper though. Have been talking with some ex-colleagues still toiling away in the heart of the BBC, the general response was the email equivalent of a groan. Primarily that he is touting his time at the BBC as a positive thing. sigh.

    I don't know him, but Eric Kearley sounds interesting, it's a pity he doesn't appear to be in the panel discussion for Auckland.

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